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Dream About Pants meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: The meaning of my dream?

In my birthday party, that my gal pals are doing the music and songs while 3 of my crushes were also there...they wore a nice tuxedo and black long pants...one of them brings a box of pencil for me,another one of them brings a box of G-tech pen for me..and the last one gives me an expensive watch to wear...sad to say it's only a dream...what do these all mean?

Greetings from the realm of thoughts..! I have come to give you the meaning of your dream. The birthday party is a big celebration that concerns you and your family. The ladies (your pals) are people who either envy you,despise you, or truly love and care for you as a friend. The 3 crushes are male friends or male relatives. The one who brought you a box of pencil is a shadowy character who has no good plans for you, he has intention of harm and must be avoided. The one with a tech pen is a firm person who resolves to help and protect you from the man with pencils. The third man who gave you a watch is a male friend or a male relative who has good plans for you and your future. However, he wants you to become conscious of time - for it is truly precious to him. He can help you succeed and attain a brilliant life if you can learn to deal with him. This is the message that your dream wants you to know,

Example: What does this dream mean?

okay in my dream its i wake up and get ready for school. then when i get to school i realized that i was in my pajama pants.

Example: What does my dream mean?

what does it mean if i dream with Jay Z who is wearing only pants and has long, red nails on his feet?

Example: What Does My Dream Mean?

I had 3 dreams in the past 3 days and I think their all connected somehow.

The first one i had was about a small airplane crashing infront of a church nearby my school. But when It crashed, all the people in the plane came out smiling and laughing as if nothing bad had ever happened.

The second one was confusing. I was on like a subways/train kind of with my class. Me and my friend Kyle where in the back last seat and I sat on his lap. (me and him like eachother in real life but we never kissed and we don't go out). Me and him were kissing and when the train started moving it went faster and faster and the track was like a roller coaster going up and down and twisting. Then we stopped at a carnival kind of place. And I was playing with children in like a ball pit that was high up in the air and it looked like it was gonna rain. When it was time to leave I grabbed my pants (random i know) and left with Kyle and the sun was about to come up then.

I cant remember the whole 3rd dream but i remember being at a store or something and it was raining really heavy. When I got home it was sunny. When I came home we threw some bread crumbs out in the front and back of the house. There were some birds, baby chicks, and these kinda big dark brown, black spotted ducks. My sisters caught one and let it loose in the house. I caught it and it was really hard to get out of the house again.and by the time i got it out of the house, the duck's neck was broken and it's wing was broken off on the top of my head. I laid it down, and i felt really bad for accidentally killing it. There were two more ducks, after the dead one just disappeared.

thats all I remember. What do my dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

ok..I had a dream that i was at school and the day was going as normal as any day. until all of a sudden i noticed that i wasnt wearing any pants...somehow i knew where they would be and i told my teacher that i would be back and i was going to get my pants...for some reason everyone thought it to be normal as if i were wearing pants...i went to the class i knew they would be and i got them but didnt put them on and continued the dream as if i were wearing them until i woke up...what does this dream mean? why am i having this dream? will it portray a roll in my life?

Example: What does this dream mean?

My boyfriend had a dream of having s** with me and I don't know what that means. We haven't done it before and I was wondering, does that mean he's had s** before?(He's not a virgin?)
I am a virgin.

Example: What does this insane dream mean?

The other night I dreamt that I was at someone else's house. I was showering and I realized my panties were stuck on the side of the shower. I was worried someone might see them so I went to grab them, but then I realized they were full of spiders. The spiders were crawling all over and I was afraid they were going to get in the shower with me. It was really quite disturbing. What does it mean?

Example: What does it mean when someone is running away from you with pink pants in a dream?

I had a dream that I was at my at first I was at my elementary school graduation,my mother was standing out side the lunch room, we went outside to the parking lot and then we were playing with water guns with a group of friends(that I didnt know but I knew in my dream), and then when almost everyone was gone there was a girl running of with a pair of hot pink pants and there were a bunch of cars waiting for that girl... Can you help me find the meaning?

Example: What do my dreams mean?

My first dream was my running up the pathway to my house, it would only take around 5 seconds in real life but when this was happening it felt like forever. When i reached my door way i just curled up into a ball a screamed. I woke up in a cold sweat, cross eyed, and panting. the second one was kind of like a cameras point of view above im guessing was a window. It was and old, rotted attic and there were two people in it. An old woman and a young boy, the old woman was dragging the young boy and the young boy was holding a noose. She pushed the young boy down the stairs to the house but when she tried to go down she couldn't, it looked as if she were hit in the head. There was an outline of a man as if he had put on like active camouflage from halo. and he grabbed her, he started dragging he towards my point of view and i saw his features. he looked like a Jewish man or a pilgrim. He had rotted skin, tattered cloths and when he went under my point of view (the window i'm guessing) i woke up. What do my dreams mean?

Example: Last Night,I dreamt I was walking around without pants.What does this dream mean?

In the dream,I went to the accessories/Swarovski supplier store near my home to have my bracelet restringed and in the store I noticed I wasn't wearing my short pants! just my oversized shirt covering my undies.I walked out of the store to go home and pretended that my "look" was intentional(OBVIOUSLY NOT!) just so the people would stop looking.I tried to pull down my shirt as long as possible just so my undies wouldn't be seen.I really don't get this,anyone know? cite sources please.

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