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Dream About Old Woman meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream meaning with old woman?

I had a dream that I was lying in my bed after a surgery when suddenly an old woman opened the door. She was very old and she was wearing grey clothes. She was walking on her knees like a baby and she grabbed my leg, because she wanted to take me with her. I asked for help because I could not move and my leg was in pain, and then my father came and took the old woman out of the room.
Do you know what does this dream mean?

You will have to ask yourself why the old woman is important. Something is going on in your life and you wish that a father or father figure would rescue you so that you do not have to deal with it. The old lady is the problem... I suspect mother. Mother is trying to hold you back in some way but a father or father figure (Someone whom you see as a Male Adult) is protecting or you want protection from them.

Example: Had a weird dream last night about an old woman - not sure if it was a dream or real?

I have very vivid dreams that are very disturbing but this one scared me a lot. I was sleeping and I saw an old woman with large curlers in her hair walk into my room and went by my husbands side of the bed then around to mine, she came by me and reached up toward the blinds with one had and then grabbed my arm and bit me. I woke and felt scared and my arm hurt, in fact it hurt the rest of the night and I didn't sleep after that. what does this mean? I found out a women who use to live here fit her description, supposedly she died here and wore curlers in her hair, I really don't think she died here.

Example: What does it mean if you dream of a fat and a bit old woman who hugs you strongly?

The dream was like this: I was sitting at the table and seemingly I was studying on a school book, perhaps it was geography... Then I spoke and said to that woman that I had been good, I don't remember exactly how I said that, and then literally I also said: "what more do you want?". And the next thing that lady had a smile on her face and hugged me very tightly, so tightly that I woke up... It was a morning dream.

Example: What does it mean to dream of an old white haired woman wearing your ring?

I was interviewing her and she was on the verge of tears [happy tears] she was lithe and long? grand looking with white hair it was as if we were far far in the future ,she had on my only ring [a moonstone ring] on the exact finger i wear it on.Beside her was a shaman sort of person, who was wearing the same ring but his was not formed as in the stone was not set and the silver was not shaped.

Example: What does my dream mean? I dreamt of an older woman, who was my roomate, had my kids calling her "Mom"... ?

I got so mad that I went over to her and grabbed her face (around her mouth) and was squeezing as hard as I could. Well I woke up because I was clenching my fist so hard that I hurt my thumb in my sleep. I dont have any fears of anyone taking my children or any kind of jealousy, so I dont understand what the dream could be about. Please let me know what u think. Thanks!

Example: What does it mean to dream about having a relationship with an older women?

its the 3rd time i've had this dream the women is attractive but shes like 30 and i'm 20

Example: Meaning of dividing fish into two with old woman in dream?

I had a dream that i was dividing fish with an old woman in the dream, what does that mean.

Example: Old woman in my dream?

she asked me to clean her apartment which was on the last flour of a building. She was on the street and she gave me some instructions and when I was upstairs at her place the view was beautiful. I suddenly realized I left my car on the street with my stuff inside and the key was on the car. I was worry then someone could take the car and drive it away.
what does this dream mean?

Example: I had a weird dream about an old woman, what does it mean?

In the dream I was riding in the back of a car. I don't know whose it was. But we were driving into town, the road is surrounded by trees on both sides.The road actually exists.
And it was dark out.

And out of the window, I saw someone walking. They had a pink blanket over them, and the person was hunched over. They had a hunch back. And it looked like under the blanket there was stuffing almost. It looked big, like it could almost be used as a home lol.

And there was a stick with a very old lamp type thing that's lit by fire sticking out from the blanket...to the side.
And the glow of the lamp was almost mystical, but it was normal. When I was looking out the window, it was almost in slow motion as I watched. I was in awe.

Then it skips to me hitch hiking. And then to me in the back of a car, with the person with the pink blanket from before.

It was an old woman, really old. And she had her face covered with the pink blanket.
She was telling me stories of what life was like way back when. I think 1700's or 1800's. I don't recall what she was saying, but I remember it being very interesting.

And she would struggle with her blanket, and adjust it.
Then, she said to me"They get very attached, if your wrapped up to long." and she was referring to her blanket.
Her blanket was living.
And had a fondness for her, and didn't want her to leave, or take it off, and it wouldn't let her.
Although, she never said it bugged her.
But it creeped me out.

And eventually she got her face free, and it was dirty, and very wrinkly. Had sorta a big nose too...her hair was white, and tied back...and her eyes weren't saggy or anything, they were normal.
And her hair wasn't very thin or anything either.

But when I woke up I was scared of my blanket lol.

Strange dream. I really like dream interpretations. So if you have any guesses of what my dream could mean it would be AWESOME :)
Thanks for any helping, and reading :)

Example: Dream of an old woman, what does it mean?

i had this dream where i was driving then i came to road blocks by police i took a turn and avoided the police then i was worried about my driving i was kind of drifting but i arrived safe without and damage to the car, i was going to a place where im supposed to pick up some thing " dont remember what exactly" the thing i was supposed to take was in the home of an old woman and when i arrived to her home she was taken out carried away by neighbor and he told me she the old woman has a broken leg i tried to help but he managed by him self, then i woke up.

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