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Dream About Out Of Body Experience meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream of large bodies of water?

i have dreamed of water two nights in a row and i have a feeling it means something.the first dream was me getting in the car but was stopped by this huge body of water and i just sat and looked at it.the second dream was more like a calm but huge flood.no rain,no violent rushes of water.the water just calmly rose and i was in the car with someone and it just moved us out of the way and we just stared at it.it stretched for miles and miles but it was beautiful though...can someone help me if possible! thanx

Dreams mean different things to different people. Do you like near to a large body of water? Have you been planning a vacation to some tropical paradise? Do you have fond memories of being by the sea, or a lake?
Do you live in a low-lying area that is prone to flooding? Have you been worrying about floods?
You need to ask yourself all these kinds of questions. Your brain processes your daily thoughts and experiences, and uploads them to a different part of your brain while you sleep, and this is experienced as dreaming.

In the dream, you were not afraid. So don't be afraid.

If I was to try to interpret your dream, I would say: "There are things you do not have the power to change. Accept this, and look to the new horizon to find your path. Do not fear the change, for it brings opportunity. Change will take you along with it whether you fear it or embrace it. But remember, you are not alone."


Example: What does my dream mean? had any body experienced such a dream?

My dream was as follows:

I watched a movie and came out of the theater; all of a sudden I remember that my jacket is inside the theater. I get permission and go inside the theater. Once I close the door, I could hear the sound of a falling coin, When I illuminate the area (source unknown), I find few coins (2 Euros, 50 cents and 5 cents coins (could be 2 or 1 cent coin as well)... I pick up the 2 euros and the 50 cents only leaving the 5 cents...

As I turn around and start climbing the stairs, I find the stairs fully filled with coins, I choose and pick the coins as I move up. The coins I found are all not Euros. I find coins from thru' out the world. (I remember the name of the countries written in the coins ex. Australia, China..). I remember few coins are huge (as big as my palm), most of the coins I picked are shiny (don’t remember if it’s gold or silver).

As I continue picking the coins and moving upwards, I had reached the end, which is the projector room. Here I get scared and return back. While returning, I think I will pick up some coins, but another thought was, I have more then enough for now... So, I will not pick any more coins.

On my way back I find a conference room with chairs and tables made of Bamboo arranged in a circular way. The room is well illuminated, giving a clear view of what is inside. There is no body inside.

Just about exiting the building, I realized I haven't picked up my Jacket.

What did my dream want to convey me?

Example: What does this dream mean or is it out of body experience?

This dream doesnt happen that much. And its know big deal I was just curious. But id fall asleep and dream that id just woken up in my bed the room is dark and i can still hear the tv i left on. the dream has a bad feeling to it. so itry to get up but i move extremely slow. i only get half way up before i sorta panick and shake myself awake. this happens everytime i have the dream. and if i fall asleep in the living room the dream will be the same except in the dream im also in the living room.

is this out of body experience or something else?

Example: In my recurring dream burning bodies are falling all around me. what could this mean?

Example: What does my Dream or out of the body experience mean?

A number of years ago I had a Gall blader to erupt and set up Gane Green. One night while I was in the hosptal I Thought I was with Jesus and went to this city where everything was so peaceful and beautiful. I saw my Mother who had been dead for years and called out to her., My wife hearde me call her name and It scared her. When I came back I asked my wife if anyone had been in the room she said yes the nurse had came in checked me and ran out to get hte doctor, THE doctor did something to me and I returned to my BodyWhat does this mean to me?

Example: Out-of-Body experience? Dream meaning?

My gf who iv being goin out with for 2 weeks told me that, she kept getting up and stepping out of bed and getting back in many times. Then she said she was standing by the bed watching herself sleeping for awhile a couple of times and said she thinks she may have been crying one of the times. It was dark in the room and she said it was frightening and mainly just really weird. Although after watching herself sleeping she was then back in bed and seeing me where she thought she was watching herself sleeping. When she tried to talk to me I would dissappear, she said that i would keep being in parts of them room (in her bed, sitting in a chair, standing etc.) and whenever she would try and talk to me I would dissappear. She said she was very scared and didnt like it all, though i thought it sounded amazing, any thoughts as to what it was?

Example: Out of body experience/lucid dream?

I would really appreciate some tips to enduce an out of body experience or lucid dream. thankyou any help is appreciated.

Example: What does this Out of Body Experience mean?

Really it felt like a dream. But I know it was more than that.

I saw myself asleep in bed next to my sleeping husband. The room looked just as it always does in real life.

But I appeared to be in the room but in 2 places, ! was up at the ceiling looking down at myself laying (appeared to be aslepp) on the bed on my back, my legs were straight and my arms straight down next to my sides. I never sleep that way, I am normally on my side or sprawled out across the bed.

On one side was my husband, sleeping how he always does, but on the other side of me was this creature. Really large head and skinny body. Big eyes, but I could only see the profile.

When I saw this creature, I freaked out and next thing I remember is me suddenly waking up. I sat up straight in bed trying to catch my breath. Then I heard this strange voice drawl out my name. It only said it once. I'd never heard a voice like this before.

Now I am scared to go to sleep.

Was I almost dying...? I saw it all clear as day from the ceiling... but I was still in bed at the same time?

Someone please help with some advice. Thanks

Example: Meaning of an out of body experience.?

Meaning behind Outer body experience?
Hi, i'm 16 and recently about a month ago I had Sleep paralysis the first time I woke up, Then I got out of it and got it again, Then i rested my eyes and guess had a outer-body experience. I was conscious the whole time during it, I "dream" that I got up but when I was up I was floating over the room, then two entities were talking to me one in the form of an owl I think its blurry ( I have a picture of a horned owl in my room), And my dog Rex I guess and they were warning me about something. Then I looked bad at my bed and right beside my bed I saw a women about my age sitting in a fetal possession or kinda like a gargoyle, She had dark hair and kinda pretty she was only a foot away from where I was sleeping. I did not look at my self sleeping at all in this "dream" state. What i wanna know is what that women was doing in the room, which i have came to think is a succubus and the whole meaning of the experience.

Example: Out of body experience or lucid dreaming?

Today i experienced something weird I DON'T know if its an actual OBE it was real odd, but cool. I felt like my body was paralyzed and I could not move or scream or open my eyes. I was able to think in my head if that makes sence, then all of a sudden I felt like a huge weight was lifted off of me, and I was able to move again and I got up to go to the bathroom as I usally do when i wake up, but it was weird because It wasn't in my actually body. I saw my room exactly how it was but i saw a weird object in the closet and it scared me a little, then all of a sudden I herd a womans voice calling me, It kind of sounded like my deceased sisters which was kind of weird, I panicked and woke up. I have experience this before but didn't scare me until today because the voice I herd calling me. Was this an OBE, dream, or what? And why did I hear a voice calling me?

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