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Dream About Ogre meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my nightmare dream mean?

When i was really young like when i was 7 or younger i had such a scary dream that it was almost real in a weird way. I don`t remember what happened the day before and it was not a lucid dream. Here it goes. So i am i am laying in bed sleeping. I remember as though i was in first person view just floating in this completely black place, just staring into the darkness all around me, and this enormous ghostly creature appeared in front of me through the darkness and it was huge and it had a red aurora glow from its chest to the belly with a ghostly fog black fog behind it and it grabbed my rib cage with both hands and started slowly ripping my rib cage open i was so scared that it felt real, almost physical. When i felt this thing almost physically ripping me open i just woke up and faintly screamed it was really stressful. i cant remember what i did after that, i know i told my mother and she said it was just a bad dream but thats weird. to get a good picture of it i found an ogre from the video game dragon age and it looked kind of like that but black with a fog behind him and an aurora glow the colour red, and i don`t remember it having horns. So now i am 16 and i have heard lots on the internet lately about E.T.`s and child abduction. I don`t necessarily believe in believe in aliens because there isn`t any facts but i don`t believe we are the only people with an intelligent mind through out the many galaxies and plants. But what does the dream mean its really weird and i have never heard about people having physical pain in a dream

To see a bed in your dream symbolizes a dependent relationship. You may feel the need to be protected and cared for. Your dream maybe telling you to regain some control and independence in your life. Alternatively, it represents a new project of fresh start.

-A dream that you are floating, whether in the water or in the air, can mean that you have been under a lot of stress, and that you need to relax. You need to let go of some of your responsibilities and let other people take care of things for you.

-Floating in a dream can mean that you wish to let go of some of your inhibitions.

-If you dream that you are floating, you might need to take more responsibility for your future. Your dream could be telling you that you are being too passive. You need to take more control over your life.

-A dream that you are floating can be a sign that you are too indecisive. You should make your own decisions and stop allowing other people to make your decisions for you.

-A dream that you are floating in the air can have a similar meaning to a dream about flying. It can mean that you are feeling trapped or unable to express yourself.

Dreaming of darkness could be calling your attention to a fear you have that needs to be dealt with. Darkness also hides one’s surroundings, and so darkness in a dream could indicate that you are “in the dark” about something, and need to find the truth.

The ghosts are representing a part of you that is unclear and that you do not understand. At times, ghosts represent those things that unattainable or fleeting. Demonic type of ghost images may represent your negative tendencies, unpleasant parts of personality or your "shadow." Old superstition based dream interpretations say that dreaming of friendly ghosts is a lucky omen, and that you should be receiving unexpected good luck. On the other hand, if you were very frightened by the ghost in your dream, then others will try to impose their will on you and you must be vigilant in order to stand up to it.

A rib in a dream is usually a pun on something that is upsetting you – something is ribbing you.

If we were to ask ourselves what are the effects of nightmares, we could say that they give us an amazing opportunity for self knowledge and understanding and also the opportunity to overcome the issue and move forward in life. Nightmares give us the chance for deep healing to occur. Nightmares can also occur when we have physiological disturbances while we are asleep. For instance being too hot, too cold, having a fever, having ingested a lot of alcohol or drugs or starting a new medication.
Specific nightmares can often be recurring. Once you address the issues in your bad dream and understand your nightmare you will not have it again. This may be motivation enough to acknowledge the problems your nightmare is bringing to your attention.

Example: What does archetypes mean?

in the literature world.
i wrote
"it will change peoples feelings or thoughts''
but the teacher asked me..
idk im confused.
help me out!
i really need to get a good grade on this essay.

Example: What does this repeating dream mean?

Lately, I've been dreaming of an ogre. It's a classic short ogre with green skin and ragged clothes. He also has a 'house'. He lives underneath my own home and has a little, very obvious, entrance. Every time I have this dream, he used to just lift his door, peak outside, and talked to me as I did whatever outdoor activity. However, that has changed. His entrance has been getting bigger and has started covering my property. In the most recent dream, he completely left his lair. As I got my mail, he was just a few feet away from me, mumbling, and throwing gravel at me (which I managed to dodge every time).

The dream is getting really repetitive and actually quite scary. What does it mean?

Example: Can you interpret my horrific dream ?

i dreamed i was in paris , having dinner with the devil , and he had a great sense of humour and was making me laugh , but as i was eating he ripped my heart out from behind my back with his bare hands , . He put my heart in a treasure chest and replaced it with a silver half-crown coin . then he went up the Eifel tower and tried to hang himself but he slipped through the noose and flew away .

Example: What does this crazy dream mean?

i remember it was like a fallout 3 theme.i was in a sewer and i had to do things and find things to flip an electrical switch that would open up some more of the sewer.daniel tosh was there and he was making jokes about celebrities as usual.a little kid ran by me and got knocked out by a ogre looking guy who stole a salt packet off the kid and ran away.i went further into the sewer and found two dead people in radiation suits and i think i remember a weapon.i don't remember anything after that.

Example: What does it mean if I dreamt about...?

...Being hired by the Queen to investigate ogres living under Buckingham Palace? Also, my co-worker was Adam Vaslet.

Example: Dream meaning? I was in a bathroom and in came in 2 ogre monster butcher covered in poop crap.?

I jumped out of the bathroom it was a mansion 10 stories landed bam! I ranned to another mansion and nice ppl opened door I was resting thene suddenly down the stairs came the butcher whith a ax !?! What it means ?

Example: I had a dream about stabbing a red ogre?

I was in a white bedroom and this ogre was coming at me, so I stabbed it once with a sword and it didn't do the job. So then the ogre was encouraging me, asking for me to stab it again and again and when I didn't stab it hard enough, it would yell and scream at me asking if that was the best I could do. Eventually the thing died, but I cannot for the life of me think of what the dream means

Any ideas?

Example: What does this dream mean?

The other night I had a dream that I was an ogre, but not a green one, like Shrek. I was purple with orang polka-dots. A kid named Jeraldo came up to me at school, and said, "Hey, guess what? YOU'RE AND OGRE!"
In my dream, I started to cry tears of joy. I was proud that I was an ogre.
Just as I was about to stop crying, a small remote controlled plane flew through my classroom window. It had the number 271,238 on it. Underneath this number wrote, "This is the number of polka-dots you have. I counted them.
I was quite frightened, so I peeked out the window to see who had sent this message to me. Lo and behold, there was a lone paper plate on the ground, staring up at me.

Example: What does my dream mean?

*Note, my crush was in the dream. We will refer to him as Bob.

Here's the dream:
I was at a summer camp-like place. The sun was setting, and I was in a workshop with a few of my friends. I noticed that Bob was not anywhere to be found. I panicked, like I knew something bad was going to happen. So I ran outside, and the camp counselors chased me, trying to catch me. But I knew something was wrong. Very, very wrong. I was scared, and I dove in to a bush after spending hours and hours running and searching for him. From there, I somehow got to a creepy, misty, haunted-like house, where I tried to grow flowers while the occupants slept. When the flowers bloomed after about 5 minutes, the people (who turned out to look like a cross between something from Tim Burton's: The Nightmare Before Christmas and the Mucinex commercial) climbed out of the windows of the house, which then split open. I ran, remembering that I had to save Bob. I eventually lost my pursuers and came to a back alley that looked kind of like those canals in Vienna, where a nice Venician-looking man with a New York accent boated down with me down a small waterfall to a dark field like the ones from The Legend of Zelda, and there were boards with dead fruit bats and skeletons of Incan children hanging off of them. I climbed underground, where I found monkey-like ogres in a filling underground swimming pool--the whole room was set up kind of like the underground water room in Sonic Battle Adventure 2. When I kicked all the monkey-ogres' asses, I rescued Bob from a golden cell in the wall. The next thing I knew, I was in a house, very similar to my own. I walked into a room.
And there, in the bed...
was Bob...
with one of my friends...

As the smart people of Y!A, I'm guessing you can guess what had gone on between them.
After that, I woke up, shivering and almost screaming.
I got up, and I was literally sick.

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