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Dream About Old Man meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Old man trying to kidnap my sister with eyes dream meaning?

So, I had this dream that I was holding my younger sister's hand (we are very close btw) and kept telling her to keep running. Then some old man with white hair trying to kidnap my younger sister from me, but I was holding on to her and kept telling him to let go. As we were doing so, he tried to kidnap me. I started freaking out and then, when I looked at his face, one of his eyes were white. Like the iris in the eye was white instead of blue, brown, green, or hazel. So please, can anyone give me insight to what this could mean? thanks

Dreams bring messages from your higher self using symbols and emotions you would understand. I believe what this dream is telling you is that you is that there is situation around you where you can loose the things you love and you can even loose yourself. I suspect this is emotional. For example, you may be convincing yourself that you must remain close to home where you feel the caring and the safety instead of doing what you know you should do. It could be about career choices.

Example: Does this old dream mean anything?

a little over a year ago i had a really weird dream. I was getting married and right when the priest said that i could kiss my bride my one friend ran down isle and made out with me right in front of the alter. I woke up screaming! i didn't really understand it because i have no feelings for my friend in the dream. The following night the same thing happened; but one thing was different. The girl never made it down the isle to me. for some reason in my dream security guards tazered and tackled her before she could ruin my wedding. I'm still friends with the girl in my dream but i'm still confused. What does this old dream mean, if anything?

Example: Meaning of Shadow man dream?

Last night I had a dream about this shadow figure. In the dream me and my sister were taking pictures and we were sitting on my bed and she said get your camera and pointed me to this shadow figure.
I couldn't see his face or any details I just saw this shadow of a man. I stood up on the bed and I told him to go away in the name of Jesus and I kept repeating it and he wouldn't go away. He blinked away for a second and then came back and my sister took a picture of him.
The dream didn't scare me , but the shadow man creeped me out a bit. I woke up soon after the shadow blinked and came back. The bed I was sitting on was in my old house and that's where the dream took place.
Any meaning to this?

Example: What does this dream mean (old man)?

What does it mean when an old man dressed in white tells you in your dream that you need to go to the bank and ask for someone named Louisa. In the dream you go and "Louisa" tells you that your great grandfather has left a big sum of money and that you're the only one who can claim it. And then you find out you suddenly have $16 million. What kinda dream is that?

Example: What does this dream mean? about Gay old man?

This morning I dreamed that...well basically.. Idk if it was like a society of all gays or something... But..
Me and my friend went into this place and it was really pretty and colorful ...and she left and I was leaving and I saw this barn which was painted in all rainbow colors..and I saw this old man and his partner I assumed standing by it (I guess they were gay?) ..and I thought that was sweet, so I showed them my heart (hand hearts, ya know?) ..and smiled and he smiled.. And so then I proceeded to walk out the gates if the village or whatever...and he went around and took the long way but yet beat me to the gates (it was like vampire speed lol) and he hugged me. It was adorable. Then I left.but yeah.. I really liked that dream.
What does it mean? Anything?

Example: What is the meaning of dreaming an unknown old man giving a bottle of fresh milk to me ?

i was climbing the stairs in a building where i was going to bring milk , when last stair was remining and i scared to climb more it was so danger and same time an old man told me to stay there and he will bring milk for me and finally he did .

Example: I had this dream with a very scary old man. What does this mean?

In the dream I was getting up from bed then my cat followed me around like always. I then noticed that no one was home. Somebody rang the door bell and I opened it and this old man with terrifying eyes(They were blank and had no emotions) stared at me and my cat hid behind my legs and talked and I acted like it was normal. He said run. His voice was like a little kids voice. Then I scooped him up and ran. My house suddenly grew darker and bigger. I ran into an empty room and my cat jumped into my shirt. I hid in a closet and heard the door opening then the closet vanished and he stared at me and started cornering me slowly and said my name and said 6 3 or 4 times(I am also in that grade). Then my cat jumped off my arm and hissed at him while he was hissing he transformed into a bigger cat and pounced but them old man grabbed him while he was in the air. Then I woke up. What do you think it means?

Example: Weird dream about an old man getting some and I woke up jealous. What does this dream mean?

Here's the dream

There was this old black man who was coming in this empty house, by himsef. It was just me and him. He went in the kitchen, and put down a white plastic thingy (where you carry out from a fried chicken place). Inside it, there was fried chicken, rolls, baked potatoe and potatoe wedges. He seemed really happy, rubbing his hands together and said "S" (the s word) "Good god, this is my baby. Dont touch her"

He quickly took it to his room and close the door. I'm thinking "Man, he must be hungry" After a while, he started hollering and whimpering and grunting. I opened the door, and he was naked, dripping white stuff while kissing a young beautiful brown hair black woman who was also naked. The box was open and the food was gone!

Weird thing was...there was no woman in there when he first went in.

I woke up jealous because he got some and i didn't. Thing about it, he really was not that good looking. He was a dark skinned old aged black man with yellow eyes and missing teeth. He was wearing a tobogan and he looked homeless and dirty. But he had sex with a woman who used to be food!

But what did that dream meant? I'm still trying to figure that out.

Example: What does a dream kissing an old man while his teeth fall apart in yours mean?

We were in an intimate setting, his teeth fell apart in my mouth (gross) then he started sucking on my neck and before we had sex some young guy came in and stopped the whole thing

Example: What it mean dreaming of old man?

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