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Dream About One Eyed meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What means dreaming with a flying squirrel with a missing eye?

At the start appear like a normal squirrel or rodent with 1 eye following me by running after me without any success and me feeling freak out, but then the squirrel lift off the ground and catch up with me by flying in front of me, face me and jumping towards me end up biting my right leg. I was scare of catching rabies. To my surprise the bite wasn't that bad or neither vicious, it was a slight bite y he release my leg. Both of us seem to relax. He stop following me and I stop running away from it.

Dreaming about flying one-eyed squirrel stalkers that bite you for relaxation means that you are drinking absinthe or taking acid before you go to bed.

That is a really awesome dream though.

Example: What does a dream of a one eyed, one armed man mean?

I had a dream last night that I was dating a one armed, one eyed man. He was very handsome despite having one eye. He was crying in the dream, and somehow I was able to fix his eye but not his arm. What does this dream mean? His arm and eye were missing on his left side.

Example: What do eyes in dreams mean?

Ok so I had this dream years ago. I was talking to a close friend of mine (who had died in a car reck). Um anyway we were talking about so things( won't tell what bc u know it's personal) but one thing that stuck out about him were his eyes. They were diffrent. They were a diffrent color (when he was alive they were brown but in the dream they were this crazy blue color. But his eyes were so peaceful and calm but yet fearce

So my question is do eyes have some meaning in dreams

Example: What does a closed eye dream mean?

This was my dream: I was playing tennis with a girl I used to play college tennis with and I was serving to her. The only problem was that my serves were not going in and they weren't ever close at all. My eyes were closed and I couldn't open them to see where I was hitting the ball! What does that mean? Here is some background information first: I used to play college tennis my freshman year but I decided not to continue my second semester because my coach made it a horrible experience for me. Do you think that had something to do with it?

Example: What do these eye dreams mean?

Last week I dreamt I was looking at my hand, and there were dime-sized water droplets forming on the top of my hand. They were swelling with water, then turning black at the surface (like pupils)...then they started forming into these ball-shaped things, and when i looked down at my hand again, I had a full eyeball on the top of my hand.

Last night, as I was drifting to sleep, I saw one blue eye staring at me. Why the eye dreams? What is the symbolism? I thought maybe this could have something to do with "the evil eye" and thought because I've recently begun reading the Bible, that there could be some connection, but I can't find any real reference to anything like this in the Bible.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about not having one eye?

I just had a terrible and ugly dream... About not having one eye...? It was horrible. Please tell me what does that mean?

Example: Missing one eye dreams means what?

My teacher takes my eye and puts it in a safe and then I guess I've behaved myself and I get it back
but I don't put it back immediately I walk abit with my eye in my hand Then it falls and that's when the strange lady tells me that I cant put back a fallen eye.So I don't Then i look at myself in the mirror and see my self clearly without my eye then two of my teeth fall I try to put them back but only one stays back on.Any ideas of what that can mean now?

Example: What does one crossed eye mean in a dream?

I had a dream in which I woke up, went to a mirror in the middle of a room, noticed one of my eyes was crossed, whacked myself in the head quite cartoonishly, and it went back to normal. o_O

Example: What does it mean to dream about slowly going blind in one eye?

A friend of mine said he was having this weird recurring dream. In the dream it he was just doing everyday things and it seemed normal at first. Then he said he would slowly begin to loose sight in his right eye. He wouldn't notice at first and would just think it was a smudge on his glasses, then he would clean them off and realize he was loosing his sight. He said the vision in his right eye got darker and darker until all he could see was light.

He thought it meant he was loosing something he needed that was as important to him as his right eye.

Do you have any ideas? I realize it could be different for every person.

Example: What does it mean when u dream you poke out some ones eyes?

I dreamt that I was fighting an old asian woman who was evil. I stuck my thumbs in her eyes and tried to pop out her eyeballs. What does this mean?

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