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Dream About Pall Bearer meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: This is a hard dream to interpret , even for me^^?

I don't think, anyone is going to find out the meaning of this dream, but maybe you're ideas could help me find out.
I am in a class-room.The teacher, that I know, an English teacher, i sa sking me to teach instead of her.I go to the blackboard and I start teaching. Some priests( i guess...) in red, came and took me, putting on me a grey-blue robe on me..they take me in the middle of the town and start beating me with sticks, that have spikes. I see my friends, that stare at me hopeless.I look at my bestest one's and I see pain on their faces too, much sadness on the others.Some other people came, which I don't know.They, too, show sadness.The priests finish with me.I wake up at home(stil in the dream),the robe still on me, with a sense of victory.People on the street call me Saint Catilin, although I tell them not to call me this way, and I try to run from them.I get at school.I see days passing, and more of my friends, of my class and scholl mates, and even teachers wearing my robe.

What a colorful dream and journey of the mindful spirit you have experienced.

In being called to teach there is an implication that you hold some special knowledge that the academics around you respect and desire. Your friends seem to sense the 'truth' you are sharing. That it is English is probably just a convenient venue from memory - and may relate to the character of that particular teacher. I doubt that the subject has any other significance itself.

The priests represent religious or spiritual authority - as exercised by man, not necessarily an all-wise cosmic entity. They wrap you in this robe - grey-blue - a kind of pall, not unlike one dressed as condemned. It is as if the color of a pale, overcast sky - not a color of hope. You are to face a terrible test of your will and righteousness.

We humans have seen much misuse of presumed godly powers or understandings - Jean d' Arc, Copernacus, Gallileo, etc. all suffered, not to mention many innocents over our history. Many buckled to threat, some survived after being maimed - many others died. Many were vindicated - and many came to be saints in our thinking - in time the religious powers recognized the wrongness of man's presumptions about cosmic truth and the punishment inflicted, and those who suffered it were sometimes beatified.

Indeed, the priests seem to have a problem with the truth you seem to hold. Nothing new in this, given the examples I just gave. That's not to bash religion, it's just a fact that religion has been misused - and what you describe happening here is a repeat of same. Your sympathetic friends and others who seem to grasp the truth you are trying to share are witnessing, but held at bay by the powers of ignorance - powers that must be overcome.

And happily, you survive - perhaps by true devine intervention itself, who can know? But you survive to carry the truth back to your fellow academics, ignorance has been overpowered and your peers and awestruck teachers look on with admiration.

In fact the population grasps that you have survived this test of fire - or beatings - and they seem to see, as must finally the religious powers behind the scene the sanctity of your knowledge. You have had 'sainithood' bestowed upon you for this.

I can't know where 'Catilin' comes from, likely some literary source or similar that you are familiar with in your experience - perhaps consciously forgotten but dredged up by your inner mind for the dream's use. In humility you decline the recognition but they insist - your demonstration was so great it cannot be denied you, even at your protest as a humble bearer of great knowledge.

And the sorry robe of doom you donned at the beginning of the ordeal now becomes a standard of truth - all done it that would uphold that which you represent. These are your followers, your disciples so to speak.

I cannot know what feelings you have about truth, or what ideas you may have that may be truly enlightening - obviously people do hold such things at times, else we'd not have had our daVinci's, etc. It may just be a notion grown in the imagination, many details suggested by history, media and even gamesmanship - or inspired.

This dream may also be borne of a desire to lead others - whether you are gifted that way or frustrated in wishing to be. Allow time for that if so.

You would have to venture that yourself - and others around you would have to judge the veracity of your claims, if any. Otherwise it was just a dream - but a fascinating one and one that tells much of how we behave as human kings, bishops and pawns.

Judge then your knowledge for youself first - and consider the possibility of an entertaining but educating dream. It is one that brought lucid imagery to your conscious mind by the amazing synthesis only the human brain can produce - and in doing so it melded many things you have apparently absorbed. The only mystery remaining is the mystical teaching you gave, if it exists... fascinating!

I hope this may help in your understanding. All the best to you and thanks for sharing this wonderfully colorful dream.

Example: What ever happened to Hip-Hop?

I did a paper when I was in high school on the "history of hip-hop". I was such a huge fan of hip-hop music and admired groups/artists such as Brand Nubian, Wu-Tang Clan, Das EFX, Biggie, Jay-Z, etc...To this day, I still am, although time has ceased to stand still and most of these cats are well into their 40's now. As I noticed, hip-hop music has evolved into a new trend, style, and way of life that has shifted the culture of it, since it first began.

In the 80's, most of the songs written and produced were mainly dance/club songs in a way. Music that pretty much attracted the youth and acted as an outlet for them. Thus break dancing, graffiti, popping, DJing', were vastly becoming experimental to which a lot of today's beats are sampled from. Songs were more upbeat, lively, not as explicit.

90's came in and it began to evolve into more of the reality and self-expression of what it was like living day by day. Weather he/she lived in the West Coast, East Coast, the South, lived in the rough city hoods, gangs, drugs, sex, money, etc..But at the same time, you feel the wellness of where the artist was coming from. You feel his/her struggle int he music and in the lyrics that were crafted to perfection.

Now, I listen to a lot of these new artists and it clearly shows that a lot of the elements that made hip-hop so great, is not shown anymore. It caters more to a fantasy-like dream about living the life, that they supposedly lived. A lot of these artists now, are just there for the money rather than talent itself. There's no consistency. Most of these are relied on the glamor of living the high life, where trend setting is more important than the message being told.

I just feel as if these artists are just Pall Bearers of Hip-Hop's casket..taking it to the grave. I mean, if this continues on, I think we should just hang it up and end the chapter. We have more and more artist make songs everyday and produce albums, but I feel as if the harmony between the elements of nature has been corrupted by undefined artists. Trust me, I have no problem with playing cassette tapes in my car.

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