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Dream About Palace meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What's this dream mean?

Okay, so awhile back I had this dream that I was in this magnificent ballroom. It was gorgeous, and I saw it in detail.
Well, there was big circled ceilings, large archways leading to all the different sections of the 'palace'.
I was wearing a long, white dress. And I was the only one on the dance floor. Soft music was playing, (the same song I fell asleep listening to) Alone by Heart. =]
But then, from one of the four archways sorrounding me a boy appeared. He was taller than me. Had light brownish/blonde, longish, messy hair, and blue eyes. I danced with him to that song, but I've never seen this boy in my life.
Also, I've had other dreams before where there was a similiar looking boy.
Dreams like, I'll be walking down this dark, cold, corridor and then there'll be a light flickering at the end. I reach the end and there's that boy, AND two young children shackled to the wall.
A guy is also standing there burning them.
What's this mean? I have no idea.

I think it means you'll meet a couple of guys with the same intentions (which explains why you have the same looking guy in your dreams but somewhat different) which is something that you have to be very cautious about.Get to know the first b\c only then will find out who the man is from the boys.
The 2 children represent your personality and state of mind if you let a man take control of you, you will feel worthless and powerless and you dont need that in man, like I said be cautious as to who you date.Get to know them first like I said and then use your instincts to tell you the rest.

Example: What do spiders mean in a dream?

A girl I know was trying to put her big spider on me because to smoke felt good. I was trying to run away from it and when she got me I was freaking put when the smoke came out.

Example: What Does My Dream Mean?

I had a dream, that I had a little white puppy, that would do whatever I told him to. He told me to go to a mans house. The man wore a red and yellow robe, and he told me his name was Benehemasdkfd...er somethin like that..it was really long. I asked my dog to whisper it to me again. It did. I suddenly appeared in a huge palace in india it looked like, and we were having a celebration. My dog turned into a horse, and was put into a stable with the rest of the horses. The elephants started destrong the palace, and my friends and family praying in the other room. I woke up...

what does this meannn?

Example: What could (does) this dream/nightmare mean?

I dreamed I was wandering through the darkened hallways of a palace. It was similar to the night the lights had gone out at my dad's 60th birthday at some hotel, but every room was empty and there were no candles to give off a warm glow. The stone floor was cold beneath my bare feet.

I was somehow at the door leading into the large banquet hall, pushing them open without feeling my muscles strain, and looking inside.

I was staring at the floor, trying to place its color in the darkness…red. It was red. Covered in blood. Revulsion pooled in my throat but somehow I was stepping into the room, my bare feet surrounded by warm blood.

I was looking up, then, as something dark and flickering lunged past mw, deeper into the room. There was a figure on a platform in the center of the hall, illuminated by some pale, ghostly light that didn't have an origin. It was a woman, a tall, willowy woman with striking features and nondescript coloring. Her dark eyes followed me as I came closer and closer to the platform.

I was staring at the woman, seeing death in her eyes, and barely noticed what I was now standing in front of. It was a throne, made of wood and gold. No one sat in it, but against one of the arms rested a golden scepter, tarnished and battered. The woman slowly raised a hand and touched the back of the chair.

I was trying desperately to run as blood poured from the throne. It pooled around my ankles but I couldn't seem to move my feet. In sheer panic, I looked from the blood up at the woman.

I was going cold, and I could smell death in the room. Then the woman opened her mouth, opened it larger than any human being should be able to, and let loose a hellish, shrieking noise.

I woke up with a strangled yell, tangled in my sheets, sweating.

Could it have something to do with the fact that I lost my virginity to my boyfriend--a man my family dislikes--during my dad's 60th birthday while there was a blackout?
Or the fact that the night I dreamed about that I had just come from his apartment to make love to him (I promised him I'd dream of him just before I went back home)?
Or could have something to do with meeting my twin brother in the kitchen (when I got home) and having an argument with him about David (my bf) before I went to bed?
Or could it be because I was tired (it was 2:30 when I got home) and I'm more prone to nightmares when I'm tired and restless (as I've observed since childhood).

AND PLEASE--this is SERIOUS, PEOPLE! I'm BEGGING here! I'm really troubled by it! I DO NOT--I REPEAT--I DO NOT play Resident ******* Evil!

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok, the dream is like two separate parts. Sorry it's so long.
Part 1: Me and my friend Jacob are standing on top of this old Egyptian type palace dressed in Pharaoh and princess garb. He was telling me how it could all be mine if I just except his advances and stop teasing him with my revealing clothing and become his queen ( *shiver* ). Denied to be touch by another man for the rest of my life. I shock my head and ran away from him. Leaving him there with a look on his face that was a mixture of disappointment and pain. On the other side people were still building the palace and a small child was wondering around looking lost. I went to the child and kneeled down to his height and began talking to him. Asking him where his mother or siblings were. The boy had the exact same hair color as me because it looked coppery in the sunlight, the same ivory skin tone as me also and beautiful big dark chocolate colored eyes. He just smiles at me saying something in French ( I'm French on my mothers side. But, I don't speak the language. ) then ran away to somewhere. I began walking around until I came upon my brother playing football with some boys from our high school. I ran to them when one of the boys got hurt and the boy turned out to be an older version ( he is fifteen now and he looked eighteen in the dream ) of my crush Ryan. I asked if he was ok and he replied with a quick and short "Yeah.". The the scene switched to me and my friend Emily running in a coliseum with her yelling at me to tell my crush I like him even though I keep telling her I think the crush is fading quickly. She yells "You like Ryan!" and the boys were spectators and Ryan had a shocked look on his face. And, that's how the part ended.
Part 2: I was standing in front of a floor length mirror in a large and unfamiliar room putting on a dress that looks like a mades out fit but with a very short skirt. I looked to be about eighteen. A bell ran causing me to run into the hall where an old and proper looking women with graying hair stood with an impatient look on her face and slapping her hand fan made out of what looked like silk into her palm repeatedly. I gave a little curtsy and waited for her to give me my instructions of the day. She spoke saying "My son is having a party this evening so I want you and every other person on our staff to be on their best behavior. So, go down stair and help the other girls get everything set for the party." with a stern look upon her face. I went down the spiral staircase that had gold painted railing and at the bottom stood a man about five year older then me making him twenty-three. He had long dark brown hair that reached the top of his shoulders and dark chocolate colored eyes. He wore a full black suit but instead of the regular Italian leather shoes you see go with it he has on full black high top Converse. When, I reached the bottom of the steps he grabs the top of my arm and pulls me toward him. He whispers something in my ear and gives my earlobe a quick nip. He drags me to a bedroom. When, we enter the little boy and two girls a little older then him are sitting on the bed. One has the same hair and skin color as him but gray-blue eyes ( which is the eye color I have ) while the other has long dark brown messy curls and dark chocolate colored eyes. The children get up and leave the room but I hug the little boy before he exits and tell him to find me before he leaves. The man closes the door and locks it before shoving me down on the bed and kissing me aggressively. He pulls the skirt of my dress up and then starts biting and sucking on my thighs as I try to unbutton his suit jacket and dress shirt. Then, it switches to both of us unclothed with him on top of me and my nails racking down his back with servants knocking on the door every ten minutes saying his mother wishes to speak with him but he just keeps telling them to leave him because he has move important matters to tend to. After we were done having our...uh.."fun" we were just laying in the bed with me on top of him with him rubbing circles on my back like people did when I was a child to get me to relax and fall asleep. He said "I wish we didn't have to hide this, Katherine." with a southern twang a little thicker then my own making me think he was from Tennessee or something considering I live a state or two above it. "I know but your mother would probably hire someone to kill me if she knows I am the one who deflowered her baby boy." is what I replied as I kissed his neck. He got up from the bed and went to the wardrobe and pulled something out and came back to the bed handing it to me. It was a dress that looked exactly like the one I was going to wear to my freshman homecoming dance but decided to skip and a mask like the one on the cover of Masquerade by Melissa De La Cruz. I looked at him with confusion on my face and he just kissed me and said "Come to the ball with me tonight. It is a masquerade and even if they cannot see y

Example: What does this dream mean?

I remember controlling water, letting it spiral around me in a palace. I was trying to help the people in there. I accidently, at one point in the dream, brought too much water and flooded the entire palace. People hated me. I was in the palace. A huge part of the ceiling was a window. I could see the water and let go. It smashed the glass and flooded the room, pushing glass all over the place. It did startle me, giving me chills. I think someone killed me, but I came back to life some how.

Example: Dreamed my father died..Meaning?

In my dream my mom, dad, and me went to some weird desert place and we went to different sections that had different names but were all located in the same area. But each area reminded me of a church. The place seemed like a palace too and no one did the same thing everyday because you would rotate and later end up at the same point. Any way my dad had died and I didn't see how but my mom was beside me and i fell into tears and could barely breathe.They lit a black candle for him and said he was funny, kind, and a good man.

I just couldn't take it and I ran to my friends told them he was dead but no one was there for me longer than a second and I just broke down and everyone left me and we had to be somewhere and I ran to the i guess ceremony in the rain. Everyone made comments about my dad's death and i broke down again. We rode on a train and his ghost appeared and smiled but looked sad.

When I woke up I was in tears and I had a pain in my chest and i kept crying for a hour. Right now I'm going to tell my dad that I'm staying with mom but I won't for a few more days.

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I keep having dreams that I am in a house I live in (its never the same house) and I find a secret room that no one knew about. In one dream I was in a flat and found a hidden attic room with a fish tank (with live fish) in another it was a large house and I found a secret staircase leading to a room that looked lived in but no one there.

Example: Why I get recurring dreams of old palaces?

I get these recurring dreams of old palaces, but, palaces keep on changing in each and every dream.
It makes me feel am some Princess.

Example: I dreamed about a palace underwater and talking creatures under the sea. What does this mean?

I was floating in the air in the middle of the blue ocean and then suddenly the waters enveloped me and brought me down under. I was scared because I thought I will drown but a creature told me that I could breathe underwater and I did. They told me that they've been waiting for me for so long and that they guided me to a palace which they told me it's my kingdom. I went inside and I went to the tower and it light up! and the whole palace was enveloped with something like a force field to protect the place from harm. Then the water inside the palace was drained and the creatures that guided me called the others who were hiding from something to get inside the palace and be safe. It's weird, but in my dream I looked around the palace and went to my room to refresh my memory about it but I wasn't able to recall any memory. It's really weird...

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