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Dream About Pageant meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Would somebody tell me what my dreams last night meant?

In the first dream I could see myself from a different perspective and I was in a white room with a mirror and I was beautiful. Then when I looked in the mirror my face broke out into boils and acne and my hands started burning.
I woke up and when I fell back asleep I had a dream that I was in a beauty pageant and was getting ready for the talent segment, but I couldn't find my guitar.
Thanks in advance.

I am sorry to tell you that a white room denotes sadness.Plus to see yourself in the mirror says that you will meet many discouraging issues.When you actually saw your face in the mirror you will not be able to carry out any of your plans successfully and you will loose the esteem of friends.To dream of a bad complexion denotes disappointment and sickness.When you dream of seeing boils tells me that whatever is going to happen it will happen in the immediate future.And to believe that you entered a beauty pageant foretells that you you will be entangled in a sordid love affair that will vex you in many ways because of the selfishness of a friend.For you to forget your guitar means that all these thing will just add up and overtake you leaving you almost helpless.You can change this outcome,though,if you just go within yourself and seek the Great Spirit that will guide you out of all this self destruction.It is there right inside you and everything that exists.It is your only answer,Michael.

Example: What does mean to dream about red lipstick in a beauty pageant?

I had a dream last night that I suddenly became aware that I was participating in a beauty pageant and I was headed toward the bathroom and was thinking to myself that why would I participate in a pageant, if I probably will most likely loose. Then when I looked up into the bathroom mirror and I saw myself. I looked beautiful all dressed up and I put on strong bright red lipstick. As I walked out of the bathroom I realized that I was the one going to win the pageant and all the girls were looking up to me. But when I went back to the bathroom for the second time I saw that my lip stick was wearing off and made my lips looked chapped and I felt messy.

Example: So Ihad a dream, and Idk what it means. I had a dream that I was at a beach house and there were approx 500?

I only knew 3 ppl and one is my best friend she was in a yellow dress and I was wearing a gown a long gown idk what color and I was wearing a crown as if I were in a pageant and there were 2 other girls in front of me the 1st that went is actually an acquaintence of mine and the other girl I just dont know who it is and we were being presented I was the last one to go and I had to go down this aisle from the beach house. They called my name and I only saw my Mother, father, and Grandfather. My Grandfather seemed to be sick and I was happy yet confused. Everybody that was down there waiting were all girls I didnt know any of them. Before going down this aisle, my best friend said to me are you ready? And i said ready for what? And she didnt say anything. She looked very pretty my best friend doesnt wear makeup nor does she have a bf now but in my dream she did. So I felt likeif it was telling me my future. Wat could this dream mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

last night i dreamed i was in a beauty pageant and WON i've never had this kind of dream before what can this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream last night that I was playing like a vollyball game with a football and there were these two twins who were really good but people kept making fun of them. It was wierd because i was thinking in the dream that i was at a pageant? I do compete in scholarship pageants but dont know what that had to do with the dream? then in my dream i stood up and starting saying things like "dont make fun of them cause they're awsome. dont be mean to people who are good at things ur not..." and stuff like that. idk what it means! please help! thanks so much!

Example: Dans Dream what does it mean?

Dan had the same dream twice in 1 morning, I wake up in a warehouse or something like a store of sorts, everbody is asleep or a zombie. Those who R asleep I walk by the ones who stay asleep stay alive those that awake also turn 2 zombies. They chase him and the warehouse turns from a maze 2 a recgognizable house that never ends. I escape the house with my brother & a couple others & we go next door 2 a fishing pond they follow we get in a car & escape again. We end up in the house again & I get out & back in the car the zombies still in chase after I found a closet in one instance to hide, they still chase me. I wake up. I drive my sons school drive went home slept again. The dream continued. Every1 comes back, we revisit the house & empty cars & an abandoned building, no longer a roeconizable house, under one of the cars is a tail I pull it a crazy creature comes out we R back in car b4 we R caught I am afraid the dream will continue tonight...what do you think it means...

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was watching a younger version of me and my ex-boyfriend on a stage in a beauty-pageant type thing. I looked back and I saw my grandmother whom I haven't talked to for four years, she said, "See, even when you two were younger you were together." I also saw my ex watching and he smiled at me. The dream fast-forwards to a point where I'm on a zipper carnival ride. I looked back and saw my ex who was watching me and my fiancee on the ride.
In real life my ex and I are friends and my ex and my fiance are friends. I love my fiancee and he's my best friend, but sometimes I can't help wondering what if me and my ex never broke up...
I gave the personal information above, because maybe that'll help decode my dream.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Ok a few days ago i had a reallly weird dream. I dreamt that i was having an affair with a candidate from the same pageant i was in oh yeah and he's a guy. And my boyfriend was also in my dream, so here's how the dream goes. I was out on an outing with the guy from the pegeant, The guy hurts me violently and suddenly my bf calls up to greet me happy anniversary. Then I went out, Saw a cabinet full of colored towels and there was a waterfall behind me and i jumped. Anybody knows what this could mean?


In my dream I was a mother of three little girls, but my mother had my oldest child in beauty pageants. I didn't like that my mother put my child in those pageants, and I would cry my eyes out every time she put make-up on her while I wipe it off. Thinking about it would make me cry, and I mean bad to were I couldn't catch my breath. My mother agrees that she won't use much make-up on my child and they leave. Once they left I went up stairs to my other babies, and just held them until they fell asleep in my arms.

Now I don't have any kids, not pregnant or none of that. I felt this was a weird dream especially because of the way I reacted. What could this dream possibly mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I've been having dreams recently about being with a guy that's on my boyfriend's basketball team. There are two different ones, but before I say them, I just have to say that I do not like this guy, but he is really nice and really hot, but I don't have feelings for him at all.

Dream 1:
It started out at a basketball tournament only for a second and then it switched to being at a christmas pageant or something. My boyfriend made me sit next to these girls that really don't like me (one of which likes my boyfriend in real life). Then the guy the dreams were about (we'll call him Jim) came and talked to me for a minute and then said "This is for you!" and jumped on the stage and started singing for me. Then it suddenly switched to me being in Jim's apartment (obviously some time later) crying because I caught my boyfriend cheating on me with a girl he used to like and I was telling Jim about it. Then all of a sudden he started kissing me and then we took a shower in swimsuits together. Then later it switched to him taking me to some Christmas lights we have in town (which by the way, my boyfriend didn't want to take me to a few weeks ago even though I really wanted to) and we were alone under the huge lit up tree and he was about to kiss me when my boyfriend and the girl he cheated on me with in the dream walked up and my boyfriend got really mad at me. Then I woke up.

Dream 2:
I don't really remember the beginning, but the first part I can remember I was in the car with Jim and he was driving me to school (a school I'd never seen before) and when I got out of the car I saw hundreds and hundreds of maroon trucks all parked next to each other on the side of a hill next to an empty baseball field. Then I went inside for one class where I didn't do any of the work my teacher gave me and she was yelling the whole time. Then afterward I was trying to get out of the school building when Jim came up and said he loved me, but not in a serious way. And then I heard (but didn't see) a dog barking constantly for a few seconds before I woke up.

Can anyone help me out? These dreams have really been confusing me.

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