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Dream About Partner meanings

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Example: Dream meaning?

I keep having a dream that i'm driving my parents car, and I don't know how to drive so i'm trying to work all the gears and stuff at once. Also my brother is always in the passenger seat next to me in these dreams. Something always happens to the car like, it crashes or it catches on fire with me and my brother inside. what could this mean?

Most dreams are messages from the subconscious mind, which picks up on cues and clues that the conscious mind may be in denial of or unaware of. On a subconscious level, you are processing something about your family; you are in your parents' car. There is a family issue.

Cars=forward movement in life;

You are driving so you are in control;

Brother as passenger=along for the ride; partner in crime (so to speak);

Crashes=recklessness, negative behavior.

I think this speaks to you and your brother. Perhaps you are reckless and not really doing things correctly or in the way your parents would like; could even indicate rebelliousness.

Example: Dream meaning?

I dreamt I was in a race with a partner and we were always the best, but then we took a break and spent the day in the park and as a result missed out on the most important race of all, which felt horrible. Later I discovered I left my purse in the park and when we went back to get it it was gone, and we got lost as well, and I started fighting with my friend because everything seemed to be working out for her~ it was weird. In some part of the dream my mother had killed my father too but it was like some big joke, everyone was laughing. I don't know!

Example: What does dreaming about infidelity mean?

if i dream of partner with someone else what does it mean?

Example: What does it mean wen i dream of my partner having an affair?

well he has a pub and i just keep dreaming hes having an affair with some one in the pub

Example: Fat partner dream meaning?

OK i had this queer dream last night but theres one part in particular that I would like to know about. The dream was that me and my parter in the dream who I had never seen in real life before were staying at a hotel in a separate room from another couple who seemed to be our friends. My parter was really fat and ugly for some reason, although seemed nice. And I was making excuses as to why me and my partner didnt have to go back to our own room that night and that I or him and I should stay up there with the other couple. The other male in the couple wanted me to also. Now i know it seems sort of stupid or pointless but i really want to know so if you need anymore details just ask. Umm, I have a boyfriend in real life, i love him heaps, but hes away right now on schoolies.. been gone for 5 days and gets back in a week, if that helps? And hes not fat or ugly hahahha.

Example: Dream meaning, partner and another?

I had s dream my partner was dating another woman. Whst does it mean?

Example: What could my partners dream possibly mean?

My partner dreamt that we both lived in different citys but they were right next to one another, there was a line in the middle of our citys i lived in san franscisco and he lived in tokyo . The line that sepererated each city was on the main bridge. we were standing there talking but he wasnt aloud to step foot into my city. there were arm defender squard teams and the army surrounding him just incase he tried to cross the line. he kept trying to get to my side so he could be with me but they wouldnt let him. They ended up escorting him back to town on his side and he pretended to walk away, and just when they thought he was leaving he turnt around and ran back to me and made a jump for it over the line. what could his dream mean ?.

Example: What does it mean to dream your partner is cheating on you?

I had a dream last night that my partner was cheating on me and I caught him in the act. In my dream my partners name was the same but he looked completely different and the guy he was cheating on me with was like his twin they both looked alike. What does this mean?

We have been going with eachother for about 7 months and he has never cheated on me at all, however, when we had a rough patch a few months ago he was drunk one night and sent a message to someone saying that he wanted a night with him without me being there, this guy that he sent the message to was some one that he played around with before we stared going out. He always frowns on people when he hears about them cheating on their partner and says how **** it is. I always get this paranoid feeling that he is!?!? I know that he won't but I still get this feeling. In my last relationship I was cheated on and I don't know if this paranoia is because of that.

Example: What does it mean if you dream that your partner is cheating on you?

Example: Dreams meaning? Partner Cheating on the other:/?

Last night my BF&I had an argument, so he just gave me a dumb excuse "to go to bed", & he said good night. I never replied.
Well, last night I had a dream where him & I had an argument, but then I was at home & we had family over, & mom had asked me to go the corner store to buy something really quick, I remember it was something big & heavy, & I could barely carry it. But then, when I got out of the store there was. A super cute guy coming, and he saw me so he decided to stop. We got home & he handle it to me, but I asked him to wait for me outside my place while I went to give it to mom. I remember I went to him again, and gave him a hug, but then I thought he was so cute and apparently he kinda liked me too, so I grabbed his face & kissed him, I was thinking of how I had my BF so I knew this was bad, but I still did it, and then he left. But in my dream, days passed and he came back to my place, he knocked on the door & when my cousin opened I saw it was him, and he had something for me that looked like a yellow onion? Yes now I'm like WTF? But in my dream it was normal, a normal gift & I also remember keeping his necklace, I think his name was Gabriel, but after that I never saw him on my dream again. Then I remember I was walking w/my BF & he asked me who was gabriel, I told him there were two gabes, it was a guy from my old high school named like that, and one cute guy I had just met. & then my BF was upset again. ... What does this dream, this guy & the whole thing of cheating on my bf mean? I've never cheated on BF/ex's so this is unsual for me.

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