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Dream About Number meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream of the number 3?

I had a dream about having 3 dimes in my dream and I added them up and they came out to 30, which I thought was strange because the number 3 is still there. This is all happened in my dream. My math is very good and I thought it is weird why I would I add three dimes. If anybody can interpret, please do.

The number three will have a personal meaning to you that no one else can know about. You associate three with money. Many people regard three as a lucky number. The Celts liked the number three as it was easy to remember, they had to memorise everything before writing was widespread. The Celts recorded some of their ancient history as triads. If I was to list three things,the list is neither too long or too short. Perhaps, and this is only a guess, you consider three of something to be a comfortable number to have in relation to financial dealings.

Example: What does the number 10 mean in a dream?

Example: What does it mean when you dream the number 11?

Example: What does the number 13 mean in dreams?

help please - for my friend. For 3 nights straight( or more) she has been seeing/hearing the number 526. We were trying to figure out what the meant and they added up to 13.
She is leaving to another country by next year, does this symbolize anything? Thank you for the help

Example: What does it means when i dream of the number 24 ?

last night i dream of a number 24 ? wat does it means ? AND ALSO FOR ABOUT 10 times i keep having dreams about numbers like 25 ,10 , 9 ,101 , 7 . etc ...

Example: What does mean dreaming with 2 lions and a number?

I had a dream, I saw 2 young lions playing and hitting a box while playing. Every time they hit the box a number came out in the air. It was teh same number over and over. The lions were just playing, and I was like watchhing them from distance. What does that mean?

Example: Dream meaning of the number 10?

I keep seeing the numbers 10 and 1 in dreams. Only thing I read on it that it means new beginnings...what are some other meaning to the numbers? thx

Example: What does the number 5540 mean in a dream?

I had the strangest dream. I dream of this number in amount of money or, least I think. Also, in the dream the person bought me and my husband a house. Anyone have any clues to what this means?

Example: Number 599 in a dream,..meaning?

What does this number mean?

Example: Dream meaning?!A number...?

so this girl approaches me in my dream and says that we should meet,and that her name is 81 LOL
what does that mean? :)))

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