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Dream About Near Death Experience meanings

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Example: Near Death Experience in a Dream?

dream I had last night:

I walked up a stairway and I was on a highway but it was inside of a parking garage and I was just walking. And up ahead I could see this car with a camping trailer attached to the back of it and it was going in the same direction as I was walking and it started to lose control and swerve. After a couple swerves it spun out of control and completely changed directions and started spinning towards me. But I couldn't move, all I could do was stand there as it was speeding towards me and it stopped probably 2 feet away from me. And I freaked out and ran back down the stairway but realized that I should probably make sure the people were okay, so i ran back up and they were gone. So I ran over to the parking garage attendant and told her what happened and I was really frantic, but no one cared I was trying to show everyone what happened but they were looking at me like I was crazy.

What does a near death dream and no one paying attention to me mean?

I think it means you are afraid and feel alone. And, you maybe be afraid you won't stop feeling alone.
Death is scary, so that's natural.
Being alone isn't always scary but it generally isn't a good feeling.

Example: What does my dream and near death experiment means?

On Christmas Eve around 7 or 8 o' clock A.M I had a dream, right after I listened to God songs, singing God musics,praying, reading the Bible, and ect(all night), that I went skydiving(alone) and as i jumped off there was one person(who i didnt know) who also jumped off. but when I was getting closer to landing, for some reason my parasute wouldnt open so the person next to me started laughing at me and saying negative things. but when i asked for help, an angel sudently appear showing me how to float. once i started to float, the person who was laughing at me he's parachute couldnt open either so he continued to fall. But here is a twist, while i was having that dream for some reason i couldnt wake up(this time it wasnt a dream,it was really happening), i felt like i was about to die. then suddently i hear a loud clear voice of an angel in my dream telling me to wake up. After few minutes struggling to wake up i finally, somehow, i got up. my feeling went from fear to extremly happy and peaceful as soon as i got up(til the rest of the day). I told my mom she say it was a good dream. And by the way this was the first time i had this strange experiment, just when I started to get closer to God and everyday I pray to be able to hear and see my angels
So what do you guys think this dream and near death experiment mean? Is my mom right about it being a good dream? Is this an answer to my prayer? Please tell me, I really want to know what you think? And thank you very much

Example: What does it mean to dream about death/near death experiences?

For a while I've been dreaming about either my friends trying to kill themselves/dying or that someone is trying to kill me. Recently the dreams have been scaring me so bad they wake me up or I wake up crying. They are causing me to lose a lot of sleep and stress me out. I am always paranoid. I'm now afraid or storms, the dark, driving, and being alone. What does it mean? It's starting to affect my life negatively.

Example: What does this Near-Death Experience dream mean?

Ok so I was dreaming that I was in a Near-Death Experience and all of the sudden I floated up to heaven. In heaven, there was this little house or room floating up in the sky and I was exploring it. In the dream, I was floating all over heaven playing a game like dodge ball. There were these little balls all coming towards me and all of the sudden i woke up in a hospital room with a doctor. Then the doctor told me that he saved my life. Then I woke up in my own bed. What does that mean? I'm just curious.

Example: What could this mean? Is it a dream? Near death experience? Something else?

My friend took 30, 10mg oxycodone APAP 325mg tylenol, within 4 hours. It was an attempt of suicide. That night, he laid down to go to sleep and he said he dreamed of this:

It started out with some normal random dream.
That dream switched, and all of the sudden he, my friend, was in a dark room, on a hospital bed in a corner. He found a person sitting next to him, grabbed that person and started forcing a whisper out saying something unknown, like a different language, but knew what he was trying to say, which was "turn on the lights". Then the person sitting next to him that he grabbed yelled out "somebody turn on the lights", and the hospital room door opened, and a nurse came in and turned on the lights.
Right after the lights turned on in the dream, if it was a dream, he woke up, and his heart started pounding harder than it ever did in his life.

Can anybody tell me theories or any answers of what might have happened? If this was a near death experience, or just a dream, or anything else?

Example: My mum had a near death experience...what does it mean?

when my mum was having my brother (now 14) she nearly died and she said she remebers having a near death experience where she was in a church floating over her body and looking down and saw people preying for her.
is this like a realistic dream becuase your body is shutting down?


Example: Are near death experiences realer than dreams?

My question is for anybody that has had a near death experience. When you had your near death experience, was it as real as real life or did it seem more vague like a dream? And for that matter, was it in fact more real than real life as I've hear some nde people say before? Please explain.

Example: Near death experience?

I've had a dream a while ago:
I was laying down on my bed and I've felt that I somehow left my body for a minute.. It's hard to explain but its like I kind of flew and left my body laying on the bed and it was blur all around! I actually felt it even though I knew it was a dream then! At that time someone spoke to me but it wasn't clear at all.
What could it mean? A sign from God that my death will be soon?
I'm 22 and not very religious but I do believe in God and life after death.

Example: Near death experience dream?

I had a dream that I was in the hospital and I just got of a surgery or something and it was a complete success and as soon as the doctor was about to unhook me from the moniters I went into a shock I began lossing blood and I was about to pass out any second I could speak or nothing and I had low energy and the doctors had no way of helping me so they began sending me to another hospital I was going to die any minute and I could feel it I remeber praying and telling god that its not time for me to go and I'm not ready to go yet please do take me and I remember I kept repeating it and eventuality didn't die... What does this dream? mean why did I have have this dream?

Example: A dream of fire and near-death experience?

I had a dream where I was cooking and my sleave caught on fire and I reached for the sink (less than arms lenght away) and before I could turn on the sink my whole body was already in flames... what does this dream posibly mean

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