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Dream About Paper Towel meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I recently switched schools and I'm kinda ready to move back because there was this seventh grade boy telling this other boy that they would make the perfect couple. They were almost my best friends before. I thought they were straight. Anyway, there is this weird sixth grade boy and I don't know what's wrong with him. You guess... He was in the bathroom one day constantly using the automatic paper towel machine and he was going crazay with it. He acts silly and annoying. I dreamed we became best friends and my house was real dark and I would go to the bathroom to wash my hands and if there were no lights on I would feel something grabbing my ankle and it was him. It was so weird. He is hot. We got along so good and we were always so close together. I ALMOST asked him out in this dream. I liked him so much. He looked at me a little funny and that was all. I think we traded phone numbers. But I felt so bonded with him. What does this dream mean?

The dream may reflect some attraction, but dreams are not always a sign how things will work out when your awake. A lot can happen safely in dreams that would not happen safely when awake. You could get more friendly torward him and see if his weirdness makes him someone to stay clear of. Don't be in any hurry to get in a serious relationship, you are young and life is long.

Example: What could these reoccurring dreams mean?

The first dream is always centered around my ears. I got a second piercing on each ear a few months ago, and in the dream what keeps happening is I'll be walking down an empty hospital. It'll have the usually horrid hospital smell and I'll walk by the receptionist desk. On the desk is a picture frame, but it's blank (just a white piece of paper in it.) I'll notice my reflection and on my ears I only have my earrings in on the first hole, but the studs I usually wear in my second holes are both gone. But my lobes look a little swollen. So I'll reach up and feel my ear and there's a HUGE bump where my second piercings are. It then dawns on me that the skin of my ears have grown completely over both of my second piercings and I'll claw at them and have to rip them out. When I finally get them out, I notice that the frame of the earring is there, but then diamond in both of them is missing, and then I start sobbing.

The second dream is I go up these winding stairs to a room, which I suppose is mine (it's all very castle-y like. It kind of reminds me of Hogwarts from Harry Potter but I know it isn't.) I'll push open the door and on my bed, right on the pillow, there will be a dead white rabbit. It's completely slashed open, blood splattered all over my white room. (The room is always white. So is the rabbit's fur. The only color is the blood.) I run to my bed, grab the rabbit and tuck it under my shirt (which also happens to be white.) I run down the stairs, past people, not wanting them to see the rabbit. I find a bathroom and I dump the rabbit in the trash can. (Everything in the bathroom is white as well). I take all these paper towels from the dispenser and throw it over the rabbit but I can still see the blood. I got to wash my hands and on the edge of the sink there's a blood knife with a white handle. I grab it and look up in the mirror. Always, my face and all my white clothes are covered in blood, although it would be impossible to get that much blood on me if I just carried the rabbit under my shirt. I then realize, as I look at my reflection as I hold the knife, that I am the one who killed the rabbit. I just forgot that I did it, or wasn't conscious when I did kill it.

What could these dreams mean? Anything is appreciated.

Example: What Does My Dream Mean?

I dreamed I was in the kitchen and my mom had a razor with her and i tried to take it from her because I was worried she might get hurt with it (by the way she was handling it). When I tried to take it (nicely) she too my arm and cut it DEEP into my arm and cut all the way from my wrist to my elbow. I wasnt bleeding that much it was almost like i was trying to heal already as I ran to ask my dad and little sister nearby cutting veggies to hand me a paper towel. They both gave me a kinda "Stop pretending" look. I tried to cry but my body wouldnt bleed or cry.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was in a bathroom and my belly button was hurting because of my belly ring so I looked down and my belly ring was stuck in the hole so I pulled it out and it started to bleed at first it was a little bit and the I had to keep using paper towels and I walked out of the bathroom and I was in the middle of the hospital asking for help and noone would help me so I stood there almost bleeding to death the blood soaking through a lot of paper towels and blood was coming out of my mouth too.

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I always have these dreams, where I'm in a play, or musical, or a dance show, but I never know what im doing. Like in the dreams, ill be on stage absolutely clueless of what my lines or moves are. It's like I signed up for a musical without learning what I havet do, you know?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I don’t have sex, I don’t even like sex and I don’t dress inappropriately, but last night I dreamt I was back in high school and I was naked. It wasn’t one of those dreams where you’re really embarrassed that your naked, I didn’t care. I was taking a shower in the locker room and pretty much everyone in the school was there. A male teacher touched my hand, which felt really intimate to me so I freaked out on him for touching me and all the onlookers agreed with me. Then I was in a class room, covering up with a towel, and there was this girl who was really evil and we made out. She really frightened me. I tend to fall for sociopaths… (btw I’m a straight female) Then the teacher handed out graded papers and I had done really shoty work. Evidently the paper was on the dream or something, I’m not sure but any way I got a 77%. Then I got in an elevator and the floor stayed on the ground floor as we rose and I had to stand on a ledge by the wall trying not to fall in the rapidly deeper pit. I woke up from being so scared.

Example: What does me dream mean?

Last night i had a dream about a very close family friend who i consider to be an uncle. He passed about 2 months ago and i was pretty close to him. He got diagnosed with cancer about 1 months before he died and when they found it, it was to far spread. I went to his funeral and i was balling the entire time. But last night my dream was that i was at his house with my grandpa and my grandpa had asked me if i could go get some paper towel so i did. When i got downstairs my uncle was sitting in the chair. He got up and moved to the arm of the couch but there was still him sitting in the chair along with another one of him laying on the couch. I didnt know what one to hug but he was alive and telling me how he saw how bad i was hurting at the funeral and he couldnt keep joking about it. In my dream the funeral was a joke he had pulled...What does that mean? please help!

Example: What does this dream mean ?

Ok I am not sure what it means. But I had dream that i gave birth to a baby in a toilet.. no blood no cord or nothing.. just popped out it was a boy I wrapped him in paper towels and tried to breast feed him.. and my left chest produced a string of dried up milk. my right chest produced clear fluid. I was unsuccessful in feeding him so I had to buy formula . then i woke up.. what does this mean ?

Example: What could this dream mean?

in this dream i am in school (which i am in my awake life too) but i'm in school in Orlando, FL. well this dream is set in a town i used to work in, in TN. so i'm at school and my heart falls out of my chest, but i don't watch it happen and it doesn't hurt, and i don't have a whole in my chest after wards, i'm just holding my heart and i know its mine. so i go to my teacher and tell her what just happened and she says to cover the "tubes" with a paper towel so that the blood can't seep out, put it in a plastic bag, and set it in the back of the room until class is over and go to the ER (this is a medical school, the teacher would never say that lol). so i did that. well towards the end of class, i go to look at my heart and it was purple instead of the reddish color it was before.yes through out all of this i am alive as if my heart never was out. well at that point the teacher tells me to go to the hospital so i did, but went to the town i used to live in which is 30 mins away from the town i used to work in. I was driving and carrying around a kid (which i don't have) and everything just to go to the doctor about my heart. I knew they would have to perform surgery to get it back in, but i never saw them do it, i just knew it was going to happen...weird. any ideas what this could mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream about paper towels?

just what do paper towels symbolize? Please tell what website you used so i can have it for future refrence.

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