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Dream About Ocean meanings

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Example: Meaning of ocean/blue fish in dream?

Ok, i had this dream last night, where i was taking a tour of the beach with my husband and family and each time I looked in the water, I saw blue fish, bright blue with yellow. And the water was a very pretty clear blue, beautiful. What is the meaning behind the ocean/beach and blue fish? Thanks in advance!

the color blue may represent something spiritual, revelation, authority, holy spirit.

the color yellow means a gift, matrimony, family, honor. Depends on how you feel: fear, shyness, timidity.

A fish may means, a humanity soul clean and unclean..

put them together and theirs your answer..

You may have a revelation that you are not willing to share like get married but you may also have a spirit of shyness combined with timidity. you may have a something inside of you that need to get fix..

it that answer you question?

Example: What does it mean to dream of a beautiful ocean scene?

I just had a dream of a beautiful ocean scenery. The ocean water was so beautiful ... It was a clear blue.. And I remember seeing the sand along with the beautiful clear blue water... What exactly does this mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream about lambs and oceans?

So last night i dreamed about me being right next to the ocean and i went inside and i felt something tickling my feet i didnt know what it was till i told my brother to go look he came up and brought a little baby lamb with him. He gave it to me, i was scared and didn't know what to do. I held it and started kissing it on the head. I then started trying to get ahold of a animal shelter or something but i couldn't. I was now next to a pool.

Example: What does this ocean dream mean?

Ugh. Like. The last maybe 6 nights in a row ive had a dream about getting lost in the middle of the ocean. and ive had this one before. But the last couple times its been more... brutal i guess you could say. Anyway Its like, I am lost in the middle of the ocean and i can hear people laughing really loud and ill look in all directions and no one we'll be there. and no shore is in sight of miles. And the water all of a sudden turns pitch black, and its ice cold. And i can feel sharks and spiky fish rubbing up against my legs. and it will cut them. and then i look down and blood we'lll start appearing from the black water and sharks will just surround me and attack me. and ill die. and everything goes black. and then in my dream i'll wake up. and when i wake up. i wake up in the middle of the ocean again. and its the same thing over and over... and its that pressure feeling you get when someone is on your back in the pool. pushing you under. and i have to fight to stay up the whole time because there is nothing to grab onto. and the second one. is where i go into the ocean. like im walking out. and my mom calls my name. and i turn around. and all of a sudden the beach is abandon. theres no one there and the water turns black. and i start walking back to shore and i step in a trench and break my leg and drown. and when i fall under. I see the faces of all these creepy people. and then i see my dad(Who passed away over the summer) and once i get to the bottom of the trench its me laying at the bottom looking up and through the crack i can see my mom and sister in the sunlight looking down at me laughing. and there horrible. i dont know what they mean. but i hate them.

Example: What does swimming in the ocean mean in this dream?

In my dream, us band kids were at the beach. We were staying at a hotel on the beach, which was pretty nice.

I headed out to the ocean with Alex (the guy I like), who was hanging out with some girl, and a couple other people. At first, I didn't want to get in the water, but I kept going in deeper anyway.

It was Alex who wanted to swim in the waves. When we first went out, the ocean was completely calm, the water a kind of dark, stormy seas blue. Once we got out a good deal, I looked above me, and all I could see was a huge, white wave. I held my breath at the last second as it engulfed me. It toseed me around a while, and then brought me back up.

After that, I dove and dove into waves. I was so content with just swimming, that I payed no attention to how much the girl with Alex was flirting with him. It didn't matter just then; I could deal with that later. So I dove and dove, letting the waves tumble over me.

One dive, I dove in the wave, but it took me around and around and around. At first I was going down, then I was going up, then down, then up, until I didn't know which way was which. I wasn't running out of air, but I wanted to make it to the surface. I started seeing light, and when I finally got to the surface, six people were surrounding me. The water, which had been deep and dark before, was now shallow and green with algae.

"We're going inside. Just wanted to let you know," Alex said.

So we all head inside. Once inside, Hannah (my friend) rushes up to me. "I signed you up for karaoke! You're going to sign a song for Alex!"

"Are you kidding me? No! I will NOT!" but a lady there told me that, yes, I was going to. I looked at the door, and sure enough, there was a signup list. That said: Danielle singing for Alex.

Alex passes me and says, "I can't wait to hear my song," grins, and leaves.

Example: What is the meaning of driving into the ocean (dream interpretation)?

I am trying to get some clarification on this dream. In the dream I saw myself at an event/conference. When the conference ended I went to my car and drove off right into the ocean. I kept driving all of a sudden I noticed a lady in the passenger seat telling me I am heading in the wrong direction. I kept driving through foaming ocean waves hitting my car. At one point while driving the foaming waves kept doubling much faster than before and I folded my hands, and bow my head low as if I were praying and the waves pulled my car against a huge mountain with staircases, and I got out of the car and went up the stairs. I saw a lot of people there but I don't remember the conversation I had with them, I woke up from the dream.

Example: What does it mean to dream about the ocean?

I had a dream that I was somewhere very warm and I was at the docks, just staring into the ocean. The waves were calm and the ocean was very clear. There were seagulls chiriping, flying over the ocean and a small boat far out into the sea just sailing. It was also a very sunny day and I was just sitting at the edge of the docks with my feet dangling and was smiling. The sea was beautiful and I felt no stress, no worries.

What does this mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream about the ocean frequently?

Don't say that it means that I want to go to the beach, because there's no reason to be a smart*ss. I'm just curious.

Example: What dies this ocean dream mean?

Okay so me and my friend were walking across this ice trail thing and there was this rope sticking out of the water. There was a sign next to it that said 'Pull for sharks' My friend kept telling me not to jump in, but I did anyways. Than I grabbed the rope but slipt and just kept drifting away my friend couldn't reach me and I just kept drifing. What does this mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream about ocean water?


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