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Dream About Outer Space meanings

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Example: Wha does it mean to dream about aliens?

I keep having dreams of aliens, robots, spaceships & outer space. Why?

Normally dreaming of spaceships mean you are imaginative and suggests that you should partake on a mission of inner discovery and comprehension. Or on the other side, it could be saying you should change your outlook on a current situation in your life. Good lucckk! :)

Example: What does my dream about tying balloons down, in outer space mean ?

I'm scrambling to keep the very colourful balloons from flying away.

Example: What can dreaming of being on a rocket ship going outer space mean?

Ive had a lot on my mind lately. career changes, etc. I dreamt the other night I was on a rocket literally and went into outerspace. I ended up on pluto. weird but please help.

thanks in advance

Example: Meaning of dreaming about space?

I cant find a meaning anywhere. I dreamed I went into space up to moon. I was standing on the moon looking out at all the stars i say the earth and i was amazed God created all this. What could this mean. I also brought back a moon rock with a little worm inside and made out with the sciencetist. Go figure that part.

Example: What does this confusing dream mean?

I had a strange dream last night and it's been on my mind all day and i'm wondering if it has any specific meaning? I know it's weird and makes no sense what so ever but i'll try to explain what happend in it.. My family and i lived in space (Somehow lmfao) and there was also a couple other people who did too, there was about three neighborhoods there. I met a boy about the same age as me but maybe a bit older and we became good friends. Everyday he took me to different countries and we explored and just hung out together usually we hung out in real old cinemas or libraries. We did this traveling nonstop, at night we would fly back to space and go to sleep then in the morning we flew back down to earth to a different country. At a certaint point i started feeling really fatigued and exhausted and didn't feel like traveling in and out of the earth anymore so i told him that but he demanded that i keep traveling with him and things started to tighten up between us and he got really abusive. The dream sorta blanked out a long while after that had all happend. Then shortly before i woke up i dreamt that we were in a huge windy flower field and we ended up falling in love.. it felt real. I couldn't really comprehend what he looked liked or if it was somebody i knew in real life so i'm confused.. do you think this dream has any specific meaning? or is it just another one of those confusing tasteless dreams?

Example: What do dreams of frequent flight mean?

For the last 6 mos or so I have been having recurring dreams of flight. Just to give some details, usually I am able to fry fly, no wings, at will and as high as I want even to where the atmosphere meets space, although have never dreamt of flying in or thu outer space. Some times its easy and I can fly fast and move uninhibited but also, at times its difficult, or I fly too slow. there are time where I am aware I'm dreaming and know I am able to fly so it makes the dream all the more real. I've always though it would be cool to fly like that, but maybe has a deeper meaning? Thank you!

Example: What does my dream mean?

just a few days before my father died in 2002 I had a dream of the guy who touched the asteroid from outer-space and got over taken by the green grass stuff and shot himself in the end from the movie the creep show by Stephen King but a few days after my dad passed away i had the same dream sep this time someone got in and was able to remove the man from the green the was over taking him and the house. he was saved. i wanna know what this could mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I have the same exact dream everyday, in my dream most of the time I am always looking for a bathroom and when I find it, the stalls sometimes do not have doors. Or the bathroom is abnormally small. The toilet is always overflowing with excrement and blood ( maybe, period?) Sometimes when I'm looking for the bathroom the door to the bathroom is too small and I am to big to get in. In every single dream that I can remember I am always in the bathroom. I want to know the meaning!

Example: What does a dream of outer space mean?

I was literally flying in space like superman. It was the most overwhelming dream I have ever had. Its was incredible. I wasnt alone either. I was with other people. Flying around looking at stars. At one point I thought I saw like a mother ship. No aliens or anything crazy, just loafing around in space! What could this mean.

Example: What does it mean if I have a dream in green camo colored outer space with...?

Green transformer boxes floating randomly along with those hammers you see in the Mario games and random faces zooming in and out randomly?

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