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Dream About Pallet meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What did my dream mean?

Ok, I had a dream. In my dream, there was this abandoned shed and me and my "Friend" fixed it up and made it kinda nice but mainly with a pallet of blankets. She brought 3 lingerie outfits and asked me which one I liked best. I picked one and she said I could "strip her of it" tomorrow. Well, turns out my mom said we had to go to NY for a day. Then I came back and we did it. We are both girls and I'm 14,she's 12. I know the girl and she is sexy and in my dream so was the "doing it"
What does my dream made?

She's only 12; stop having such dreams about her. The abandoned shed would tell me you are thinking of doing something so that no one can see you guys. Please get your mind out of the gutter about her.

Example: Any idea what this reoccurring dream could mean?

I've had this dream a couple times now, and it never deviates from the same basic series of events.

The dream seems to happen in this kind of series of flashes and sticks with me most the day. It also ends curiously, though I have to admit it makes me laugh. (Good kind of laugh.) I guess looking at myself being somewhat silly for maybe reading too much into it.

In the dream it begins with me traveling abroad. I don't know where I am since I can't read the signs, but it's someplace in Europe, that much I know. In the next flash, I'm hiking somewhere and have a fall, breaking my leg. I'm in the distant woods and all by myself and feel pretty hopeless.

Here's where things turn odd.

In the next series of flashes I see myself lying on this pallet in the back of a traditional type (or at least as any story might write them) horse drawn gypsy wagon. My leg is mended and I'm being tended by this gorgeous girl (I guess around 18-20) but I can't speak. It's not like my mouth is gagged, but for some reason I can't make a sound come out of my mouth.

In the last flash, I'm sleeping with this girl. Now it's not sexual, but more like she's trying to protect me or keep me warm. It's as though it's very cold there and she keeps speaking to me, saying something that I don't understand but it sounds caring. Kinda like a mother to a child. As before, I can't speak during this, being unable to produce some sound from my mouth.

A couple times of this I've awoke, only to find myself curled up in a ball with one of my pillows held tightly to me, almost as I was holding the girl in the dream.

Example: Kissing and makeup? The color brown? Dream meaning.?

In the dream, there is a woman who is doing my makeup and right when she begins to apply my lipstick, she begins to kiss me profusely. She apologizes and continues to apply more lipstick. I guided her hand to what lipstick I wanted and once again, she's kissing me. I finally pull her away from me and she apologizes repeatedly, but this time telling me "you're so beautiful." I begin to blush and laugh and she pulls out a brown eye shadow pallet so she can start on my eyes. She then continues to tell me how beautiful I am, and I thank her graciously as she's been saying this for the longest. She kisses me again and the dream zooms out and I see us giggling. I also noticed that everything around us was some shade of brown.

What do you think it means? Is there any significance to the color brown?

Example: Do you believe in real-life symbolism?

I do. I believe that certain minor occurrences happen for a reason. Sometimes we barely even notice it.
For example, last night I had a dream. I dreamt that I had to ride a moving pallet-thingy to school while holding a large flatscreen TV. Dream-me thought that this would fail completely (hell, IRL it wouldn't work). However, it did. I got the flatscreen to school unharmed.
Dream-logic aside, I believe that my dream from last night is supposed to mean that some tasks, even tasks that look like they are long-shots, are doable. This goes well with something I've been meaning to do lately, but nervous about because I think it's a long-shot.
Anyway, do you believe that there's symbolism in real life?
(BTW, this has nothing to do with religion. I know that most won't think it is, but I'd just like to get that out there).
BQ: On a scale of 1-10, how was your day today?
A solid 7 for me.
BQ: Last time you felt a powerful emotion (it can be good or bad)?
I received extreme joy when I got an email from my friend today. I love getting emails from her. (since she lives far away, and our time zones are different, it's nice to come home and see her name in my inbox :D).

Example: If u continually see one recurrant symbol, does it mean something?

There is a reason I am asking: ok, this past summer,I had seen, 3 days in a row, a dragonfly near my 2nd story window. They usually go near water,and our building isn't near any water that i know of.It is near forest,but not near any water.
I have seen dragonfly charms alot.
I have bought said charms and made ( crocheted) chokers,with them.
Dragonfly buttons, which I have made chokers out of.
Dragonfly pictures. ( I can't afford 20 $ at target for it :( )
Dragonfly pictures in books ,magazines, ect.
Dragonfly necklaces,
Dragonfly pentagrams
Dragonfly in my dreams.

Today whilst I was at Wal-mart, doing the last of my christmas shopping, i was at the large pallet of boxed jewelry, and had seen crosses,butterflies, hearts,circles, ect.
I mumbled that if they had a dragonfly,i wouldn't hesitate to buy it.
I looked ,and sure enough,there was a marcasite Dragonfly brooch that hadn't been there a moment before...
Yes,i bought it,and could scarcly remember placing it in my cart.
That is odd.
Ok, this is where it gets odder:
I am a Heath Ledger fan, all who know me know this.
On Heath's upper left arm,is an upside- down dragonfly tattoo.
Going head-first into a pond.
Oh,and the other day,I had found a small,round, pink,suede CD case. And on it,was a sea-green, ( my two fave colors, by the way) dragonfly applique.
When I went back to get it, it had been marked down 3 $, from 10.00,
to 7 $.
They had only one when i was there,and two weeks later,there was 5, and marked down.
Sooooo, which brings to mind this question:
What is up with the dragonflies?
my animal totems are Wolves. I love Cats, and one stray/feral cat adopted us,a "tuxedo" named "Mama Kitty." i am the only one she will play with, in a certain fashion,and will give lovies to. She will lay down and bite,playfully,my foot,appearing to "fall" down, behind my foot.
She will want attention behind her ears,then when I pet her,flatten them,curling her whole body around my arm,with her head under my palm, her forepaws wrapped around my hand,and her legs near my wrist. My hand/wrist is clawed all to heck, and itchy from heling.
Her claws are not out painfully,just playful.
I used to be able to scoop her up,but she has gained weight,so i can't now.
Anyway, the dragonfly thing has me more than a little puzzled.
i had had a vision Jan. 18,and it came true jan. 22nd.
yes it was on Heath ledger. So, what is up with the dragonflies?
So what does this all mean?

Example: What shades of pink and red go together (on my wedding dress)?

I asked this last night, but I only got one response:

I LOVE pink. And I have fallen in love with an ivory mermaid style wedding gown that has scandinavian flowers embroidered on the bodice and at the hem. The flowers will have pink "whispy" details in the centre, and there is a pink ribbon at the empire waist. It's very me.

Well now we're planning to have a Christmas themed wedding. I always wanted one, but I didn't think it was going to happen, so I picked this dress because we were planning to get married in January. Now we're having a Christmas wedding at the end of November, and I want to add some red details to my dress.

I haven't ordered the dress yet so I think I might get the embroidery done in a shade of red to match our theme (black, ivory and some shade of red) and then still do the ribbon in a pink shade to have have my signature colour included.

What shade of red and pink will match together and be a bit Christmasy? A picture or exact colour names would be great!

Example: What does "thrashing on pallets" mean?

I'm reading 'Beloved' and it says:
"All in their twenties, minus women, f*cking cows, dreaming of rape, thrashing on pallets, rubbing their thighs and waiting for the new girl-"

Example: What might this (short) dream mean?

I am walking on a crowded beach, with splintery, uneven wooden pallets covering all the sand.

As I walk further inland I find a row of housing made entirely of concrete cells- one door/no windows, but all of them unlocked.

I consider moving in.

Example: What does this dream of mine mean?

Last night I dreamt that I was going on some trip with my mom and my sister. I know I wanted to go on the trip, but while I was packing, I was crying for some reason. Could this have anything to do with me starting school yesterday at a different high school than I was at last year? Wanting to go but being nervous about it, too?

When we got to wherever we were going, it was obviously a vacation destination. It wasn't the beach (I live at the beach), but it was more like this "pool" outdoors that was like an Asian river or something. With Lilly pads and waterfalls and lots of "greenery" and a dark scenery.

My sister and I were swimming in the "river" thing and then suddenly one of my makeup pallets appeared in the dream. I am an aspiring cosmetologist so I own tons of hair and makeup products and hair color etc. Well a makeup pallet I own from sephora with about 100 eyeshadows, 2 bronzers, 2 blushes, and 30 eyeliners/glitter eyeshadows somehow appeared in the swimming scene of the dream.

My sister for some reason brought it in the pool/river with us, and it got wet, and ruined. I was REALLY upset about this, even though I barely use this pallet and it's rather old. I ran out of the river upset and started walking down this path of stepping stones where I saw tourists. Then I stepped on a twig and had a splinter in my foot. I woke up after that, and my foot felt weird where I hurt it in the dream.

What does all of this mean?

Example: I keep having dreams about my dad falling into one of his tunnels and dying. What does this mean?

Okay, my dad was always been OBSESSED with digging secret tunnels. Inside our house, there are tons of tunnels and ways to get outside w/o using the front door. My dad loves to dig tunnels outside, too. There is one huge one he uses for storage and is connected to one of the main tunnels in the house--he's just finishing up on it--and there's this hill beside it and he's going to build a porch over it so no one can see the tunnel. I keep having these dreams of my dad falling off that hill and into the hole. There is also this bridge made of pallets that crosses over the tunnel and in my dreams it collapses and lands on him. What does this mean? Will it happen? My dad doesn't have a building permit (never has--except for when he build the house) so isn't it illegal? :/

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