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Dream About Nest meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I've been having really weird dreams lately. my first one is dream A, the second one dream B.

Dream A: I went to wash my hair in the kitchen sink. There was a butcher knife in the sink, I didn't know it was there, yet I sensed that it was. I washed my hair and wrapped my hair in a white towel. Suddenly my towel turned bright red with blood and My mom started pressing her hand to my head and I started screaming. What does this mean?

Dream B: My most recent one. I've been talking to this guy I'll call Bob. My dream went like this. "Bob" and I were walking in this long hallway in a college. (Not our college) I was wearing these Pink bermuda shorts with orange and green plaid on them and "Bob" was like "Are those capri's?" and I was like "Bermuda shorts actually" (I NEVER wear anything like them.) But we met up with his friends and as Bob and I were talking they were making fun of my shorts! And then we went to this haunted house where they dressed us up in gone with the wind style dresses. I was just about to go in when I realized I had to go to work.I hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek (I'm not that close to him yet) Bob gave me the keys to this huge like 19 passenger van and I drove to work.

This is so confusing! Anyone who has an idea what either of these dreams mean please let me know! My dreams drive me crazy.


No one, no even the Amazing Kreskin can tell you exactly what your unconscious mind is speaking to you in dream symbols. But because the question seems sincere, I will try to shed some light on the matter.

Dream A:

There is an age that a conflict arises between a mother and daughter, and it is quite healthy. The daughter is maturing and needs to begin thinking of developing her own nest. These battle lines are often drawn around the kitchen, where mom has staked out her territory quite firmly. On an unconscious level you sense this tension, and a warning was given to you in dramatic terms, intended to have an effect. Now it is a part of your conscious mind, and you can use this information to be more sensitive to your environment. Although a knife and blood were used to stimulate your conscious mind, you are in no actual danger.

Dream B:

The strange college was a prop to tell you that you are about to achieve some form of higher learning. But what? The shorts sound hideous and were designed to create humiliation. The ridicule was predictable, and this was a twist on the "underwear dream" where you show up in public almost naked.There is something inside of you that you would like to reveal or confess, but it is too painful just now. So the gentle beating of humiliation takes some of the edge off.

The Gone With The Wind-style dress falls under the category of "dress-up" as a child, or playing house in more adult terms. "I'm not that close to him yet" reveals that at least unconsciously, you are planning a life with this fellow. The last scene sounds more like man and wife, including a vehicle sized for a large family.

The secrets of your inner mind are known only to you and God. Hopefully, this will get you thinking, and some revelation may come of it. Good luck to you!

Example: What does this dream mean? Help.?

I've have had this dream that felt so real that i can't stop thinking about it and also feel that it might mean something...

So I'm in a nice small apartment with a few friends on the terries having a drink. I go inside to get another drink when I hear a baby cry coming from my bedroom (I don't live in a apartment to let you know) as I enter, I see a cot. I walk over and see there is a baby girl inside it. I have no idea why she's there.

I then hear a voice from behind saying "She's yours." And standing in the doorway is my dream woman (let's be honest we all have a dream person we want in life.) this short blond hard woman walks up to me and looks at the baby and smile at me placing her hand on me. It was like she was so happy for me that we a child!

I am only 18 and not really looking for a relationship at the moment and i don't want to have any kids until i'm over 27.

Why was there a baby and why was it my dream girl? does this mean anything? please help.. thanks

Example: What do talking animals in dream mean?

Okay, I had this dream last night that I had to protect two white bunnies from danger. I knew one of them was blind and needed to be closer to me to protect it. I asked which one was blind and the bunny said, "I am!". So I picked it up and carried it while the other one follwed me through the forest. These white baby bunnies had to be protected so that they can create the catalyst for my future hero to exist, so that I in return will be safe...

My future hero was tom cruiz as a samurai...

And we had to get all the game characters that ever existed back into their world because they were wreaking havac and want to harm me and everyone else. I had to find the key to lock them back into their cubes. I finnaly found the key in the nest of spider-man babies...Yeah...I jumped on top of a building using my super human jump and found a large birds nest of short little spider-mans...they had to be protected too...

Yeah it was really random this time...

Example: What does it mean to keep dreaming of birds in nests and me feeding them?

For the last three nights I have had dreams of baby birds and me feeding them butter and stuff. What does it mean?

An old dream book says it means I am nourishing my spirituality but I dont know what it all means... Do you?

Example: Bird dream meaning?

Last night I had a dream about this amazing bird. He isn't any type of bird, just something my mind created. He was light gray, with a white chest, and a red triangle on his head, dark sensitive eyes, white on the inside of his wing, and a black beak. His body shaped almost resembled a woodpecked, but stronger. He had landed in my house, and was communicating with me, however he wasn't talking. Just sitting perched on the table. He was happy, sensitive, masculine, and very friendly. Then he took me outside, and for the rest of the dream he was my guide. He took me into my yard, and showed me dozens of catepillars on the sidewalk. The catepillars were very beauitful and colorful. Some were red, yellow, light brown, blue, all colors! He wanted me to pick one up and we examined them together. But there was no talking, I just knew what he was saying. Then after he showed me the catepillars I woke up. Does anyone know what this means? Thanks for your help!

Example: In a dream, i saw two birds, both were storks, male & female, white and black, in a nest. what does it mean?

aside from the obvious references to birth and "nesting", does anyone have an idea what this dream means? i don't know which bird was male and which was female, the white or the black. they were in the nest together. any ideas?

Example: What does an old house a rat and a flying black bird going to the attic to nest in a dream mean?

Example: What is the meaning of a dream where I see a crow`s nest?

I saw it an apartment where I lived (where I grow... I lived there during my childhood and early adolescence)
I left my former home 6 years ago

Example: What does this dream mean?

i dreamt i was lying on rocks and an eagle was pecking my organs out of my body. what could this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

This is REAALLLY weird okay? but I had a dream I was swallowing birds out of a nest, and i remember the last bird crying to me and then I woke up crying out of guilt because i ate the other birds. Im so cunfused. what could this possibly mean.

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