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Dream About Pale meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I do not believe in that dreams have some mystic meaning.
but I do like to know what is the interpretation of this dream for the believing people out of curiosity .
in this dream I was in sky, so high I couldn't see anything other than the sun and the sky around me which was a pale blue, like 7 am. I was in the middle of a circle, with 3 birds of prey flying around me in a circle and we just kept going higher, I didn't see myself, It was first person.
I Identified two of the birds as an own and an eagle. I am not sure about the third.

Most dreams are messages from the subconscious mind. Typically, you are just processing daily thoughts, feelings and events in the dream.

When you write "own" I believe you mean an owl, which symbolizes wisdom. An eagle is a high order bird that symbolizes strength, honor, integrity, freedom, etc... You are going higher, so it could indicate you are ascending spiritually.

I am sorry to hear you do not believe dreams have any mystical meaning. You are missing a lot in life by being so closed minded. Your dream was actually very mystical and indicates you are ascending it life.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I don't remember where i was but i remember seeing this yellow pale snake and behind it was some type of animal, i don't know if it was a pig or a dog, that animal swallowed the snake completely. It was really weird and i got creeped out by it.
can anyone at tell me what it meant.

Example: Does my dream mean anything?

I dreampt that i was puking and peeing slimy black stufd and my hair was turning white and i was pale and it was only happening to me. does this mean anything?

Example: What does this dream mean?

when i was little about 5 or 6, i had this dream that there was a little angel about my age on my window. in my dream i got up to talk to her and she was really nice. then i wanted to give her a tour of my house. so i walked downstairs so we could play with all of the daycare children(my mom does daycare). then she disapeered. the freaky part is that in my dream i was wearing my 101 dalmation nightgown, and in real life i was wearing that nightgown. what does this mean? o and i dont think i remember the angel have big fancy wings, i just remember her having a ballerina bun in her hair and she was pale but glowing like the light was coming from her. btw i am 12 now, but i never forgot this dream

Example: What could this dream mean?

The dream began with me wandering around this building that was kind of like a dungeon in a way. I was running around it, and hid behind things because the people that were in the dungeon wanted to hurt me and would occasionally chase me for a minute but I'd end up getting away from them.
I ended up finding a pack of cigarettes on the ground and put them in my pocket(Note, I've never smoked in real life. Nor do I want to ever,). And soon after this guy found me(I was behind a desk crouched down) but I got the feeling he wanted to help me. Anyways he grabbed my hand and we ran into this office like room, it was quite small and had a desk and everything and a single picture on the wall. the guy locked the door(The handle was sort of rusted for some reason?).
And I pulled out a cigarette of the pack I picked up before, and it was somehow instantly lit, like I didn't light it or anything. So I took a few puffs but the guy grabbed it and the pack away from me and finished smoking the lit one, but it seemed like he didn't want to smoke it himself he just didn't want me to smoke. So I grabbed the pack back and tried to light one and smoke it but it kept crumbling in my hands, so I took out another, it crumbled too. The guy knocked the pack out of my hands. Then he suddenly pressed his ear against the door to listen to see if any of the people were out there I guess? Then unlocked it and grabbed my wrist and kinda dragged me along as he ran because I think I was all like... out of it. I could barely stay standing and I was wobbly and stuff. Probably from the smokes I'm thinking? After we ran, well he ran, I got pulled along/dragged for a few seconds, I fell down and then he looked at me and smiled like "It'll be fine. I'll help you." type thing before helping/lifting me up then I woke up.

From what I recall the guy was about average height, around 5'9"-5'10" maybe... give or take a inch. Had dark hair, black I think, not sure what eye color, pale, thin but not like... underweight. And he was wearing dark clothes, like a thin jacket type thing? Not really a jacket nor a hoodie/sweater but it was quite thin. That's all I really remember.

Example: What does my friend's dream mean?

she was walking with a guy named julio(she likes him) and some how he turned into Rain (her pretend dad) but he was still julio and then she was walking to her car and she saw julio with his green jacket and she was sad and she wanted him to see that she was sad so when he passed by her car she put a sad face on (she was wearing a red dress) he didn't see her and then they (julio and alan) passed by her car and alan looked in the window and her dad hit the window and he was like omg! and then her dad was talking to alan and that's all she remembers.

Example: What does my dream mean?

This is going to be long!
so last night I had a dream that I as in Russia and there was like this huge apocalypse or something and everyone had to stay in bunkers every thing was like a Tim Burton movie it was very dark and gloomy and I wasn't myself I was some girl who had black hair and very pale skin and I knew it wasn't me yet I was still her like in her body but anyways I was in a bunker with some other girl with black hair and pale skin and a little girl with pale skin and black hair but eventually the died in the bunker before another girl with black hair and pale skin came and got me and I had really no where to go so I started walking with her down a road and day eventually turned to night and I said that this road scared me and she said why because of every thing that has happened on this road and I said like what and she said all those people who died of that 80 foot drop and then pushed me off a cliff and as I was falling I was watching the girl fall from out of her body and I knew it wasn't me and I really wanted her not to survive and when she hit the ground she hit her bottom first and she fell backwards hitting her head on the ground and when she hit her head her face broke into pieces like a porcelain doll and blood spilled out then I felt a release of pressure and then I woke up ... Sorry if this didn't make sense

Example: Meaning of this strange dream?

I had this dream a couple of months ago, I remember it being very vivid, I also don't believe in god

I entered a small church next to some trees, the door was open, and walking up some steps there was a small angel statue in front of it with a splodge of blood? on it, the angel looked like it was aggressive. Inside the church nobody was there and the dream was completely silent with no noise as usual, and objects in the church had been knocked over. I found an untied an angel with long or short brown waved hair and she was very tall and pale. She didn't seem to notice I was there and she left the church without even looking at me. I left the church as I was worried I would be blamed for whatever had happened as police cars were arriving. I felt scared and anxious inside the church even when I noticed the angel.

Example: What dose my dream mean ?

I having the same dream for cople of days in the dream I am with this young woman. She has sholder long dark brown hair blue eyes pale skin and about 5,10 tall. She is the most butieful woman i have ever seen. We are in a park that I have not been to in years and in the dream it's a worm sunny day and I am pushing her on a swing and she is laughing and smileing and then she get off the swing and turns to me and put a hand on my check and say I'm sorry I have to go now and then she starts to fade and I shout for her to cone back the it starts to snow and then she is gone. Next thing I no is that I waking up shouting at the top of my voice NO COME BACK! And I am sitting bolt up right and covered in swet

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was in a white room facing a full-length mirror. All of a sudden life size porcelain dolls circled around the mirror. I remember only the doll that stood on the exact opposite side of the mirror because it looked like a twenty foot version of the porcelain fairy doll I had in my room. I looked back at the mirror, and saw a zombie version of me. The zombie reflection the grabbed me by the neck and suffocated me.

The next day when I told my mom, she said is probably the family "curse" (The women on my mom's side of the family have a history of only remembering dreams if it means something horrible, usually death, is about to happen.

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