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Dream About Nose meanings

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Example: Cutting nose in dream - meaning?

From the parts i remember last night, there was random bits at the start where i was going up a really wet road with my sister driving and other sister in passenger side, they were chatting away and i was panicking as road was tiny, torrential rain and she was going too fast anyway i was only one without seatbelt - they were looking for something, i lay down at side of street outside museum to do a sponsored sleep, my sister was laughing at me and was showing me fruit in her hands ( i was playing a fruit game on the wii that day so prob from that) anyway i can just remember putting my face to the ground, feeling really tired but worried because i knew i was baring my flesh to passers by - i.e my bottom! because i could feel my clothes riding up, anyway cut to me in a room not far from that place with a young man, he gave me his brown bathrobe which i was really happy with, he then made a bathrobe for himself out of whatever he was wearing and i was impressed! i kissed him, i remember clearly that i pushed myself on him first, then he turned the shower on behind him and we stepped in,

anyway it carried on us kissing then i pulled away and looked at the floor and saw the water and loads of drops of blood everywhere, i just turned and looked at him and said oh god, is that from me? he said really angrily, its your nose! so i got out of the shower to look in the mirror, but he was pulling me back, shouting at me saying don't look! so at first I saw a little scratch, then when i looked again the entire part of my nose was gone and I could see the cartilage etc. like it was huge and all the muscles etc. moving as i breathed- really freaky looking. Anyway he stormed off because i wasnt going to have intercourse with him...and i got really upset that he hadnt told me I had hurt my nose just because he wanted more. i followed him into the rest of the apartment room place and his mum and dad were there, people i've never seen before, just like him - he was ignoring me and giving me the odd dirty look, i went to the kitchen and was crying telling his mum what had happened, she said "We should never have gone to that show, those wolves are dangerous" i.e the wolves had bitten my nose", i cant remember anything else apart from being in a desert like place talking to my male cousins about how to get to some place - it felt like we were all on holiday.

red has been appearing in my dreams a lot- red ribbon

sorry its long!

From a few things you mention, my first impression is to do with the root chakra. The energy centre concerned with the physical body.

The root chakra is situated between the legs at the base of the spine, hence you displaying your bottom! The fact the guy gave you a brown robe suggested to me the colour of earth and grounding, and since you were lying tired with your face to the ground is seems to me that you need to get closer to the earth, whether that be your body, or how you treat yourself physically... perhaps eating more fruit and natural healthy foods?

The guy in you dream is your "animus", according to Jungian thought, the reflection of yourself in an opposite gender form. To connect with him is your conscious and subconscious becoming aligned, and he seems to be an earth symbol for you just now, perhaps to balance with your mind? Do you focus more on mental activity than physical?

Red is generally the colour associated with the root chakra, and since it has been appearing in your dreams a lot I would certainly pay attention to what it may mean.

The nose, according to author of "Heal Your Body" Louise L Hay, represents self recognition, and bleeding nose or literally "nose bleed" - a need for recognition, feeling unrecognised and unnoticed, crying for love.

According to the same book, animal bites represent -fear, open to every slight, and anger turned inwards.

Blood represents joy in the body, flowing freely... so perhaps since you are losing so much blood, there is a lack of joy physically?

Personally, I associate the 'lack of nose' with the varied cultural (Egypt, India, Native America)tradition of cutting of a woman's nose as punishment for infidelity. Since it was your mother who said you ought not to have gone to that show, because of the wolves... implies to me that perhaps you may have sense of infidelity, ie conflict of your own needs versus your parents expectations of you. ( Your mother in the dream is your own internal parent, just as the male is your soul image )

- that to meet your needs would be being unfaithful to a concept of yourself that may in fact no longer serve you.

I'd suggest you find a balance with the needs you have in the here and now, your instincts and urges. Try not to over-parent yourself into denying your vital forces.

The last two links are for Chinese Medicine... since you have the Water falling as rain in your dream, ( Water is linked with fear) ,then lying on the Earth, perhaps the brown robe representing Wood?... plus the red blood which is associated with the fire element and Joy ( as in Louise Hay), it may be useful for you to look up the Five Element, and perhaps consider the balances within your system. There are many sites, though it's hard to find one that's got the right amount of info.. perhaps a book would be a good idea if you are interested. If I had had your dream I would certainly be looking up my chinese medicine book...maybe consider an acupuncture treatment just to rebalance things!

Hope there may be some things here that could help you unravel your dream.
Best Wishes!

Example: What does nose breaking in dream mean?

I had a dream that my boss was angry. He grabbed my nose and started to bend it. I felt the bone in my nose breaking. What does my dream mean?

Example: Crazy dream about nose meaning?

Wonder if anyone can help me out I always like to interpret my dreams but this one has me stumped.
In my dream last night I had burst my nose open. At first was just a cut but opened so much you could see the bone and cartilage. I kept saying how I didn't have too go to hospital but it giot crazy and i could see bit of my brain so I decided I probably should.
Im 35 weeks pregnant so my dreams are pretty vivid at the moment but wondering if that might even have something to do with it?

Example: What does it mean to dream of a tack up your nose?

Example: What does my dream mean? Bloody nose?

Last night i had a dream that my nose was bleeding like mad and then in was in this room with 'the vampire diaries cast' but it was like i was in the programme. Anyway, I ended up in a room with Joesph Morgan and we were like screaming at each other, i don't know what about? My dream makes no sense.

Example: What does broken nose in a dream mean?

i was standing in front of a mirror looking at my nose and it was huge and broken of course and a little bit purple from the bruising, thats all i remember. Any ideas what that might mean?

Example: What dose having a nose bleed in a dream mean?

basically i was standing with two people i care about and then i started having a bad nose bleed then they looked worried then i went down to the floor one of them asked me if i was okay then they disappeared.

Example: What does it mean to dream someone is picking their nose?

I dreamed someone was picking t

Example: What does this dream means (nose broken or decaying)?

from my grandma? I was so scared. Idk what it means? Advice? Interpetation? My grandma passed away over the summer and now I dreamt of her and she was neutral but her nose was shrinking and falling off. I was so afraid...

Example: What does it mean to dream that your nose is broken?

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