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Dream About Parakeets meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I had a dream about a statue of a bird. What does it mean?

I had a dream that I was going to visit a girlfriend. When I pulled into her driveway I got out of the vehicle and walked towards the house. I noticed that there was a statue of a bird leaning against the right side of the door. I picked it up, with its head in my R hand and it's tail in my L hand. It was made out of a light material (terra cotta, ceramic...?) and painted white. The paint was clean and white, but it was chipping and flaking a little bit. The bird appeared to be parakeet-like in head and body, but it had a long thick tail that was as long as the head/body and it's overall length was approximately 8"-11".

Does any of that mean anything? Looking for serious answers with sources please.

well a bird is a symbol of freedom, since this bird was a statue (cant move) it may suggest that you have a desire to be free but can't or it might mean that there is someone who is trying to keep you from reconizing your freedom (maybe the person whose house you were going to in the dream?)

white is a symbol of innocence and purity,but maybe since in the dream the white was chipping it means that the freedom was fading away from you-or you might feel that something inncocent and free (such as childhood or being single or something) is being taken away from you.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about an eagle eating a small bird?

On new year's day, an eagle landed on our fire escape and we haven't see it since.

Then, about a month or so later, I dreamed about the eagle coming into our house and eating our parakeet. I manage to catch the eagle somehow and open its mouth and take out the parakeet. The little parakeet was fine and then that was it.

What is that dream supposed to mean?

Example: I had a dream that MY Parakeets died?

2 Nights ago, before i fell asleep i checked the weather on the weather website, and i saw that there was a fire warning? So when i fell asleep i do believe that's what i was thinking about. In my dream, i was in my room with my daughter & younger brother. & while we were up there, a gas tank exploded, and i ran out of the house with my Daughter & brother, but i didn't take my birds. When the firemen came, they let me know that my birds had died. When i woke up i didn't really think much of the dream, but then last night i was talking to my cousin. & She told me, that she had a dream with MY birds as well. In her dream apparently, she was watching my birds & appearntly i had cockatoo as well. She was trying to change their water, but they wouldn't let her hand get in. & She tried shrinking their cage, and took out the water but when she got the cage back to its original state, my birds were dead under a plant? & The cockatoo was cut in half.. I'm really freaking out. I take very good care of my birds, but i know that Parakeets in particular don't really give warnings when their sick. So please help me find out if these dreams mean ANYTHING. Because i'm seriously freaking out. :(

Example: Parakeets?...

Alright so I am 13 and I have a 21 year old brother. And of course my parents. I previously owned mice for about 4-5 years. But I gave up on mice about a year ago... we have a miniature female poodle and she is fine with animals. Anyways we live in a biggish house and we will probably be moving by next spring. I really miss having the responsibility of an animal all my own.

Now my brother has 4 budgies or parakeets we don't really know. But the thing is they are all going to want to be together but the won't be that often. At night they are going to be in separate cages downstairs. Mine with have a blanket over them just because I like it when they get some extra rest it won't cover the entire cage so they will have plenty of air.

I configured how much money the entire purchase would cost and it's flat on 96 dollars and I have 60 dollars, and I am saving up 100! I am getting a cage from craigslist if and when I get this bird. My problem with all of this, is my parents aren't sure if they want to let me get this bird. Because 2 days ago I wanted a zebra finch, and then the next day I wanted a Society finch and now I want a parakeet and that's that. they are afraid I am going to not wan the bird after a couple days of owning it.
But I really do want it and its going to be about 2 weeks until my parents decide if I can get one, because if I don't want it in 2 weeks then they will have proven me wrong btu I know for a fact i will still want it. I need to know some more info on them. Oh and I have heard girls can be really mean so i am getting 2 boys.

So let me know what i can do to convince my parents that I want this bird, and before we move next spring! HELP! Thanks!

Example: Dream of Parakeet dying meaning and saving and then dream of cake ?What do they mean?

I had a dream that my parakeet my new healthy parakeet had somehow died and in the process his feathers were all gone and he looked like how parakeets look when they are born, like bald etc then i pushed on his chest with my finger when I found the body and he started living again but then he grew feathers. My female parakeet was still alive the whole time . Does this mean they're going to have babies?

I also had ad ream that I was at school and some teacher came to get me out of class to make a cake for a teacher,she said that i was to help them make it. What do these two dreams mean :?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I cooked a parakeet and ate it, and then whenever I opened my mouth parakeets flew out, what could this mean?

Example: Dream of Yellow Parakeet?

Can anyone tell me the meaning of a yellow parakeet? I forgot some of the details, but it was something like this:

I was with my boyfriend, and I went somewhere, dont know if it was in another house or a store, and I saw yellow parakeet in a cage, like the one that Tweety Bird is usually in. For some reason, i felt sorry for the bird, and I said to my boyfriend, I am taking him home even though I know mom will be mad...

Dont remember the rest...or what happened after that. Any help would be great!

Example: What does this short dream mean?

I had a dream I got a dog he was little and cute and when he was brought to be in his kenal I looked inside and saw two parakeets one was green and.I believe the.other was blue or yellow maybe both so what can this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that my pet parakeet had tears of blood coming from her eyes, and I kept wiping them... Then she died, and I was crying (normal tears).

Example: What do you think about this dream? What does it mean?

Last night I had a dream about my little parakeet disappearing and reappearing. He died a month ago. I kept looking for him and he'd reappear eventually, when I woke up he had disappeared again. I was happy, because I kept believing that he would appear in my hands again. Do you think he was visiting me or It's a grieving dream? I haven't really been sad lately about his death, that's the weird part.

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