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Dream About Pacify meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do dead rabbits mean in dreams?

I am walking with my one year old daughter and I am barefoot... I end up in a vaccant lot full of trash which I have trouble walking through since I was barefoot. Even though there is alot of thing on the floor I notice the dead rabbits the most... What can this mean?

I started walking in the first place because I was looking for my daughters pacifier...

RABBITS are an ancient fertility symbol. This creature had been chosen to represent fertility simply because it breeds prolifically. You may have wondered why Easter Bunny brings eggs? Because eggs are a fertility symbol. Fertility was the main concern of our forbears (!) since without it both nature and mankind would perish. All the fertility rites were aiming at procreation and a plentiful harvest.

So what do you think a dead rabbit might mean? Well, let me first say that dreams play a game of ASSOCIATION. So look at the setting of your dreams and all the items you, the dreamer, is associated with.

The first association is the BABY DAUGHTER and her pacifier. These two are reminding you of childbearing, of procreation, of fertility and indeed all that goes with it including pacifying.

Second comes being BAREFOOT. No matter what else FEET may mean, they are a very sexy item on the body and in your case suggest 'walking' about unprotected where you usually would be solidly shielded.

Thirdly comes the TRASH of the vacant lot. You have trouble crossing this vacant lot. Among this trash is a DEAD RABBIT. In short it is the end of the fertile period and all the trash is the broken up ovum and what else goes with it. ‘Vacant’ in this connection suggests vacating, even vacuuming, emptying, clearing. I am sure you will now know the full context of your dream.

Example: In a dream I was flying with wings they suddenly disappeared and only the frame remained of them. Meaning what?

Whats the meaning of this dream I can't seem to figure it out Also I was flying higher and higher when my wings transformed into just the frame of them and I started to fall and when I was near the ground they worked for a second and I landed decently

Example: Dream about people wearing gas masks?

I had a dream last night that creeped me out. I had woken up (in the dream) and went to my window and saw outside that people were all wearing gas masks, just random people outside, walking around going to work, doing there own things. I went to the tv and it was a new thing they were starting where everyone had to wear them. I was talking to someone(idk who) and was asking them questions like; "Will this go on forever"? the person said "No" I started telling them; "I had dreams like this when I was little, they creeped me out." Then I was going to cry but I woke up before I cried.

I really did have dreams like this when I was little and they did creep me out. They remind me of the world ending or something. I looked everywhere I don't know what a dream about gas masks means, do you?

Example: Why do you think we dream about being with others?

Do you think that we want to be with them in real life and our dreams are just a way for our minds to pacify that wanting? Or do you think it means something more than that. I had a dream about this girl i used to know she got into an arguement with me and she startied walking away. i chased after her trying to make up and apologize but she would not stop walking... When i woke up I felt like I wanted to cry but why? I had a crush on this chick like 2 years ago and we used to hang out a lot and make out at work and stuff but never went any farther. She married her then time BF and I married my GF but when ever we see each other we get all weird and excited like highschool kids. Do these dreams mean anything ?

Example: What does "LULLABY" Mean?

on beyonce's new song sweet dreams.

Example: Wat does pacify means ?

for example they try to pacify their partners in order to reach an understanding

Example: Dream meaning help...?

ok my friend (who is a girl) had a dream that i was on a stage with a hot girl that looked like kim karashanh doing stuff (yay!) and then she had another dream that i was looking at a girl from her soccer team.. btw ima boy

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt this just last night and it was pretty vivid. I had just stopped into a Mcdonalds to get something to drink. Once i got up to the counter, the girl asked me if i wanted to buy a meal. I replied no. She kept pushing the meal as if i wanted its plastic toy. Again i said no and proceeded to fill up my drink. Finally she approached me and said that if i donate a dollar to the children's fund, i get the toy free. I finally agreed to pacify her, and went back to the counter to fill out the small paperwork thingy. By the time i finished i went to retrieve my drink at the soda island to find a large line forming behind me. I left the building and as i started to suck on the straw, nothing would come up. As if there was a hole in it. I felt like this had some deep meaning especially with the whole cant drink thing and would be very curious as to what it means. Thanks

Example: What does it mean if I keep having dreams about this girl I really like?

I keep having dreams about this girl I go to school with and I really like. IU've had about three or four already, that I can remember, and they don't happen back to back either. Just last night I had a dream about her and the part I remember the best is when my dad's girlfriend told me that she was leaving so I went running after her and when I caught up to her she was crying and wanted me to get away for her. I kpet trying to pacify her and it started to work, she started to calm down and we began to talk...

Were friends in real life, but I'm not sure how she feels about me, I kind of get the feeling that she just sees me as a friend :(. Most of her friends are guys and I just don't know what to think, I think shes kind of has an idea of how I feel about her, though I've never told her...

I just can't get her out of my head, I'm falling pretty hard for her, I was just wondering if these dreams have any meaning to them...

Also is it true that when you dream about someone, that they dream about you?

Example: Does this dream about my deceased mother have any meaning?

had a dream the other night about my mother who is deceased and the woman I love who I lost. The two of them were spending time together in a school. The dream was for two days...The first day I was hugging the woman I love so tightly with my mom looking on. They were both wearing white. The second day of the dream my mom wasn't there but i went back to the school looking for the woman I love and was told she wasn't there that day. I asked where she was and was told she was in court with her ex-boyfriend. The dream felt like it was so real that I could have touched and kissed my mom. I am asking this question because the woman that I love was always very interested in learning about my mother. I haven't seen her in a year but there have been some crazy things happening in my life that seem to be drawing the two of us together. I had the same dream last night but this time we were in a school and then a hospital but my mom wasn't with us. I have never tried to read into a dream before but I am curious about this one. Thanks

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