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Dream About Or People'S Foolish Talk meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Does this dream have any kind of meaning or is it simply a dream?

I am in a situation where I'm unsure if my girlfriend is carrying my baby or someone else's. We are in the process of doing paternity stuff by the way.

Anyways, due to the circumstances, NOBODY in my family knows ANYTHING about this situation, not even a fraction of a clue. They don't know she's pregnant or that we're even together.

I talk to my mother 2 weeks ago and she asks me jokingly out of the blue with a phone on her ear "do you have a baby?" I thought to myself "why in the world would she possibly ask that?" So I said no and I asked her why. Apparetly, my aunt who is very christian and religious (I don't know if that has anything to do with anything) was on the phone with my mother at that moment. My aunt was telling my mother that she had a dream that I had a baby boy that looked just like me. Let me reiterate that my mother and aunt, nobody in my family, knows a thing and I definitely avoid bringing up any baby talk at all times.

Here's where the coincidences (or whatever you believe happen). My girlfriend went to get an ultrasound 1 week later and it turns out the baby is a baby boy. Just like my aunt dreamed of. My aunt lives all the way in Puerto Rico and I live in Florida.

Does this sound like mere coincidence or does it seem like something more? I feel like it points to me being the father but I have a hard time believing in dreams, but this feels just too coincidental. Any serious opinions would be greatly appreciated.

One other thing-My girlfriend's best friend's mother dreamed that my girlfriend's baby has a short father. She knows the situation but she's never met me. The other guy is pretty tall. I'm really not a very tall guy.

Yes, here is the Interpretation of your dream/situation:

I can approach this two ways to Sunday. Either way All Roads Lead To Rome so to speak. Ok, I will go both ways: We are all living in the Matrix; an energy filled blanket of information streaming by where any node plugged in at the right moment can capture bits of information which then can be relayed to any point in the grid.

Now the other way: God is all knowing and those who are called by His name and do His Will actually hear His voice and respond to it. Every once in a while God uses the foolish too. So someone may be freaked out by some dream or thought that simply pops into their head which they figure is kinda striking. So they just blurt it out when they see you or talk to you. The point: Don't frick with the Creator of all things. God can expose those secret things easily to whomever He wants. My suggestion is this: Tell the truth the first time...then if they don't believe you then lie. I laugh at that but that is what I always tell people. You have been painted by a laser and tagged for bagging. Don't make things worse than they already are. Come clean or the lesson will be a lot worse later on after you lost respect and you regret things even moreso. Lastly and on the record? God is real but you need to ask God yourself to make Him real to you...but stand back and put on a raincoat. That is all I am going to say.


Example: What is the meaning of "The world is full of kings and queens that blind your eyes and steal your dreams" ?

Example: What could this dream mean?

Now this may look long, But when you acually read it, it's not that long.

Okay so I live in a small Island, Newfoundland, One of Canada's provinces. And In newfoundland all the old houses are called Saltbox houses, They were very popular in the 19th century. And lot's of people still live in them today. One thing I don't understand what people can do, Is live in them. Because they are old, and people died in them for sure. One of my friends lives in one, And 3 people died in it. So I would really hate to LIVE in one. My house is bran new, so No one died in it. I am terrified of ghosts. You will understand why I gave you these details when I tell you my dream. So anyways, In my dream I woke up in a strange bedroom I have never seen befour. It was dark, A candle was lit. So I got out of the bed and walked down the hallway. I heard strange noises thorughout the house, and I seen my dad, So I came up to him and asked him where the fuc/k we were, And he told me this was our new house cause we went bankrupt. So I was like, this house is so creepy I hear noises everywhere. So then I went to me mom's room, And I seen laying on the bed, talking on the phone with a cigartte in her mouth, and I'm like, Why did this you move into this creepy old house? And she was just like, How is it creepy? It's fine go back to bed, So I walked back down the hallway and walked past the bathroom, and there was blood pouring out of the shower head. So I ran to my dad yelling " THIS HOUSE IS HAUNTED, WE HAVE TO GET OUT!' But he told me I was being foolish, And once again, Told me to go back to bed. So at that moment, I felt cold arms wrapping arround me, and then I ran into my room. The house was a basement appartment, And no one lived upstairs. But when I went in my room, There was blood leaking from the ceiling and covering my bed, and the floor. So I ran into my mom's room and told her, and she didn't believe me and told me to go back to bed. So I argued with her saying I refused to live in the house. So when morning came, wich was right after that, I saw my friend outside and I ran out to see her. I told her what was going on and she said I could sleep in her neighbors camper because she knew them. So when I looked up at the house, It was an old saltbox house. It had broken windows, all the yellow paint was chipped off, Only a few parts were still yellow, Old wooden shutters. It looked horrible. And when I looked in one of the top windows, I see blood splat against it, Followed by somone face hitting it. So me and my friend ran inside and we tried to convince my parents that the house wasn't safe, And they told me to go away.So that night my sister had her firend over and my sister also didn't want to be in the house, And I told her about the blood, and the arms wrapping around me, and she got more scared then, Her and her friend slept in my bed. And I when night came I was standing in the kitchen with my mom, and I looked in her room, And blood was leaking through the roof, I yelled at her telling her to look in her room and she did. And she started screaming and told my dad and when He came the blood was gone. He told us we were crazy. I went to sleep in the camper that night and on my way there, I was too scared to look at the house and see what I might see in the windows. So In the morning my mom said she did some research on the house, and appearantly Old families lived there, But one family, would rent out the downstairs to other families, and stay upstairs, and go down and take the familie they rented out too, And skin them and cut them up and torcher them and eat them. And we lived in the downstairs, and there was always blood leakiong through the ceiling, wich would be their floor. So me and my mom tired to convince my dad that we needed to leave, and when I went in the living room, I saw old fashioned faded figures of people sitting on my couch. So we called a preist and he said that we needed to get the spirits out beucase the killers upstairs were evil spirits of the devil, and they were going to kill us and have some other family be left with our blood leaking through their ceiling. So the preist came and got the bad spirits out. But the old newfoundland family spirits were still there, We got the house done up nice and it looked pretty. But the thought of still having ghosts in my house scared the shi/t out of me, So I wouldn't use the bathroom. So my friend pushed me in the bathroom and locked the door and told me i would befine. Then a tiny mini beaver crawled out of the toilet. And then I picked up the beaver and put it on a shelf. Then I woke up.

Example: Why are people so mean to singers they don't like?

I've seen it on just about every singer/band video out there. Ive seen it on Lifehouse videos, Lincoln Park videos, and Jack Johnson videos. But mainly on pop videos. Like One Direction or Katy Perry for instance.

They call Jack Johnson a monotoneous druggie who shouldn't have any fans because all he can do is make people sleep. That's just plain mean!

And people are just vicious to One Direction. I dot even want to repeat some of the things people have wrote. I wouldn't call myself a "fan" exactly, but some people are just horrible to them.

I just hate when people insult other people they don't even know personally :( Or someone insulting another in general. So what if your not a fan, you don't have to be so mean! Don't they realize celebrity's are people too, people who can have their feelings hurt?

Telling someone they can't do something they love, is one of the most disrespectful, most terrible things someone can do to another.

Example: Does this dream mean anything?

This was a weird dream and I've seen people ask about their dreams, so I'll ask about mine.

In my dream Steven Tyler (guy from Aerosmith, has a HUGE mouth) was running around biting peoples heads off, it was pretty intense. I got a job from the FBI to capture him, and next thing I know I have him in a cage at a circus and I was sticking my head inside his mouth, like they do with alligators and lions and stuff. I woke up when the crowd started to applaud. It was a pretty awesome dream, does it mean anything?

Example: Psychics and dream readers only please. wierd dream... what does it mean?

okay, so I'll only put what I remember in detail. I was by my church, and my mom was excited that I was getting married (I'm single. my only relationship was 2 weeks long and the most we did was hold hands). I kept asking who I was marrying and they kept responding "how could you not remember your own groom?". I asked if I was marrying the pastor of my church, the idea of which repulsed me since he's more of a second father to me, and my mom said no. the day of the wedding came, and I wore my mother's dress with a ton of flower jewelery. I sat in the pews for most of the ceremony, and my groom still wasn't there. Finally, I was called up and asked to name who I was marrying. first I thought of a guy I Don't like at all, and after a while of thinking, I named a guy-friend of mine who I know online and talk to via facebook and text thinking "great, now I have to tell him we're married". afterword, My family and I went camping and my grandfather was talking about lost rubies and Sapphires. My sister and I found all of the rubies, but maybe one of the Sapphires. the rest is fuzzy.
I'm sort of psychic, but all I really can do is tell when people are about to die. I think this weird dream has some sort of significant meaning since right before (i practice wicca along with christianity) I sent out a lot of positive energy to help my friend's missing cat since there was a thunderstorm going on and meditated with a piece of moonstone and my lucky star (just a glass star). so, I was wondering if someone could translate the weird dream I had afterward.

Example: What does this dream mean? repost since only one answered last time?

This morning I dreamt that we were holding hands, and I was begging him to dominate me and control me but not sure how he could do it... but knowing that somehow he could do it better than me... and that he had a better imagination than me...

(He used to be really shy, got rejected by over 100 girls in one year because he stuttered and acted awkward around them) I was with 3 guys at a carnival, 2 of them I knew and 1 I did not know, and they were commenting on some guy and then I asked them what they thought of Kyle... (I was pretty sure they didn't know him) And they said... "he's not a good person but at least he talks now.." (implying he used to stutter) and then the other guy laughed a little.

Then I went to eat a pogo stick... it was huge and thick, and had a lot of bread crumbs on it... like maybe 10 - 20 times the regular amount of bread grumbs you would put on a pogo stick, it was sweet and delicious... and tasted perfectly refined... but I bit the pogo stick too hard, and a large peice of wood about 2 - 3 inches thick got jammed in my throat... and then only have of it was removed.

We were behind a ferris wheel and one of the guys was talking to me about how the guy who attached himself to the alabarqueque rollercoster (probably with a rope or a peice of plastic) got his throat slit in half... I thought they were joking but they were serious... and I didn't know why they thought it was funny but they did?

So what does this mean?

Example: What Does My Dream Mean?

Hey All,

Okay, so I've been going Ice Skating for the past couple of weeks now and since I first started going, I've been seeing this lad there every week. On the first week we went, me & Amy(my friend) got Jake(other friend) to ask the lad that I liked (David) for his number. The Conversation went like this.
Jake: Hey
David: Hey
Jake: So, my two friends over there (pointed) wondered whether they could have your number
David: Erm okay, but how old are they?
Jake: Jade's 16, Amy's 15
David: okay that's a slight problem, Im 22
Then Jake skated away.
Since then I had seen him week after week and I had grown fonder of him each time. He'd been going skating for 10 years & he was really good. Then one weekend, I got bored and I went onto youtube and found a video of my ice rink. The video was made by David's girlfriend. At this time I didn't know David's name or anything about him. But this girl's profile on youtube lead me to his face book page. I found out he was actually 22 and this girl was actually his girlfriend.
A couple of nights after finding this out, I had a strange dream about them...
It was a weekend and I was at my dads (but I never speak to or visit my dad), and I was with David's friend and his friends girlfriend (Danny & Rachael, both 18). Then the police came to the door and arrested Danny & Rachael for having alcohol (strange). Anyways, Then I found myself to be with David in my dads house. My dad appeared 2 seconds later with my sisters. I asked for a hair grip off my youngest sister and so did the eldest. The eldest got refused so they both stormed upstairs. I was alone with David & we spotted my dads girlfriend on the couch behind us. He turned round again and kissed me, pushing my against the staircase (like in a flirty way). The next thing I knew, we were outside, being handcuffed to the gate together by a police officer. The officer walked off and as he did so, I squirmed out of the hand cuffs, giving David enough room to get out of them too. He told me after all that he had a girlfriend. I was walking off, almost crying with David following me, begging me to stop and hear him out. So I did. He explained that he was with me because he thought I was different and unique and he liked that in me. We kissed again (closing eyes as we did) and when I opened my eyes again, I was at my own house with an ex I'm recently having troubles with. I turned and said to him "won't get far my backside!" and walked off. That's when I woke up.

since then, I've gotten David's number and we've been talking. I sent him the dream I had through text and he said it was random but in a good way. He had a girlfriend and I'm single..

Does this dream mean anything at all?
Sorry I've wrote an essay and thanks to those who can help me.

Jade xx

Example: Please, someone tell me what this dream means! (Long Description) Does someone know how to interpret it?

Last night I had a nightmare. Which is annoying 'cause I haven't had a nightmare in about 5 years, and it HAD to be last night... The dream started with a piece of another dream I've had another time. That little piece of the dream kept repeating itself. And in that piece there was a classmate of mine; that doesn't have to do with the nightmare in general but I'm just saying. Anyway, then, it was nighttime and I was in the car with my mom and brother; Although I never really ever saw his face in the nightmare. I didn't really pay attention to what I was wearing and etc because it was like I was the camera, the eyes and ears. We were driving to my brother's Soccer/Football practice (yes, I know that makes no sense) And it's weird 'cause my brother hates sports or anything that has to do with fields for that matter. And where we dropped him of there wasn't even a field. And it was NIGHTTIME. It made no sense...Later on, my mom said something like "Hey let's go for a walk while we wait for Raul (my brother's name)." -And in real life usually it's me who says that.- So we walked around a park that came out of nowhere and there were no people, just a bunch of cars. Suddenly, I noticed that there was a cellphone thrown on the grass. It looked as if someone had just checked a text message or something and threw it on purpose so I could notice it...So, I picked it up -something I would NEVER do in real life- and looked through the phone numbers randomly and dialed someone thinking that whoever picked it up was the owner. "Hello?" He said. He sounded lazy and tired. He also sounded in his mid 30's give or take a few years. Anyway, I said something like "Yeah, is this your phone? I have it. Where can I drop it off?" (all the while my mom was talking to me on the other side, telling me that she would handle it. I just got annoyed and said: "SHUT THE F*CK UP AND LET ME TALK TO HIM!") He then said that he wanted me to give it to him on Saturday, which was supposedly the day of a Soccer Match or something. -I don't remember what exact day it was in my dream. But I assume Wednesday or Thursday.- I said "OK." Suddenly the guy pulls over in a black car with tinted windows that came out of nowhere and said "Hey, better yet, drop it off at my place" I was stupid enough to agree and jump in his car in the middle of the night to his "house". I asked my mom if she could meet me in the car outside. She said yes and hopped in our car with loud music and the AC on, waiting. Then, I entered his house. It seemed very small from what I could remember. He led me trough a short hallway to his office, I guess. I entered it and placed his phone on the desk and made small conversation. I started with "So, are you excited for your Soccer game this Saturday?" He smiled, and said -from what I could remember- "I don't care". I was suddenly aware of what was going to happen but in the dream I was foolish enough to go along with it. But not for long, because when he said that I then said: "Um, okay. I'm just gonna meet with my mom outside. See ya..." I was walking out the door of his office and then he grabbed my arm and stopped me and I went completely still. I looked at him and he looked VERY serious and said: "Oh no, you're not going anywhere" I tried to let go of his grip and escape. The front door had a tiny glass window on the side and apparently it was daylight by then. Even tough it had only passed like 15 minutes since I went inside. Anyway, the door was slightly opened so I made a run for it and tried to get out of there but he grabbed me and threw me to the wall and I started screaming "HELP! HELP PLEASE!", just realizing that no one else was near except my mother and she couldn't hear. So I had no hope; no choice. Then he carried me to a bedroom where everything was dark and through the window It was nighttime again...He closed the door and started taking off his pants. -He looked a lot like a guy I saw once. And some guy from Scrubs- I was terrified. But just before he could do anything I woke up, sweating and gasping. So, that's my dream. Now I'm gonna tell you about my life just in case it has to do anything with the nightmare: I was never raped, but when I was about 6 or 7 (I'm 13 now) my mom had a mental meltdown or however you say that. She supposedly saw things and thought everything was the devil. One time she woke us up and drove us to my grandma's house 'cause she thought the house was gonna catch on fire. And she threw out a lot of our things. I am traumatized by that but anyway, now for the present: I have been very stressed lately and not sleeping well at all. Not eating well either. I rarely eat anything and I go to sleep at about 4 or 5 AM and wake up in the afternoon. And my mom and dad are strongly considering divorce so that's stressing me out. So, I poured my heart out here, can you please tell me what this means?! PLEASE! ...

Example: Has anyone read Senator Obama''s BOOK the "Dreams from My Father" ?

He talks in his OWN words about his Muslim Heritage for those who are STILL in DENIAL...wouldn't it just be easier to say he converted?

Barack Obama was originally named “Baraka.” It is not an African name. It's an Arabic word meaning “blessed” and comes directly from the Koran.

Growing up in Hawaii with my mother and her grandparents Islam largely escaped my mind. My mother installed in me the values of humanism and I did not grow-up in a home were religion was taught.

It was later while I attended college at Columbia University and Harvard Law that I became reacquainted with Muslims as both schools had large Muslims student populations. Some of them were my friends and many came from countries that our nation now has hostile relations with. The background I had from my early childhood in Indonesia helped me get to know them and learn from them and to me Muslims are not to be looked upon as something strange. In my experiences up until college a Muslim was no less exotic to me than a Mormon, a Jew, or a Jehovah’s Witness.

After college I settled in my adopted hometown of Chicago and lived on the South Side and worked as a community organizer. Chicago has one of the largest Muslim populations in America (estimated to be around 300,000) and Muslims make-up some of the most productive citizens in the area. I met countless numbers of Muslims in my job as an organizer and later on in my early political career. I ate in their homes, played with their kids, and looked at them as friends and peers and sought their advice.

Therefore, when the tragic terrorist attacks of 9-11 occurred I was deeply saddened with the rest of America , and I wanted justice for the victims of this horrific attack, but I did not blame all Muslims or the religion of Islam. From my experience I knew the good character of most Muslims and the value that they bring to America. Many, who did not personally know Muslims, indicted the entire religion for the bad actions of a few; my experience taught me that this was something foolish and unwise.

Later I had the chance to visit the homeland of my father and meet Muslim relatives of my including my grandmother. I found that these were people who wanted the same things out of life as people right here in America and worked hard, strive to make a better way for their children, and prayed to God to grant them success.

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