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Dream About Pakistani People meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What is the meaning of my dream?

I am Asian 25 yrs old and christian got a Pakistani bf and naturally he is muslim and islam in religion. We’ve been for 7 months in our relationship as bf/gf thru chat. I dream of him. My dream started , I am wearing a white long dress. I am approaching a group of people wearing white long clothes most of them are elder men, few elder women , they are in groups as in faction . they are talking I don’t understand them . I kept on walking passing them. I look around and see other groups whose face covered wearing black and others white ,there are groups also wearing mixed color but very prominent u can see the black and the whites . I know they are looking at me. Then someone in the group whose face is covered approach me . I asked where’s my bf? I don’t understand what’s her response . then the group of covered ladies go near me . I ask again where’s my bf but this time I’m crying already coz they surrounds me,they are talking I don’t understand, I am already nervous, then someone say , he is coming ..and they clear the place, they no longer surround me giving way to one who is coming ..then from far I saw my bf wearing white too. He is walking coming to me. Then I utter the name of my bf and wake up with tears on my eyes..

Question to the answerers: WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THE UNBELIEVER? We Muslims believe in the existence of a man/Prophet called JESUS CHRIST, son of Mary. Unbeliever is someone that deny his existence. The only line that separate us is that We regard him as a righteous Prophet whereas the Christens regard him as a GOD or Son of God. so Please don't label us as UNBELIEVERS.

My answer to your Dream: You saw yourself in a paradise surrounded by the heavenly maidens, being old symbolises wisdom and understanding. They were in groups which portrays different ranks, you could not communicate with them because of the difference in a faith, when the groups of ladies surrounded you they are the heavenly maidens of your bf, when he is coming the ladies no longer surrounds you that portrays his status among them, he was wearing white that means both you and he have a place among these faction of group of people in heaven, the reason he came was because you felt uncomfortable and he came to your rescue, you utter his name which means you praised him for him to come to you. Wake up tears in your eyes...THAT'S INDEED A GOOD DREAM

This is how i have interpreted your dream but the best of the interpreter is the one GOD in heaven.


Example: What does it mean if i was in a car and collapsed on a bridge in my dream? (Muslims Only)?

I had a dream in Pakistan and i was in a car, a Pakistani was driving the car and he was driving full speed down stairs in circles in the night, then we end up driving on a bridge full speed, but i had a feeling in my dream that the bridge was going to collapse and so it did as soon as we got near the end and i thought i was dead, but then i woke up frightened , so then i went back to sleep and the dream had continued from the bridge collapsing, and so the bridge collapsed and after a few seconds i was getting out of the car and swimming away and got out of the water, but then i woke up again. i know it means something because i'm a muslim and in islam, some dreams have interpretations and meanings, so if a muslim can help me out I would be greatful! Thank you, Muslims only, and don't write anything stupid please! :)

Example: Pakistanis : Why do you have names that in india, muslims wouldnt dream of having ?

I am an indian muslim and i have lived in india for 23 years n never heard a muslim had such names, the max i heard was simran but meera, veena no way if someone named their kids that people would frown infact force till they change the name to some persian names like mehnaz or some arab/ urdu name like Omar, Nisar et al
I am not against them nor do i think these names are against islam, its a question n nothing more. I am not against hindus for i am indian and actually understand islam as a religion

Example: What do yo think my weird dream means?

In the dream i walked into the kitchen and went to the main door, then i turned around and faced the whole kitchen and saw a family member, he is a pakistani man, married to my aunt, i turned to go back into the other room and as i turned, i saw the kitchen mirror on the far wall and realised he had no reflection, so i told him to move to the middle of the room because ''i can't see your reflection'' so he did. When he was in view of the mirror, it wasn't him, it was a scary looking version of Mary Poppins, I ran into the other room and i saw him running up the garden path, we were both scared, and i don't know what it means, the no reflection part.

Example: What might be the meaning of this dream?

What might be the meaning of this dream? Scenario: I have had a reoccurring dream since childhood. I comes every so many decades. In this dream I am an older man, perhaps in his early 60s but healthy. I am at a local festival of some sort and there are lots of floats with very brightly colored flowers in a parade. I am walking along with the parade and all sorts of people men, women, teens and children all want to touch my hands and put their hands together and bow to me. I bow back. I am some type of local celebrity/hero and they are genuinely glad to see me as I am glad to see them. I have been away for a period of time. I figured out as I got older that I have something to do with religion or philosophy. Here's another kicker that I did not identify until I was an older child. I am a white American. None of these folks is white. They look Indian or Pakistani. I walk through the crowd meeting and greeting people and eventually wake up. The Sun is intensely bright. What is the meaning of this dream?

Example: Can you intrepet this dream?

Ok, so Im 26 yr old girl, I'm not married, indepedant girl living in U.S, my parents are desi & they believe in superstition and extra phenomenon stuff. There is nothing wrong w/ me, I'm not bad looking, I have medium skintone, I dress nice, make good money but I dont have a life partner, and I dont like desi men because they are so boring: they talk abt computer things, money, and just sit around dont do any chores or help w/ anything, big mama's boy. Anyway, my mom had a dream that a desi guy and his family brought a rishta (proposal) for me and they were excited and they loved me so much. Everyone was happy, and his sister in the dream said "my bro shopped for the wedding and brought you gifts for 1 lak ($100,000), and those are only the bangles, rest is yet to come". Obviously they were loaded. Anyway, my mom has high hopes for me in her dream. how do I live up to this dream of hers? can someone tell me what this dream mean? Its heartbreaking to let my mom down.

Example: Ramadan: Did Pakistanis note salient features of Budget of Pakhtoon Khwah province?

As an accountant and a columnist, I looked at the first budget presented by
Imran Khan's Tehrike Insaf in Pakhtoon Khwah province.
I noticed that an equal expenditure has been proposed as income.
A no borrowings budget was a dream for all Pakistanis! Getting rid
of interest which is a sin greater than fornication 36 times, was the
wish of everyone here.

Do you think Imran's party was denied success, because of his
hatred of interest ?

Example: Why is my name Khadija?

Asslamualaikum everyone. I was curious about my name my whole life. My parents did not name me this name. My father had a dream when I was born. He had a dream about a woman in a white hijab and white dress/abaya. My dad is pakistani. The woman said to him "Khadija to bura naa nay hai" which means "Khadija isnt a bad name?" My dad woke up and told my mom. My mom wanted to name me something different however. What does this women in my dad's dream mean? Why is the name Khadija here a part of me today? Khadija bint Khuwalid was also the Prophet (saw) wife.

Example: ... is this bad ?

is it bad to dream of a dead person telling you to come with him/her ?

Example: Wat if all pakistani starts speaking arabic?

@kareem : i am looking people view, not fighting here. i agree with alot of things u said but i dont agree that a person can get translation and know whats in quran. it should be noted that translation is done by HUMAN and depends on translator how he translate it but Quranic arabic is direct words of Allah. if someone want to udnerstand quran, he should learn arabic too. its my view.

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