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Dream About Other Time Options meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: My dreams what could they mean by your options?

Interest horror story
it started out in a house in the dark downstairs near the stairs in front of the main entrance. with a different family and house. she noticed her son was jest standing there staring at her near the stairs. she said son what are you doing. and he was still standing there doing nothing. then she gets ruff with him. and her son says. what am i doing down here. then he walks off with a poncho or a clear rain coat. and she says im starting to see things. all the sudden it starts getting windy inside. and a spirit breaks the front door down.
The escalators & trams shortcut.
Lot of Sub details
It started out with my mom asking a store were the zoo at. And that store looked like it was a travel store. We went through the back door and there was a other travel store there. My mother asked were the zoo was in that store this time. And they recommended a shortcut instead of actually jest going to the zoo. the short cut was right next to the travel store. all around it was grass. it was a escalator going upward. that charged $1 to enter. When we got to the top of the escalator was (O) and there was 10 escalators. we went down one of them and found the zoo. it only had 4 animals. to me they looked like robotic. one of them we mostly looked at was giraffe and a hedgehog. one thing i noticed there was no fence around them. we went back up the escalator. and instead of going on a tram we wait until the tram leaves then we walk on its white tracks. all the sudden the tracks fall down except underneath us and the tram.
then next part shows we are on the cargo tram. and my mom had a whole list ordering stuff right in the transportation tram instead of the store.
i wish this wasn’t home
weird futuristic religious massacre 11PM-10:23AM
we chose to buy a house from a old Nutty man who had a weird religion. and that weird religion was to pray with there knees in a hole from a wooden box. and when we bought the house we only stayed in 1 room that was round. and there was a staircase in the middle. i was trying to go up the staircase but my sister was pulling me back. then i go crazy and grab surgery sizes and grind it in the wall and noticed it was made of foam. then i cut my sister knee with it. the 2nd floor was understruction and had planks hanging out. next part i put some hot sauce on the 2nd floor Edge and my sister drunk it and got sick.
-action--> it started out with 2 people on the ledge on top of a sky scraper. the female scans him inferred stile. and what the guy does it do several back flips with his small black plain. and now there both on the top of a big black sky scraper that i find it looking really cool. and the sky scraper next to it was also black but it had a white cannon connected to the top of the building. the big black sky scraper has over 80 floors. while they were up at the top of the building there was the most buitifull pink crystals. i never seen reality julry as good as this. and it had a white shine to it. and on top of the roof was a inward roof. and the guy goes inside the inward roof. and blue blankets started coming out if it. i remember a skinny arm starts coming out of the blanket with long dark colored nails.
there was 2 houses in are property 1 of them was a trailer which we sleep in. we left the dog in the other building witch was a house. next morning. i go into the shed entrance with a rifle on my shoulder. i go in there cheaking in the place is damaged. the place looked extremely old like from the 1800s. the only thing i saw was panted holes. 1 hole not panted over it. and my dad said the shandilears were damaged.
Cant resist my memory and Interests
Lost forgotten/numerous redemption
2 different dreams happened this night. One of them I total forgot and it was really intense. The next one was weird and one of the lest expected mixed with one that you might have expected since it was related to the san Antonio poisoning teenagers with glass bottles.
It started out with 2 old men that ran for vice president. We did not want 1 to win but he won.. After we saw him once we saw him the 2nd time except now he has full of white hair all over him. In my opinion he looked like a hippy except hippies don’t have hair growing out of there face. My dad taped on him and he said he is dead. Then he walks off, and the old man wakes up.\
Next part started out with my dad watching a hour introduction on modern kidnapping. Now one thing odd was I was not watching the movie with him I was listing to what it was saying. And I remember one part were a female said the devil kidnap me. Then I starting having a idea on writing a story on me kidnapped. And that story started out several people in a white van driving down the road in the desert. Then there are this people blocking the road with their car and we had to stop. And they capture us and put hand cuffs on us. Now were standing up in IDK what vehicle then I had a idea not to get out of it until

There is honestly too much going on to fully understand what the dream means for you, but I think the house and the religion is you getting forced into something that you do not wish to have or participate in

Example: What does my dream mean?

When I was a kid, say around 10 or so, I would have a repetitive dream that to this day still has me wondering... what did it mean?

My dream started out like this:

There are high winds, like from a tornado. My mother and I are trying to cross a lake over a very unsturdy bridge with no side rails. It's rocking around in the winds. The lake is very rough from the winds. It's not clear at all. As we are crossing this bridge, my mother falls in. I jump in to save her.

I had this dream several times as a child, but I never got an ending. I would always wake up after being in the water with her trying to save her.

10 or more years later, my mother was killed violently. I had tried to get her to come stay with me and my family to get away from an abusive boyfriend, but she went back to him. I told my husband when she left, I couldn't help her. She was an adult. She was too stubborn. I told him that all I could do was hope I didn't get that phone call... strangely enough weeks later, instead of finding my house they called me. She had been killed. We think by him.

So could my dream have been telling me this was going to happen? Or was it something else. I've tried using a dream dictionary but it doesnt give me enough options so if someone is really good at this kind of stuff, I would love to hear your thoughts or interpretations.

Example: What does dying in a dream mean?

I've never actually died in a dream before until a few nights ago. It was really eerie and it still creeps me out. I remember some kid taking a piece of glass out of his pocket and then stabbing me with it. I remember it hurt so badly.
When I died, I no longer was viewing the world from my own eyes. It was as if I was watching myself lie on the floor and bleed. And I actually FELT dead, if that's possible. I'm not sure what dying feels like, haha.
I think after that, someone was about to shoot the kid who killed me, but I got up a stood in front of him so that I could protect him.
What the heck does this all mean? D:

Example: What do your dreams mean?

I had the craziest dream that i went on a road trip with all my friends. To make a long story short, they all got killed except my best friend Brianna. The "killers" gave me the option of killing her and living or both of us getting killed. Of course, i couldn't kill her, so they killed me. I don't know if this has some secret meaning, or if it was just some weird random dream. and its not like i was watching some scary movie or anything before bed. Please decode my dream!

Example: What does my dream mean?

Ok so this dream may seem silly but I think their is meaning behind it..please try and read the whole thing

So I started off as a runescape character (a character from an online game), and was among many other runescape characters. But I felt this odd connection to them as if i could sense who they really were (some i knew, some i didnt). Then things get weird.. I realize that I am the leader of this group of people and I have some sort of important documents which hold a big secret. And I'm supposed to keep it away from the government. It seemed very important to this group and they were counting on me to stay loyal. Then a government agent appears and wants to talk to me privately. I suddenly turn human and go to first person view. He attempts to bribe me with scholarships to any university i want and money and all these other things that a normal person would dream of having. With the other members of my group watching, i had much trouble making a decision. I started to walk with the agent, asking him questions and trying to make a decision. It was especially hard because i didn't know what the hell i was trying to keep secret...what were on those papers he wanted? We eventually make it to the headquarters of his organization where i see many agents and other people enjoying themselves with various activities and music. Didn't seem like much of a workplace, but i knew it was the headquarters of this agent's organization. When we eventually make it to the top floor, I can see three of my group members who were now human, taking pictures of me as if they were capturing my betrayal on picture to show as proof to everyone that i was a traitor. At that moment i felt horrible and I didn't even remember accepting the bribe or anything.. But i knew i made the wrong decision. I then left back to the original place with my group members (still runescape characters) at which point they all started to attack me and yell (in text form just like the game) "traitor!" and other derogatory terms suggesting i betrayed them. I then insisted that i was caught and that there was no other option. a great majority of them said "alright" and seemed to believe me. Then the dream takes another weird twist. All of a sudden I felt as if i went back in time, to a time where everyone was happy and I was still the leader of this group. Everything turned into minecraft form ( another video game i play). I was in a house or mansion or castle or something and everything looked like minecraft. The odd thing is I somehow remembered this place very well but i couldn't remember from where. I know for a fact I never built anything like this in the game but i feel i may have dreamed about it earlier or something. The place was beautifully decorated and all my group members were having a great time at this banquet or party. I then saw my throne. I realized i was a great leader in this point in time and that I had to find out what happened. Sadly, as i was about to set off on this second journey, my phone woke me up, ending the dream short.

This is a VERY strange dream and i wish someone could shed some light on it because it seems like it has many hidden messages. Thanks

Example: What does this dream mean?

I prayed twice and asked the Lord if I should marry this guy named Jordan and then I dreamed twice about this guy named Fahad instead but the thing is, God punished me so many times because I refused to forget about Fahad. Fahad is too young for me but I dreamed that I bumped into him 3 years later when he was old enough to date me.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Today I had a real bizarre dream. I was in my old neighborhood,Walking past my old elementary school and I walked past my sister Nicole.I spoked to her but she paid me no mind and had blood on her cut fist,so I assumed she was fighting someone.I than began to proceed down the street and I saw my older cousin Dalion and he was working on a house.I I left him and began to walk up the street and I seen my other cousin Toya walking down the street screaming my sister jumped her. I ran to my sister to warn her and we began walking faster ,than I saw my friend Jahmal and I shook his hand stopped and talking to him.My cousin came running towards my sister so I ran after her but as I did my shoe came off. In stead of running to help my sister I ran to grab my shoe. I heard them screaming fighting and woke up. WHat does this mean?

Example: What did this dream mean?

What did this dream mean ?

I was at exmouth train station and walked past these people, they had a go at me for "barging" them, then I was chased down stairs (exmouth train station doesn't have stairs) and ended up punching the person who was chasing me.

We set that problem aside, then our train was late by half an hour, the train eventually did come but it was miniture, then a "skip on wheels" came and we had to get into the skip, I was then told that a girl on the skip was eyeing me up but I said no

(the dream must have stopped during the time of going to Exeter and working as here's where it continued)

I ran out of work knowing I could miss the train again, when I was running I was going as fast as the cars, I was about to take a turning but thought no so took the next one.

I arrived at a path, on each side of the path there were chicken houses, I got to the station and picked up my phone (I left it there), inside the station I saw lois griffin (family guy) and then I saw chris, he was having trouble getting on the train (Be it he was on the wrong platform) I said "I'm walking home" and left the station, the dream ended there.

What did it mean?

Also whenever a train station is in my dream it's always the same one, it appears in a sort of middle eastern area, buildings all in wrong places with bendy streets (not including the exmouth one)

plus, (not stated in the other question) about a week ago my friend asked me over the phone if I wanted to go out with this girl called Sarah, I said no, could this have any part in the dream?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of yo and your mother jumping out of a window together but 3 times.?

in my dream my mom and i keep jumping out of a window at least 3 times and we get up and go through a light blue door that is open.what does this all mean?

Example: Although I am a woman I am a man most of the time in my dreams! does anyone know what this would mean?

most of the time when I dream I am a man why is this?

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