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Dream About Obtrusive Person meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I have had this horrid dream twice ...anyone cares to give a thought ? Thanks?

I was running in my dream with this person who was supposed to be my sister ( and I dont have a sister ) , I could really clearly remember her face. Anyway, we were running away from a group of gang, in a large basement area of some sort , there was these old looking machines in the area, it was dark, but there was yellow lights high above , and there was some sort of metal/iron/steel cage/fencing above and below , there was steam blowing and the noise.

Anyway, we were running from a group of gangs and " my sister " was shot, twice. I saw blood, and I was holding her dying, I was crying in sleep. And I woke up , all painful, sweating and had tears running down my face for real. I could literally heard the sound of my heart beating...

And I saw the dream twice, the first one was ages ago ( about 10 to 12 years ago) and now.

What could this dream mean ?

Thanks in advance

It could of course be a flash of something from a past life... or it could be a flash of something from your Unconscious.
I would say to realise what it is the dream is telling you you would need to first rule out that it isn't coming from something inside you. Perhaps it would be beneficial to think back to the time when you first had this dream. What was going on in your life? How were you feeling during that time?
Death in a dream usually indicates change. Since you had a 'sister', perhaps she represents an intimate part of you that is changing or even disappearing. The machines seem to signify old things - rusted, stale, obtrusive, and noisy. Is there someone or something in your life that represents these qualities? Perhaps conditions in your life are useless or obtrusive, and certain people in your life are holding you back or forcing you to change a part of yourself.

It's so hard to say without knowing what these kinds of symbols mean to you individually and without knowing what your life circumstances are, but it sounds like something you could figure out if you think about what is changing or holding you back currently, whether it is on the outside or inside yourself. If you see no correlation between your life and this dream and no correlation between your current situation and your situation ten or so years ago when you first had this dream, then perhaps it really is from somewhere else entirely.

Either way, I wish you luck.

Example: I have uncontrollable distorted images in my mind, is there a problem?

Often before I go to sleep, or sometimes when I'm just concentrating on something with my eyes closed, the pictures in my "mind's eye" become very distorted and there is no way I can control it. Say, I'm trying to visualize someone walking down the street. Well when I try to visualize that, a number of things happen -

The person appears as small and thin as a skeleton OR can grow so large they take up the entire image. Usually alternates back and forth. An alternation on this is that they can appear VERY far away or extremely close to my face.

The whole thought gets a "picture frame" around it and somehow folds over, rips away or otherwise messes up (hard to explain).

The image seems to be wavering, rippling, bubbling, or other effects like that.

The entire thought gets covered in a "rusty" look - everything I'm imagining has a sickly brown-orange tint covered in rugged black spots. Things usually look like they are "peeling away" when this happens. This is the worst one, because it overrides everything with violent or otherwise disturbing images (most of the time).

Sometimes it will seem like I'm only visualizing out of one eye, it's a little hard to explain.

Whenever I think about sound and all of this is going on it usually sounds very, VERY deep and growling or obnoxiously screeching.

I can absolutely not control any of this - it happens when it happens. It's been that way for many many months. It happens more often and usually with more severity when my mind is restless or I go to bed with a head full of caffeine. But it happens probably 9 out of 10 nights.

When my eyes are open, the walls seem to move or grow, things seem to shrink, I see bugs, and experience other visual disturbances - but these are all symptoms of anxiety I believe. Anyone have any ideas as to what causes this? Any opinion is appreciated.

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