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Dream About New Years Eve meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean ?

so this morning i woke up REALLY relieved to find out i was alive. I had a dream that i was a new years party (which is TOMORROW) and i walk out to get something from the car, and while i was crossing the street a white car passed through really fast and it run me over.Right when that happen something like my soul lol pops out and i could see my self laying there dead and there was blood around me. And then everyone walks out and gets around me and calls the ambulance. and there was my ex who runs up to me and starts crying and my boyfriends is the only one who can see my soul so i go up to him and hug him and start crying and i tell him over and over again why did i die tonight when i have alot of things i still want to do in life but with alot of anger and just crying. and then i wake up. and the creepy part is when i wake up to receiveng a forward message on my phone saying " if you die "TOMORROW" i wouldnt be at your funeral for killing the fuckerr who killed you send to 13 friends" i was like WTH ! ( notice the TOMORROWS!) so what do you think it all means ?

First of all, wrong section. There's one for dream interpretation, you might want to go there insteadd.

Secondly... chain mail dream? o.O Interestinnnngggg... Never heard of that before.
Anyways, I think this is a very good dream! If dreams mean anything I think you'll have your hardships the upcoming year, but they'll allow you to start over. It might seem a little paradoxal but this dream is literally telling you that you're entering a new phase in life. Dying in your dreams isn't necessarily a bad omen, but symbolizes inner changes in a positive way. Your death was a bloody one and your friends cried, so there's hardship in this change. However, the car that ran you over was the color white, symbolizing purity, goodness, dignity and new beginnings. It represents a 'clean canvas', so to speak. The number 13 that appeared in your text message indicates the same thing. As a symbol, it's a paradoxical number. It might mean bad luck but it also means both death and birth, end and beginning, and change and transition. New years eve signifies new beginnings, obviously, as well as the death of the previous year so that's pretty much running along the same path.

In a nutshell, this dream isn't telling you that you're going to die at new years eve. Your ex probably symbolize a period of your life that you're going to get over this year through it's fair share of hardships(symbolized by your messy death) and you'll enter a new phase in life. Your current phase will end (as symbolized by all these symbols of death and most importantly rebirth) and you'll get a chance to start over.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a strange dream last night. I was standing in a recording studio singing and then I lost my voice and the man on the other side of the glass was crying. Then, I don't know where this came from, but it was new years eve and it was about to be 2012 and everyone thought the world was going to end and I found my 2011 resolutions list and none of them were crossed out. What does this mean? Any ideas?

Example: What could my dream mean...NEW CHAPTER?

I had this dream last night, about this person's name which was written on the front cover of a book, which I was holding. For about a year now, I've really wanted that person to be a part of my life. So, I was just wondering, as it is New Years Eve, could that dream mean that with a new year starting, I'll be starting a new chapter in my life and that person could be a part of it? I've seen that person a lot in my dreams but I have never seen the name of that person ever in my dream.

What could my dream mean?

Example: Strange dream: New Years Day and frozen chocolate chip cookes?

Hi there. I had a strange dream. In it, I was celebrating New Years with my brother and a high school/college friend I haven't seen since 1999. Of course, it is not currently New Years. But to celebrate, I opened the freezer, and I pulled out frozen chocolate chip cookies. The freezer was filled with 'em. What could this mean? thanks.

Example: What is the meaning of "May this new year bring many opportunities your way,to explore eve"in french langauge?

May this new year bring many opportunities your way, to explore every joy of life and may your resolutions for the days ahead stay firm, turning all your dreams into reality and all your efforts into great achievements.

Example: What does it mean to dream that you are on a roller coaster?

I saw a superstision that if you drink salty water before you go to bed you will dream about your future husband..I went to bed and in my dream i was in time square on new years eve and I went on a bike ride but it ended up being like a roller coaster..does this mean anything? Or was it just a wierd dream? No one else was in my dream besides my aunt and some random girls

Example: On new year's eve, i dreamt that i'm sharpening knives. i was sharpening 3 different types of knives, using a?

using a sharpening stone. Does this carry any meaning?

Example: End of the World Dream on New Years Eve?

i had a dream of a little black girl that wasnt me but i was seeing her in 3rd person and was eventually seeing through her vision as if i was her. i was out on a park having fun then a couple was looking through a telescope and i guess that saw something coming so everybody got scared and ran. then everybody left and i was alone. i guess the girl was blind cuz she kept calling for somebody and she didnt run anywhere she just kept calling the person. then a random guy passed and was like "im going to use her to protect me from the fire" and was going to use me as a shield. then i woke up.

what does this dream mean!?

Example: S0 its new years eve ,?

and i have the flu, 0n day 4 n0w, and its still severe, 0n t0p 0f getting int0 a HUGE argument with my husband all day, think this is a bad sign f0r the new year?

Example: Best place in goa this new year eve?

I am planing to go to GOA this new year eve with my friends..I want to know some cool places to hangout..we are 17 -18 years old So we need some cheap recommendations..we want to do that every thing which teenager nowadays dream..we are planing to stay there from 27 dec to 2 jan.. We are 6-7 guys..

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