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Dream About Over Alls meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What could all these bad dreams mean?

I have been having these Vivid bad dreams for a little over a week now, every night its a different dream, but they're always bad or scary dreams and they're so vivid they almost seem real. In all of my dreams Iam always trying to save my own life or defend myself from someone or something trying to hurt me. One morning I woke up at 6 to take a shower and I just couldnt understand why my legs hurt so bad. So I looked at them before I got in the shower and there where black bruises along the inside of my knee and calf. There are bruises around both my ankles, wierd bruises like they look like two perfect lines that go around my ankles..At first I thought maybe I slept walk, which i have never done in my life. My room mate said that she hears stuff at night, but only when shes by herself though and she sleeps upstairs ( i sleep downstairs) She told me last night is sounded like some one was breathing in her ear & then the dog outside started barking. Now I usually go for the whole supernatural thing, but at the moment I am staying pretty open minded. Anyone have any idea what my dreams could mean or anything?

although i'm usually the person to believe that any noise, bump, or bang is a spirit, im thinking this is all in your head. if there's been a lot of stress in your life, then it may cause nightmares.
when having nightmares, your body may react physically by your banging your legs around and on things. since they're so vivid, this is probably how your legs are all bruised up.
the more paranoid, the more things stand out to you. simply put things with explanations aside, and only focus on things that do not have ANY explanation.
dog barking-noises by your neighbors or something outside.
bruises- people tend to move a lot in their sleep anyways
whispering- when people aren't fully asleep they tend to hallucinate. i hallucinate every single night. even if your roomate doesn't have the tendency to hallucinate, it can come out of nowhere. i never in my life hallucinated until last year. it came out of nowhere for me. i've hallucinated every night ever since.

also, eating candy and sweets cause bad dreams also. so i'd lay off the junk food for desert for a little while.

Example: What does it mean to dream ants all over you?

I had a dream that there were ants all over me and I couldnt get them off. I cant seem to find the meaning online so I could hope someone could help me. Also any good dream interpretation sites I can use?

Example: What does this dream all mean?

The most vivid thing I remember were the explosions, because they were the last and brightest things I saw. There were about five of them and they started coming one by one, around me, in this massive hysteria, as if they were trying to target in on me. One was awfully close and I started running in the opposite direction. They were getting SO close but but by the time I woke up they hadn't touched me yet.

OK, so...starting at the beginning. I don't remember much, I was at a flea market for anything science-fiction (don't ask) just that I kept seeing this friendly woman with a pink baseball cap. I had this thought that I could trust her because I had come to her with different ailments (the only one I remember was I couldn't see.) and each time she offered me advice that helped. When I couldn't see, my right eye was all the way shut and my left eye was beginning to close. People kept telling me to put water on it, so I put water on it and nothing happened. I began searching out for help, tapping things like I was blind. The woman with the pink cap told me to put juice on it, so I did. The weirdest part of the dream was when I saw SARAH PALIN (?) come and tell me that wasn't the right way to treat it...but I was finally beginning to open my eye.

Then I went outside with the woman in the pink cap. We looked to the horizon, where there was a stack of...something (beer cans, it looked like...I'm not sure). But then, all of a sudden, there was this HUGE brilliant orange and red explosion. Strangely enough, it wasn't big enough to reach us. The woman with the pink cap took my hand and we started to run when there was another explosion. So we turned and ran, turned and ran, each time getting met by screaming people and more explosions that could possibly reach us and kill us, but didn't yet. It was a frightening dream; but I wasn't scared. That's the thing. When I have dreams like that I'm scared out of my mind. But in this one I was more disturbed by the whole thing. I this sense of hope (the word 'survivor' flashed through my head) that we'd get out of it alive. But when I woke up we were turning; we faced a brick wall, turned to the right, saw the horizon, which had another explosion, and kept running in what seemed like circles.

What does all of this mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of all your fears?

I had a dream with ALL of my fears: others who I don't trust, love, my dead mother watching my sins, the failure to make it to heaven.

Example: All answers welcome! What does my dream mean?

I htought it was a little weird, but today I dreamed where I was walking with big pieces of bread/ bagel in my hans and I kept dropping it... what could this mean am I streesed and need to slow down, that I can't habdle things..I mean it's the summer and I dont have anything due... maybe Im running a fever?

Thank You

Example: Do all dreams mean something?

do they all mean something even if it is of little significance?

does anybody record their dreams in a journal or something?

Example: Do ALL dreams have a meaning?

Sometimes I have pretty basic, random dreams. Sometimes I have dreams that I remember forever! Why do we dream, how do we dream, and do they all have a meaning to them?

Example: Do you think that all dreams have a meaning?

I have always been one that never dreams. If I did, I don't remember, I've always been this way. A few years ago, I went through some experiences. I believe they triggered my faith in God, (or lack of at the time) and ever since, I must have opened up my subconscious or something? (at least this is what I think) Now, I have dreams all the time, and I can actually remember most of them.

My question is, sometimes I wonder how or where I can find interpretation for some of them? Some I think are just silly or crazy, with no meaning, others I believe have some type of meaning.

Any ideas?

Example: What could all these dreams mean?

Hello and thank you for taking time to read this. I'm normally not much of a dreamer but lately it's been non stop. Within the past 2 weeks I've had 3 nights worth of dreams that I've remembered. Please help determine what these mean.

1. The first dream I had was at school and involved my friend Robby. This one was weird because it was the first time in a while I had had a dream I remembered. I had turned around in the cafeteria to look out the window and then when I looked back at the table he was sitting in front of me and his friend Jordan diagonally from me. I don't think we talked at all but I know it was just is 3 at a table of 4. Then it to dark and there was supposedly a shooting in the cafeteria. I also remember this girl named Savannah getting shot, but she was the only one killed. It was dark in the cafeteria at the time of the shooting. As nerdy as this sounds, I also remember a huge bolt of blue force lightning. The dream ended and I awoke.

Example: What could all these dreams mean?

About four years ago, I met this girl at work and we hit it off and we've had this unofficial on-and-off thing going and about a year and a half ago, we really got into it with each other for personal reasons and I thought at that point, we were out of each other's lives for good. Then a few months ago, we got back in touch and she gave me her number, although we're not together.

Anyway, I always have these dreams about her. And they're not always just some random dream where we hung out or anything. They always feel like they have a deep meaning to them. For one, I dreamed I was walking alone in this huge field under the moonlight that had just a single narrow dirt path and I came across this short picket fence and she was standing there. When I saw her, I really wanted to tell her alot of things and just hold her and whatnot but she wasn't saying anything to me and I felt a sense of both anger and sadness and so without saying anything, I simply continued walking the dirt path and she turned and walked off in the opposite direction.

I don't want to post an entire book here, so if you would like to hear more of the dreams, you can email me, but the point is I keep having these deep dreams about her that more often than not have a very negative feeling to them. Is it just my mind at work, normally dreaming, or could there be some deeper meaning behind it?

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