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Dream About Palm Reading meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Is there meaning to dreams?

I'm just wondering cos most of my dreams are about dating, marrying or flirting with my crush. Does that mean anything? I know it's normal to have dreams of your crush because you think of them but the concept of your dream does that mean anything? Dating or marrying them etc?

10 points best answer! :)

Some people believe there are meanings to dreams. I am one of them. Use a dream dictionary or see someone who does professional palm reading or tarot cards or something, that is if you want to know what it means.

Example: "Dream within a dream" meaning?

Hi, can someone tell me the meaning of E.A.Poe's little piece of art "Dream within a dream"?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I have dreams about horses, like ones I have never seen before. I have three horses of my own, but they are in another state. I get these dreams one in a while the same horse appears.
Dream- the first one I have ever had (that I remember) was I was driving down an old dirt road. Then we drove past a pasture, it was surrounded by orchards. I told my mom quickly to go back, she did as I asked. I got out of my car, and went up to the old wood gate. A horse came up to me. She/he was either dappled gray or black. It's mane was long and wavy. Its head swayed and trotted up to me with grace I have never seen before. I put my hand out and it came up to my hand, it's forehead was in my palm. The horse was about 18 hands, the perfect size for me when I get older (I'm 5'5). Then I got into the pasture, and the horse followed me, I rode on the horse bareback. That was the end of that dream.
Second dream- this dream was scary. But after a few events I walked past a barn on my property. That was never used. I looked over to the left and saw the same horse, but it had a person holding on to it. The person was like a shadow it looked like it never lived. The horse looked in fear, it screamed hope from me. I cried and ran away. Then after a few events, partly the same thing happened to me in this dream as in the first.
Thank you for reading, sorry it's long.

Example: I dreamt I was pulling a very large splinter out of palm of my hand. What does this dream mean?

I read a few brief dream meanings about splinters but they seemed too vague. It was a very vivid dream and I remember there was a lot of focus on the palm of my hand and slowly trying to remove this large splinter from it. Just curious what the meaning of this dream is.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night I had a dream that I was floating down a river in a raft. The shores of the river were lined with markets. I stopped at one of them and it had beautiful pianos for only 350.00 and I thought to myself that it was worth the money. I sat down at a brown one which was next to the white one that I really wanted and I started playing it. Oddly the music that came from it was not that of a piano well at times it was but it sounded more like Hindu music. The store keeper came up behind me and scared the crap out of me when she asked me where I learned that song. She told me that she had not heard it in years…I told her I was just playing it by ear. She quickly apologized to me and told me to keep playing. I got up and got back into my raft and continued down the river. I was floating close to the shore and I asked one of the store keepers where I could find a Hindu store at…..She stated. “But, its right there.” I looked to where she was pointing and it was right in front of me. I got out of my raft and walked into the store….from the outside it looked small but when I walked into the store it was huge; with many hallways. I asked one of the store keepers where I could find there finest oils at. I wanted to use it to burn as an offering to Ganesha. I was also looking for beads which I don’t know why. I wondered around the store for awhile….when a younger store keeper came up to me and she grabbed my hand and told me that my palm screams 9 times 7 to her…..she kept looking at it and told me that 9 times 7 is all that she could see she seemed intrigued as well as upset that all she saw was 9 times 7 I asked her what it meant and I woke up.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I'm looking for a logical interpretation to this dream. Not so much a spiritual/prophetic explanation as a technical analysis of the symbolic meaning of events to my subconscious. The first thing I remember is being at some kind of cocktail party with my boyfriend at a presumably very wealthy person's house. I was laying on the floor next to a coffee table and he was sitting next to me. I think I was drunk in the dream. My boyfriend's dad was sitting in this large chair in front of a window across the room from us. He wasn't wearing a shirt and his tummy flab was all over the place on that chair of his. The ceiling was very tall too. (background info, a few weeks ago my boyfriend and I got really drunk with this girl Michaela that he knew, and we ended up having a threesome... I've felt pretty disgusted with the whole thing ever since, and to be honest I seriously considered breaking up over it, but I love him too much. Michaela got really mad at him and completely cut him off afterward though. I'm not gonna lie, I was kinda relieved about it. Nothing against her, she's a nice girl, it's just really hard to not feel threatened by her after that.) So anyway, my boyfriend Henry and I are in this person's living room and I'm laying in front of a table and he's sitting up next to me. His dad is across the room sitting shirtless on a huge armchair. Michaela comes in. It was weird because she was really happy to see us, so I got confused. I was wondering why she wasn't still angry with Henry. I guess she was leaving though and Henry said "let me walk you out"... I started to get up to go with and he pointed at me and said "You stay here." I felt really depreciated at that. Then his dad (acting very intoxicated) looked out the window behind him and started babbling about them. I can't remember what he said but it further upset me, so I got up and ran out of the house. When I saw Henry he was standing there talking to Michaela in front of the house... i looked at him and flipped him off, screaming "F*** You" (something I can't imagine saying to him no matter how upset I am) and then I ran away. I ran down this dirt driveway, then cut off it through some trees, and on the other side of the trees there was a huge freeway. I ran across one side of the freeway, stopped in the middle, then ran across the other side, the whole time knowing I was being chased. I got to the other side, ran through more trees, and then was on this huge gravelly parking lot kind of thing, just this huge open space of dirt, but with trees around. Henry caught up, and his dad was there, I started to run but he overtook me, so then I jumped up and started flying, thinking "What if he can fly too?"... Turns out he could, he jumped after me, and came at me, I tried to get away but he grabbed my foot. The whole time he was wearing a smile, but I felt in the dream that I had to run away because I was in danger. I'm confused by that. Also, when he grabbed my foot and pulled me down I remember thinking "I hope this isn't a metaphor that Henry is holding me back, because I don't want our relationship to end... Then (still dreaming) I woke up, and was laying in my bed, but I felt very opressed, and started screaming "help me, help me" but my voice wasn't working so my loudest screams came out a faint murmer... Then I ACTUALLY woke up and was very perplexed by the whole deal... So what's going on in my head?

Example: What does a blue line on your palm in a dream mean?

I have heard others say that a blue line means something. Strange dream but basically I was getting my palm read.

And I had a blue line going downward in the middle. This lady palm reader says I am going to be financially successful. (can only wish)

Then I was dressed in nice clothes (still in my palm) and this man was beside my right. Turns out he was Jesus. (bit embarrassing)

Then I look down and see my sister in law. She's further down my palm.

Weird stuff. I freaked and woke up straight away.

Example: I'm wondering if someone could tell me what my Palm reading dream means?

Two nights ago I dreamt that I was in my favorite class (art) and that I was troubled.. So I went to my teacher for help. He drew four zeros on my palm and told me to hold it behind the door so I couldn't see my hand. I carried on with my day and when I finally remembered to check my palm.. I saw there was some information on there and the zeros were gone. Each finger told me for example
"The important friends you have..." Followed by a list And "the not so important people.." Followed by a list of people I didn't recognize. There was also places I had been. Lastly there was a code of numbers on it.. I used that code to open something later in my dream. But, the info was fading.. And I didn't want it to.

Last night, I dreamt that I went to my palm reader.. And she was surprised and taken back by what she read. She didn't/couldn't tell me what she saw.. But she told me to hold a piece of paper on my head and just start drawing and that my picture will show me what I need to know. Then I woke up!
Found it pretty strange so I thought I'd ask for any interpretations.

Example: Help interpret my dream..being pregnant and palm read?

I had a dream that I was heavily pregnant and was about to go in to labour and was really scared and didn't want to go through it..on the way to giving birth a man stopped me and started reading my palm and said I love my husband too much (as though its a bad thing) and said i have 'big money' coming. What does this mean?

What a strange number of events!

Example: Dreamed i got my palms read?

I had this dream last night, I dreamed that this lady read both my palm's, my right hand is my dominant hand. When she read my left hand she told me I had 6lifes left to live,and that I'm on my second life (that's all I can remember for that hand). Once she read my right hand she smiled and said "ohhh yesss, interesting" but walked away and didn't tell me anything about that hand. Can anyone interpret more or analyze please?

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