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Dream About Oak Tree meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I have had this dream and I don't know what it means. I was at the beginning at a hiking trail with friends, a big group like six people. You know the area where theres dirt and all the cars are parked before the trail begins, except no one else was there but us. The trail was very long and ran to the top of the mountain which was not super high but very long. It looked like a jungle but no exotic plants just big trees like oaks, more like a forest. We started the journey and I could see us all walking from a movie point of view like i was watching a movie. Then we were all in this house that was in the forest. It was huge, like a mansion. It wasn't nice looking, it was very choppy and open and had many hallways that where very long and had lots of room. It was new looking but had a weird fake feeling to it. The walls were all sorts of colors like red and blue. We discovered someone was dangerous among us, like this one guy was a criminal or something and he had disappeared in the house. So half stayed down stairs and I was up stairs with that guy, i didn't hear everyone saying he was dangerous. He was telling me someone else is in the house that is dangerous and we need to look for them. We were upstairs going down long hallways, then I started to feel very uncomfortable with him and nervous and could feel something was wrong, I just knew then that something was off about him. I got downstairs with all the others but he followed along. Then a couple other people from the group joined the guy I was with and it was obvious they were all dangerous besides half of us including me. I think they were killers but there was no indication. We saw out a window of the house, cops at that beginning area of the trail where my dream first started. We could see them because the house was high up in the mountain. We started running back down to them. They were telling us to hurry but then my dream ended. Weird right? never watched anything or any TV. that I could of picked up scenes, all totally random.

It seems to me that there is someone in your circle of friends that you do not trust. In fact, it seems you feel as though this person might have malicious intent. Do you think they're trying to murder you? Probably not; however, your dream might be saying you believe this person is trying to destroy or kill something of great value to you (e.g. Something you live for).
As for the cops approaching the house before the end of your dream... Perhaps it means you're contemplating about telling the authorities? Or someone you trust and believe has the power to do something?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

Hi guys! I have been having weird dreams & feelings. I just want to know what it al means? The first dream was like a forest full of pine & oak trees I've dreamt this more then once. & the other one is I'm flying on a Broom for some reason? Another one is about my body being covered with thousands of spiders? & is there a reason why ever night when I'm just about to go to sleep my body feels like it's falling and wakes me up again? Plz help thanks!
Ps. U don't have to tell what they al mean- if they mean anything- cuz it's kind of alot. (I've just been having weird dreams lately) thanks

Example: What does it mean when you dream about talking owls?

I dreamed about a white owl with grey eyes talking about destiny. We were in a thick forest but we were standing in a small clearing. All the trees in the forest were oaks, the moon was very bright, there was also a million stars in the sky.

Example: What could this dream mean?! 10 POINTS?

Ok so for the past two nights, my dreams have varied but there is always a part in where I look outside from my window and I have this oak tree and these two big black Labradors, about the size of Great Danes and in the tree and attacking a birds nest and I can see the feathers falling down.
I don't like it much so I shout for them to come down (they're not my dogs btw) and they do, and they just look at me through the window but they don't look vicious or anything but yeah anyway I always wake up like then.
What could this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Just wondering, what does this dream mean? Or at least, what do you think it means?

It starts out I'm slowly, very slowly walking on grass that's not even as long as putting green grass. It's short and firm, and the whole time I'm walking slowly. Then I start to see a big oak tree in the distance, and I start to walk. The grass slowly gets taller, and it's about the length of outfield grass, or lawn grass now. I start to walk briskly as the oak tree is not getting closer, and the grass goes up to my ankles. Then I start to speed walk, and the grass goes up to my knees. I start to jog but the grass goes up to my waist and the oak tree still doesn't get closer. I start getting scared and running, and the grass is still growing, up to my shoulders. I really get scared and start running as fast as I can still eying the oak tree, and the grass is about eye level now. As I run, the grass overtakes me and I no longer can see the tree, and I'm mortified at this point, then after about 30 seconds the dream is over.

I have this dream every night. I'd consider it a nightmare more than a dream, since I wake up every time really scared. So what does this mean? I see this every night.

Example: What Does This Dream Mean?

I've been having this dream since i can remember. i am on a trip to a farmhouse with whoever is currently living in my house in real life. the dream takes place at a farm house that is beside a lake, and mountains are behind the lake. there is an apple tree and an oak tree in the front yard. in the house is a small, old fashioned living room and a large, old fashioned kitchen. i have never been upstairs. the owners of the house are an old couple i've never met, but my mom calls them her grandparents. they never age like the rest of us. the dreams are in full blown detail and colour, and everything seems real. i always feel uncertain about being there, but i can't leave the dream until i get woken up.the dreams are almost the same every time. me and my family arrive in our car, and me and my brother get out and walk to the oak tree. we chase eachother, then go to the house and sit in the living room. we go outside following the elder couple, and pick an apple from the apple tree. i dont know what happened after that, it goes dark. then i wake up.
this time it was different. when we got out of the car with my mom, brother and mom's boyfriend, the trees are dead and the sky has dark clouds. i feel more uncertain, but i still go to the now dead oak tree. when i got there i had a vision. i see human bones under the house and in the lake. i also have a feeling like someone is warning me to leave. i cant, so i go along with it. we enter the house, and sit on the couch. i tell the old couple about the vision, and they just go upstairs with a sinister look on their face. they lock the door behind them. i get up and walk through the kitchen, and out the side door. my mom is looking at the lake and mountains. i stand beside her, and the clouds clear a bit and the sun shines down on the lake and mountains. in a second the clouds close again. i ask my mom when we are leaving and she said "tomorrow morning. its not safe here." we walk over to the animal pen, where the horses are and i feel weird, like something's wrong. the others are still in the house. alone with the old couple.

That is when I wake up. Serious answers only please. But I feel the next time I dream that, something bad will happen to me.

Example: Can anyone tell me what my dream means?

I wake an elm tree, and see a young woman with knee length balck hair and purple eyes holding a hunk of gold in one hand and a book called Battling the Stars in another. I had tried to take the book from her, curious to what it was, and desperate to see the beautiful pictures I knew it had (somehow I knew it was), but she had turned and ran away, too quick for me to catch, and then I woke up.
It's been bothering me, because I feel like it means something. Can someone help me out?
thanks? :D

Example: What does my dream mean? Driving?

I was driving down a long road which I could not see the end too, we were in a old comveble that had the top down and lining the road there were oak trees and it
Was warm out but the leaves were changing color and
Fallng as I was kissing my soon to be wife and i woke up I was asleep for 5 minutes but the dream felt like 5 hours?

Example: What does this dream mean?!?

So I was sleeping then I exited my body and then a angel took me away she had blonde hair and blue eyes and then she took me to the strip to an alley way (I live in Vegas) and then I stepped into a buikding where its was all brick and then she tld me to enter and I followed and them everything went white and in the distance there was a beautiful oak tree I climbed at the top there was steps made of clouds and in the distance was a golden gate I walked forward but then stopped and went down the steps becuase I didn't want to see heaven and the angel said you made the right choice and she said her name was molly and she took me back home. ... What does this dream mean?

Example: Can someone please help me understand this dream?

Ok, l've had this dream quite a few times before but I'm totally confused about it. Right, so I'm at my grandparents' home and I go walking outside onto the street, and it's almost dusk. My brother takes me outside to the corner of the street and tells me to stay under a tree there to protect myself...a big oak type tree (which, as far as i'm aware, there were none of those in my g/parents' street) my brother then walks away with other people and I don't see them again. So while I'm hiding under this tree I hear and then see planes flying over (like 3 or 4 WW2 types). Then in the distance I hear bomb blasts. Now, in my dream my bro and I aren't the age we are in real life (we're much younger, but not too young). And then I'm the only one who's in the street, everyone else has gone somewhere (dunno where). Can someone please help me understand. Sorry if it was a bit long.


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