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Dream About Paddle meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What could my dreams mean?

For the past two nights I've had dreams about the same things, not the same dream two nights in a row but about the same stuff.
First I've dreamt about surfing both nights. Not me actually paddling out and catching waves but me with my board and one time I was in the water but just kind of floating.
Second, I've dreamt about love. Not like me in a relationship with someone or hooking up with someone or people getting married but the actual idea of love.
For some background: I learned to surf almost two years ago but I haven't actually gone in over a year. I've been meaning to go because I really love it and it just makes me feel amazing and relaxed but I'm busy with school and college applications and SATs so I really have no time. My ex boyfriend and I broke up almost a month ago on pretty bad terms and then I found out he had cheated on me. Last weekend I made the step to try and get past it, like I called him and said we should just put it in the past, I can't make him apologize, we should just be friendly again because we go to a small school, have friends in common, etc. He finally apologized when he responded but we didn't actually make any progress until two days ago when we had a friendly/civil exchange (I know we sound like two year-olds) but it made an impression on me and it made an impression on him because he told my best friend about it. I saw him last night and we smiled and waved at each other.
I think he might have been in my dreams but I'm not sure.
I've also been really sore from volleyball practice on Thursday evening (two days ago) if that might affect anything.
So what might my dreams mean?

I tend to agree with Gray Bold on the interpretation. The dream meaning is presented in symbolic form, not to be taken literally. Symbolically, floating in an ocean (emotion) of love is beautiful.

Psychic contact and telepathy occurs when both parties are on the same wave length and simultaneously thinking of each other. So, yes, it is possible that you and your boyfriend psychically connected during the night (if you were on his mind and he was on yours), even though you both were sleeping.

If you strongly felt his presence, as though he were in your dreams, then you two made contact on the astral plain.

We drift through different brain waves during the night in 90 minutes cycles and potentially a person can dream (theta brain waves) in every cycle. Dreams make it easier to launch us into the astral, if we so desire, however, one can go to the astral plain during a meditative state of mind, as well.

When interpreting dreams, keep it as simple as possible. The subconscious communicates with images, in dreams, in order to bring unresolved issues to our attention. We think consciously in words so the meaning of a dream tends to elude us because we are thinking in conscious language.

Just try to intuitively interpret dreams, tune into and feel for the meaning, otherwise, the meaning gets lost. Don't over think it.

I like your attitude toward you potential partner. No, we can't make a person do something unless they've a mind too.

You have a good outlook on love. You are ready, but you just need to be picky and choosy to find the right person. He seems a poor choice since he cheats. That's his cross. He has to grow out of that attitude. It may never happen. You may need to forgive and just move on.

Take a look at life in general. Many young girls or young women are full of life with lots of energy and spicy personalities; but 8 years later they are dragging themselves around, totally exhausted because they didn't insist, from the beginning,that their partner help with all the chores. Their hair is lack-luster, they've got fat asses and a couple of kids.

LIfe is options. Good decisions result in more options. Poor decisions tend to limit options.

You are somewhat vulnerable right now. Your life is in transition because you are looking at college. Concentrate on your life plan. Focus on your future. You are moving into another intellectual growth spurt. You may out distance yourself from him simply because you are growth oriented.

He cheats, so he is not growth oriented.

Stay away from non-growth oriented people.

I hope this helps.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream last night that I was in a glass house on a peninsula over looking the ocean. During the day I was in school with people I didn't know and then I realized one of my good friends was there. During school we watched some sort of movie until someone noticed there were dolphins jumping and playing by the rocks in the water and everyone rushed over to see them playing. Then the sun started setting and we saw three black horses swimming trying to get away from a really old fashioni ship that had soldiers on it with metal hats, chest guards, and guns. They were shooting at the horses as they were swimming towards us. Some of the gun shots started hitting the glass hiting things inside but the Windows never shattered. One of the bullets grazed my scalp but I didn't bleed. Everyone dropped down and was screaming but we couldn't get out of the house. The door was on the side they were shooting at. Then the night fell and the moon was beautifully bright. The soldiers got on a paddle boat and came in the house. None of the soldiers had weapons at this point except the leader but everyone started fighting. The leader was this really tall huge dude! I tied to slice his arm off so he wouldn't shoot me because everyone was knocked out except me and my friend and a hand full of class mates. They watched me slice away but it would barely cut him. (It was almost like a razor cut.) He then grabbed the knife from me and cut me several times in my legs, arms, and ribs but he sliced me, no stabs. I got soo scared then I grabbed the butcher knife ran away hid it and ran out. I jumped in the water. Swam some distance and hid behind some rocks to see if he would find me. He sent his army out to catch me so I turned around thinking I was going to die now and one of the dolphins appeared and I grabbed on to his back and we swam away. I knew I would be safe and he was going to swim me to safety. He swam above the water so I could breath. I then passed out from the pain.

Example: What does this dream mean ?

i dreamed that i was on my usual hangout with my friends,and my dad called me to go to a lake.It had a bridge upper from the lake.The lake was really big and it was green.My family and i were swimming in the lake and there were all kinds of water slides.My sister was scared and she is older but we teased her and she jumped in after 30 minutes of swimming a fish almost like a pirana..bigger than a pirana,smaller than a shark.bit her by the leg and she lost her leg,we put her on a little boat and we tried to paddle away.the fish jumped over the boat and hit a mine!my dad threw me of of the boat and said swim to the shore,i asked why and he yelled:Just hurry! we love you.i i swam as fast as i can and i made it while i was swimming a mine blew and my family died.and the next morning on my hangout they said all of your family was dead and then i woke up crying!

Example: What does my dream mean?

i dreamed that i was in a real big sea (or ocean) and i was paddling on my way to shore...which was no where in sight...and then there were like two undertows that pulled me down pretty deep but i always managed to get back to the surface.

i really dont know what my dream means

any ideas?

thanks :))

Example: Dream problem whats it mean?

i asked the girl i like to take a walk with me near the creak and she says yes and i tell her i like her and i trip and fall backwards and she turns around and falls on me and she said it was okay if i liked her and then i said we should really get up and her fingers cruel in to mine and we kiss and get up and hang out on a baseball field were no ones playing and just be big kids and fall in love with each other and then i woke up what does it mean i have had this dream ever since i meet her and i am suppose to meet her this weekend at a ball park

Example: (Dream Meaning) Trying to save someone from dying?

I have this person I'm deeply in love with. I have been for almost a decade. This is the first time I've dreambt of struggling to try to save them. First, trying to save her from being cremated alive. I succeeded.
Then saving her from a death-poison. I have her a makeshift antidote then called an ambulance. An angel shocked her with paddles in the ambulance. But suddenly, on the way, I was also trying to get her away from a haunted house. I didn't want her to die on the property then be stuck there. An angel came and said she had to be in the house to be saved and stay alive, that by taking her away I was actually killing her. I told him he was lying. Then she woke me up.

Is something wrong with me?
What's happening?
What do you think this dream means?

Example: Meaning Behind a Shark Attack Dream?!?

Hey everyone,

I've been having what I would consider to be odd dreams as of late. I feel as though dreams have deeper meaning, but a specific dream I had last night about a shark has left me a bit puzzled, and I was hoping to hear some suggestions on what it could mean.

The dream started out with me and another man (whom I did not know) leaving a large ship on a small wooden boat and rowing towards a rocky coast that had a small water inlet. Suddenly the boat exploded upwards violently, throwing me and my companion into the water. We swam towards the wreckage, but a incredibly angry looking great white caught up with him and literally bit him in half. I was able to climb aboard the wreckage and started paddling towards shore with an oar I picked up.

The shark then exploded out of the water towards me but missed. It looked incredibly enraged and then lunged towards me. I fought it off with the oar, and then it attacked again. Yet again I fought it off, but I could feel the fear and horror of the moment. I finally made my way to the rocky inlet on the coast, and ended up shaking profusely once out of the water.

I've thrown a lot out there, and i've read some various shark symbology articles, but I still am having trouble wrapping my head around the dream. Any ideas or interpretations you can think of are greatly appreciated.

Example: What does swimming backwards in my dream mean?

I had a bizarre dream last night. It's very detailed and there are some patches that have already faded but I will stick to the main part.

I jumped into the ocean to escape a gasoline leak that was seeping into the ocean. I knew I had to keep swimming to get away from it and I knew that at some point someone would pick me up. After I got far enough out away from the gasoline, I started floating on my back and paddling my way backwards. I was confident that someone was looking for me and would get me. I was, though, afraid because it was dark and I knew that I would have to continue to paddle backwards on my back during the night hours in the middle of an ocean and I thought I might fall asleep.

Any Jungians out there with insight into what my psyche is trying to tell me?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I have this recurring dream where I'm with someone (always someone different, sometimes a friend, sometimes a stranger, boy or girl) and we're canoeing down a river (always a different river) and we come to a point where we have to get out of the water or turn a different direction or something to avoid rapids. We always try to get away from the rapids, but always screw up and head straight down the rapids. We always lose our paddles and head down without being able to do anything, we always make it down the rapids safely too. In the summer I go to a canoeing camp where we go on trips and travel down rapids all the time, but I've never gone down one accidentally. On my trips in the summer I am almost always in the front of the canoe, same with in my dreams. I get these dreams all the time, so I guess they're recurring. I get them in all different seasons though, just whenever, so specific time, not when I'm thinking about camp or anything. They just pop up. What do these dreams mean? Accidentally going down rapids. Thank you!

Example: What does my dream mean?

i had a dream last night that the guy that i really like and possibly love (and he likes me back,but hasnt asked me out yet) ... well were in his car first and it was sunny out, the car was driving smoothly and we were talking and he said i have a suprise for you..

anyways then he took me on a date were the two of us were paddling a canoe and talking and smiling and the water was calm and it was wonderful... i woke up with a wonderful pleasant feeling

what does this mean

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