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Dream About Orbit meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream last night and it went like this:
I was applying for a job, and the manager lady had a list with 27 numbers on it and she said all positions were filled up. I noticed the last number, 27, was blank so I said that ones blank and she said, "no, jacquelyn luther has that position" right when she said that, i said "no...jacquelyn's been dead... (jacquelyn was a friend of mine who died in a car accident last august).
after I told her that, she didn't believe me. There was someone standing beside the manager lady and it was jacquelyn's sister, jessica. She started crying and then the manager asked me why she was so I told her again jacquelyn had been dead. Then I woke up.

It's weird how jacquelyn was number 27 on the list because there's a song that i listen to all the time called '27' and it's like, "i said your name 27 times, will that bring you back to life."
what could this mean?

Plato believed God created the soul of the universe using #27.
For Abellio, it is the number of the Holy Spirit.
J. Boehme calls this number "the death".
According to Alfred Weysen, twenty seven is a lunar symbol, indicating the light in darkness. It is the symbol of the divine light.
27 is the afterlife acording to Robert Monroe (the late).
27 is consider new life after death.

So, I have no idea if your religious or not, but this is a considered a strong religious number which just happens to be around the topic of death. Your dream is your sub-consisous resolving jacquelyn death. She has received the holy spirit and is booked into a better place. Mourn your lost but be at peace and be reassured.

Interestingly enough...

Genesis 1:27 "Man was created in the Image of God."

The moon takes 27 days to orbit the earth.

The sun revolves on its axis every 27 days .

It takes 27 days for a human cell to re-grow.

Mayan calendar:
60 X 60 X 24 X 364 = 31449600 = add em up = 27

The Antichrist / wars would end after 27 years.

Near End of American Civil War 1864 ---> 27 years later ---> END of Pine Ridge Massacre 1891
END of Pine Ridge Massacre 1891 ---> 27 years later ---> END of WWI 1918
END of WWI 1918 ---> 27 years later ---> END of WWII 1945
END of WWII 1945---> 27 years later ---> END of Vietnam War 1972

60 seconds/min X 60 minutes/hour X 24 hours/day X 365.25 days/year =
31557600 = add em up = 27

Pi = 3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 8(3279)
3279. the 27 is in the middle of these 4 digits. And 3 x 9 = 27

It is God's divine fingerprint to prove the Bible is the true and living Word of God. They appear after counting 27 places after the decimal, which is God's way of pointing us to the Trinity.
3 x 3 x 3 = 27

from the 3 27 9 you can see:
Old Testament = 39 books
New Testament = 27 books

There are 27 generations from David to the Christ according to the Gospel of Matthew.

To write twenty-seven in Hebrew, they wrote two Hebrew letters: kaph-zayin. These signify the open palm in the ministry of spiritual warfare. Twenty-seven is the number of the Ministry of Salvation and naturally follows 26, which is the Power of Salvation. We must first receive the Power of Salvation in order to do the work of the Ministry of Salvation.

The numeric value of “the gospel is the power of God” (Rom. 1:16) is 27 x 100. The essence of the gospel is about believing that Jesus is the Son of God. So in 1 John 4:15, “Jesus is the Son of God” has a numeric value of 27 x 111. Likewise, in Mark 3:11, “Thou art the Son of God” has a numeric value of 27 x 111. In Matt. 1:23, we read, “Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son,” which carries a numeric value of 27 x 111. Jesus is considered the bridge to cross over.

Let me guess, it's been around 11 months since her death?

The 27th time that Joshua’s name appear in Scripture is in Joshua 1:1, where God told him that now that Moses was dead, it was time to cross the Jordan into Canaan (accept and move on with life).

The Hebrew word for pure is zak, which has a numeric value of 27.

Jesus ascended at the age of 27 years and 9 days.

Example: What does this dream mean? Animals?

I have had this weird dream several times.It starts out with the vision of the earth in its orbit as if the earth was talking to me(or maybe an angel?) about a trial from her father to create a new era.? Suddenly I see myself as a fish in the ocean, and then a jelly fish welcomes me to the world.I eat the jellyfish and I go through a cave then out and some sharks are chasing me,I dive in and out of the surface of the water trying to escape the sharks, then this bright door appears and I go through it. Next I suddenly see myself as a salamander slimy like creature in some weird desert like environment as if all the plants had been eaten away,and I find myself running away from giant insects that are chasing and eating me and a herd of my own kind.But, The insects suddenly start to shrink and we begin eating back at the insects. Suddenly the door appears again,and I go through again. but this time I appear as a small dinosour, and Im hunting animals smaller than me and getting bigger.

Example: What does my dream mean?

One day I had this crazy dream. i was on the outskirts of this big city, like new york or somthing, i'm not sure.

it was evening. there were several tornadoes visible over the city. meteors were coming down, also causing destruction. a big earth quake had split the ground mabey five minuets before the tornadoes formed. everything was in flames, despite the heavy winds. there was what seemed to be a giant blue beam or laser coming down...or up...which ever it was, which seemed to be the source of the disasters, because the tornadoes seemed to sort of orbit around the laser, or at least stay somewhat near it anyway. then there was this big explosion, like an ICBM had hit, except it wasn't a mushroom cloud. after that, i don't know why, but for some reason i felt compelled to go into the city, rather than away from it. i was kind of surprised to find that there wasn't very many bodies or any panicers running oarund the place. after a bit of terror, i came to the city center, everyone, surprisingly, was alive, but walking INTO the big fat laser beam! all i saw though was when they entered, most of them were vaporized, but a few went straight up the beam, while one or two went straight down the crack in the ground,(from the earth quake) where the beam seemed to originate. once about half the people walked into the lazer beam, finally, every one started to panic and run around all over the place. although all the disasters had stopped about the same time. the next thing i saw, was monsters jumoing out of the beam., though not monsters from silly movies like monsters inc., they were actually beasts from greek mythology, like a satyr, centuar, minotuar, all that jazz. they started killing peaople and smashing things. not only that, but if anyones ever played oblivion, you'd know what the next things are, things like the clanfear, and grummites anf crap came out. the last thing i say, was another huge *** explosion. then i woke up.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I will have these reoccuring dreams, maybe once a month, some months I don't have them, but I used to have these dreams when I was little and now they are coming back..

I will usually be in a place where I am aware of the environment, but it's not a main part of my dream. Last night I was on an island (this dream I've had before) and in this dream it seems like I have amazing energy, I can bounce back and forth between places, with a smile on my face, almost like a kid. Well in the dream I was a grown woman, someone else. I felt like I was maybe in a movie or some plot. But I told her that the "barrier" had been broken. She had blonde hair and dirt all over her face. Then she smiled and said "we can go home now." but then this is where the dream is the same as the rest...I look up into the night sky and I get visually sucked into it, something tremendous happens like the sun was visible at night and it was a lunar and solar eclipse, the sun and moon were circling eachother, visually it was so pretty but it stops my heart, because I feel like I might fall into the sky or something bad might happen, but its so beautiful. I've never had a dream of the sun at night before, until last night. My dreams usually before consisted of the moon or a million moons circling eachother, making patterns, then disapearing out of space, it was so beautiful, this world was used to having that many moons but I was never going to get used to it, they had "moon constellations" where moons would make certain patterns, they would be in different phases too.. this dream last night it ended with me looking at the crab constellation perfect in the sky, and then there was a ballerina constellation, standing on one toe perfectly.

Example: What in the world does my dream mean?

I had the oddest dream the other night. I dreamed I was in a church or something with my friend and we were having a religious conversation and she said that I was a better Christian than her because I had been a Christian longer. I told her that I am no longer a Christian, that I am now an Agnostic Theist (which I am). And she asked why and for some reason I said that I didn't believe that the Noah's Ark story was true. And she goes off to say "Why? Because you don't believe that Noah had two arks?" I have absolutely no idea where that came from because I have never heard of Noah having two arks so I just nodded and agreed. She then went on to say that the "Smaller animals made nests in the fur coats of the bigger animals" which makes me think of t-rex and mammoths. So they either A) died or B) Molted. And then she said something about the king and queen of the ark. (Which, btw, was not Noah and his wife, but a lion and a giraffe...)

Yeah, I have no idea. I was completely sober when I went to sleep that night too.

Any comments?

Example: What could my dream mean?

I had a dream about two weeks ago and I dreamed I was in the water, specifically the ocean. I dreamed that sharks were swimming around me, in a perfect circle and they had different orbits around me. Until the end, they didn't attack me, and I saw the faces of a few of them. Then at the end I think I saw one open its mouth real wide and then my dream ended.

What could it mean? I didn't watch any movies on sharks that I remember. I've been having a lot of troubles lately, and could this be related to it?

P.S. Sharks dominate as my hugest fear.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Ok, so I was in this weird purple majestic room that had windows all around it. It also had this sun and moon symbol that turns slowly in the middle of the room.Then, all of a sudden, the sun starts going really fast which means the earth was orbiting the sun really fast! I also noticed the sun was bigger than usual. Then, the sun and moon symbol in the middle of the room started turning faster and faster. And when it was turning so fast that I could not see the symbol at all, A big light shot out of it and it was so bright. Then I woke up. I have had another dream a long time before this where I looked out my window and it kept going from day to night. Please help what does my dream mean!?!?

Example: What does this dream means?

I had a dream about blackholes on earth though. I seeing that there were three blackholes in three different places. What does the black holes means? But at the time of my dream nothing was getting sucked in by the blackhole. So tell me what does this dream means?

Example: What does this dream mean?

it's a nice day and i go to a mine and i get my friend well by that time its sunset and i see this big bright light coming down from the sky and its leaving a stream of smoke or light behind it. then i get to my house and i turn on the tv and the show mad tv pops on and then it does a emergency news broadcast and then they say that a meteor type thing is in orbit and all i remember from the dream is that it crashed and exploaded and i woke up for the morning

Example: What did my dream mean, it was about a planet nearing Earth?

Maybe it's all this talk about 2012. Last night I had a dream that I was at home with my mother, it was night time. At one point, she looked out the window and said that the moon was really bright and big.
I went to see for myself, and realized it was no moon, it was far larger than that, and it was getting bigger because it was getting closer. I knew then exactly what it was, it was another planet, of unknown origin. As it was passing Earth, I could see that the color of this planet was grey, and it had about 7 or 8 moons orbiting it.
In the dream, this planet passing Earth didn't cause any problems for our world, it moved peacefully.
What could it have meant?

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