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Dream About Pacifier meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do dead rabbits mean in dreams?

I am walking with my one year old daughter and I am barefoot... I end up in a vaccant lot full of trash which I have trouble walking through since I was barefoot. Even though there is alot of thing on the floor I notice the dead rabbits the most... What can this mean?

I started walking in the first place because I was looking for my daughters pacifier...

RABBITS are an ancient fertility symbol. This creature had been chosen to represent fertility simply because it breeds prolifically. You may have wondered why Easter Bunny brings eggs? Because eggs are a fertility symbol. Fertility was the main concern of our forbears (!) since without it both nature and mankind would perish. All the fertility rites were aiming at procreation and a plentiful harvest.

So what do you think a dead rabbit might mean? Well, let me first say that dreams play a game of ASSOCIATION. So look at the setting of your dreams and all the items you, the dreamer, is associated with.

The first association is the BABY DAUGHTER and her pacifier. These two are reminding you of childbearing, of procreation, of fertility and indeed all that goes with it including pacifying.

Second comes being BAREFOOT. No matter what else FEET may mean, they are a very sexy item on the body and in your case suggest 'walking' about unprotected where you usually would be solidly shielded.

Thirdly comes the TRASH of the vacant lot. You have trouble crossing this vacant lot. Among this trash is a DEAD RABBIT. In short it is the end of the fertile period and all the trash is the broken up ovum and what else goes with it. ‘Vacant’ in this connection suggests vacating, even vacuuming, emptying, clearing. I am sure you will now know the full context of your dream.

Example: Soaked in vomit dream meaning?

a few days ago i dreamt waves of vomit washed through the room like it filled the room and everything including me ( my dress, my hair) was completely soaked in it. ( then i looked at rows of cooked pacifiers inside the microwave) .. then last night i dreamt tht i got into the backseat of a car then the driver got into the backseat as well and we cudnt stop the car cause we were on a walled-in road about to head into atunnel. the driver had to reach over the seat to drive which was difficult and we cud barely keep from bumping into the car infront of us. We were so close to it I couldn't see beyond it. We finally stopped at a toll booth and we get out and the girl vomits all over everything, particularly all over me and into my mouth. I try to spit some out and go look for my purse.
Both times I am aware that I'm very aware that i am soaked in vomit but don't care too much.

Example: I need my dream interpreted pleaseee?

I had a dream last night i had my son and i was holding 3 dummies (pacifiers in us lol) 1 of the dummies was purple the other blue and i think the third was dark pink like a fuschia colour. I was trying to give my son a dummy but he didnt want one so i was kind of like holding them on my fingers smiling. what does it mean? do numbers and colours come into this?

Example: Dream of caring for a baby. whats the meaning?

Last night i had this dream; i was in a vehicle with some family members, i had a boy infant in a carseat with a pacifier, just looking at me. I picked him up started feeding him with a bottle, burped him, put him back in the carseat && started changing his pamper. Ive never had baby dreams. So i was just curious as to what meanings this dream may have. Please dont answer back with; it dont mean nothing or dreams are just dreams.

Example: What does a dream about an adult using a pacifier mean?

I dreamed that this guy who i've been seeing and who i really have feelings for picked me up for a date and had a pacifier in his mouth. He was dressed really nice. Like a dressy casual type look, slacks, a tie...but he had this pacifier in his mouth like it was normal. In my dream i recognized that it was silly for him to have a pacifier but i never asked him why he had it...i just ignored it...

Example: What does this dream mean?

I don't remember anything really but I remember there were a lot of pacifiers and two ghost mothers. I'm 17, no fetish or anything. I live next door a cemetery, I don't really believe in ghost or anything but is my mind maybe playing tricks on me, what could this dream mean?

Example: Meaning behind dream-catcher colors, feathers and beads?

So I'm looking to get a tattoo of a dream-catcher, I already have an artist waiting to draw it out I just need to give him a few more details about it.
I was hoping someone would know that meaning behind the different colors in dream-catchers as well as the meaning of the amount of beads in the webbing, the amount of feathers on hanging from the dream-catcher and finally the meaning behind the type of feather. If someone could help me out with that it would be amazing!
Thank you!

Example: What does this dream mean?

i had a dream that i got a package filled with baby stuff, like little booties, and a baby blanket, and a bib, and pacifier and things like that. Then this young couple showed up and said it was theres and then they took it. Im 16 so i like dont have a kid or anything, and im deffinatly not pregnant. What would this represent?

Example: What does it mean you dreamed you were a baby?

i dreamed i was wlaking down the hall in a diaper and a nock was at the door and it was a babysitter i was sucking on pacifier and i wet my diaper so what does it mean?

Example: Pregnant, Weird dream..is it a sign?

Ok, I had a dream last night,I'm 18 weeks pregnant & i know it sounds stupid but just wondering if maybe it means I shouldn't do something. In the dream I was just walking around everywhere picking up pascifiers and putting them in my purse? Thats what I was doing the whole dream, do you think it was a sign not to give the baby passys and keep him/ her away from them becasue they will constantly need them if we give them to her/ him? Just wondering, maybe it means something? Just wanting opinion from my dream interpreters :) THANK YOU

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