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Dream About Native Country meanings

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Example: I want to know what this dream means?

I had this experience when I was younger, I swear it was real but maybe it was just my childish imagination going way to vivid. I was like 3-5years old. I lived in the country at the bottom of this mountain and i was at a friends who lived near by, her back yard was fat then it would start going up hill with a bunch of tree's and forest. And I remember we were playing then I looked up, we like all froze in the positions we were in and I looked up to the mountain. There were two wolves. One female. One male. They both just looked at me, the female gave me this look, like really kind eyed look and she sort of stepped forward. But they weren't normal at all, they were clear but a bit blurry on where their bodies were s'posed to be, lined with electric blue. I then looked back to my parents who were just cooking on the BBQ with my friends parents inside. Then I looked back at the wolves and they turned and walked away back into the mountain.

Then about 2-3 years ago I had this weird dream, it's actually bugged me for years. I was out walking around and I saw this dog and young wolf sleeping under something. and I brought the wolf home pretty much because it would follow me around and talk to me. I don't remember what he talked about. He was like my own pet not even a pet more like best friend/pal what ever you want to call it. He was white with a bit of grey ad stuff in his fur. I remember one point he was sitting on my bed in my room and he said something like "I'm your totem" I have been told since I am of Native american decent that your totem comes to you in your dreams or even sometimes in real life if you see it a lot.
But what do you think this means?

What the heck tribe are you from? (Don't tell me...your family has that myth that your great-grandma was a cherokee, right?)

Wolves have nothing special to do with native americans. (In fact, in my tribe, it's an insult to call someone a wolf. And we shoot wolves)

"Totem" is from the word for "clan". Your totem is a symbol of the family you were born into. You don't choose or find your "totem", it's the emblem of your mother's clan. That's all. This whole nonsense about "animal spirit guides" and " totem animals" is an invented concept of the new age movement, and has NOTHING to do with any native american tradition or belief.

So whoever told you that crap about animal totems was full of it. It's a made-up idea.

p.s...are you saying a 3-5 yr old can tell a male wolf from a female at a distance? Seriously? Think about this: I doubt when you were that age that you could have told them apart if they'd been lying on their backs at your feet.

Oh, and I dreamt of hamsters a few years ago. I also had a pet hamster when I was 6. Can't be coincidence, could it? I think hamsters must have some special caucasian meaning. My maternal grandmother was caucasian...What do you think it means?

Example: Could my dream mean what I think it does?

My brother started talking to me about wanting to look up our ancestors but seeing as how we're mostly native american, we might not be able to. That night I dreamed that my family and I were in a house where the temperature was cold outside. Then a family of polar bears (a mom and 2 or 3 cubs) came into the room we were in. At first I was a bit scared but then they turned into a woman and her children. They looked like they had the same features as my family does but their skin was a bit whiter than ours and they were all wearing white clothes. They sort of looked like eskimos or inuits (don't want to be offensive). They were all smiling and talking to us as if they knew us. The mom (which somehow resembled my mom) let us hold her youngest child which was a baby in a white shawl-like thing. It was the cutest baby I have ever "seen" because it wouldn't stop smiling and laughing and rubbing its nose against ours. we gave the baby back to the mom and they had to leave. And I can't remember anything after that.

I know it may seem silly but from a nonscientific and more spiritual point of view, could they have been my ancestors or what do you think? Thank you. :)

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I had when I was about 10 years old, and came back to me last night, slightly different, but with the same ending. I will skip most of it, and get to where I want to find out what it means.

I was walking with three people I remember, but don't even know. 2 were native men, and one was a young lady like myself. They appeared in my dream when I was 10 as well.

Anyways, we were hiking through back country, and just crossed a river. we climbed a hill when suddenly we heard a pack of wolves. One of the men said, not to worry, as they were friendly, so we continued walking. As we continued, the wolf pack seemed closer, and we all started to get nervous. Suddenly, the bigger native turned around and said that we should start running, and as we did, the wolf pack was chasing behind us.

We managed to get onto a small cliff, that was barely a lip sticking out from the side of the hill. The young girl ran off, up the hill. The 2 men and I stayed behind. There was about 20 wolves beneath us, and they began jumping at us. Finally they got up, and all of us were fighting with the wolves.

We were bitten, scratched and bloody. Very bloody. But we managed to kill all the wolves by hand. Afterward, smaller man disappeared, and I was left to carry the bigger man. He was badly injured and bleeding horribly. As was I. I carried him to a old church, that doesnt exist in the town where I was. Up stairs I filled a bath tub with water and laid him in it, and washed his wounds, even though I was still bleeding. I helped him out, and wrapped a towel around his waist and sat him up on a chair. Now, in my first dream when I was 10, he died. But in this dream, I remembered that part in the dream, and even told myself that he as going to die. So I kept him awake, and used my cell phone to call 911, but they wouldnt listen, saying that the church I was in didnt exist, and that they couldnt find us. I also realised that the other girl had many cuts and bite marks, but she did not bleed.

Can you tell me what this dream means?

Example: What does it mean to dream in your family's native country?

My family is from Dominican Republic. I never been there before but other people in my family have went. I have dreams there a lot, I had dreams of me arriving there and going to the house of my aunt or by this river that I always dream with. I do plan to live there someday but can someone tell me what this mean?

Example: Can anybody write an essay Why many immigrands have been sending their children back to their native country?

Can anybody write an essay Why many immigrands have been sending their children back to their native country during summer vacation? and what are benefits

Example: What do you think belonging to a country really means?

Do you think it means holding passport of that country? Or perhaps being born there... living there through a certain period of time? Dreaming of that place?

Example: How do dreams differ from country to country?

I have a report to do and I need to find information of whether or not dreams differ from country to country with an emphasis on Japan, Indian, Native American, and the good USA. How might the Japanese classify "falling" in a dream opposed to Native Americans? Any help?

Example: Dreams ... what are they? What do they mean? Conscious while dreaming ...?

Sometimes when I dream, I do not like what the dream is about and therefore before I go to sleep I repeat this to myself ... "whatever you dream of ... it is just a dream, not real, just a dream ...
Just like I said, it happened.
I was having a dream and I was stress and nervous in it, "they were chasing me, the national security of my native country" so I said this to myself "This is just dream, just a dream" and then I woke up.

Other times while I am dreaming, In my head I remind myself it is just dream, but the dream continuous and I don't get affected by it. I just let it go ... and forget about it when I wake up.

Well, this afternoon a took nap, my mom was typing on the computer and I could hear her typing ... while I was also dreaming ...
What I dream this afternoon somehow I remember it, as if someday I did not finish this specif dream and this afternoon I was trying to finish it.

In the dream I was able to contact this native woman from a tribe. She was very hard to contact and will deny anyone who would come to her, nevertheless I was able to contact her so all the natives where amazed, she grabbed my shoulder and took me with her, I had a translator and while all the natives where yelling and amazed, I just remember telling the translator to tell her to "Tell me the truth, just tell her to tell me the truth"

In that moment i was conscious of what was happening in my surrounding, and I did not wanted to wake up, I could also hear my mom type in the computer, and it was bothering me, I could feel her silence and I knew that she was inside my e-mail account, and that's when I woke up really fast, and very weird i told my mom, "She was going to tell me the truth, the truth" I need to go back to sleep ... So i reach the computer and i log out, so that she could enter into her e-mail account, and just like i sensed she was inside my email looking at my spams lol.
I went right away and i close my eyes, I put my mind into the last time when the native woman grabbed me ... but nothing happened, it was just me trying to finish the dream, but i couldn't.

What are the meaning of dreams, why do they happened , and what is this truth?
And how come I can dream and be also conscious about what is happening in my surrounding, this is not the first time it happened, I remember something like this happening when I was a child, other times I just remember for a while but then forget about it.

Is this normal?

Example: Dreams : What does it mean seeing "Jaggery" in dream?

It is Jaggery not Sugar ...

Example: What does this dream mean?

Hi can someone please explain this dream for me key parts of it i cannot
find online in dream dictionaries

I Was in a foreign land it seemed like New Zealand/Hawaii with all my family/cousins and we we're all hungry so we decided to a restaurant. We got there and ordered everything and along with our food they brought a bowl of like these large roasted maggots. Nobody wanted to try them but my brother seemed to love them and kept eating them

During our dinner the waiters kept pestering us for the money but we kept telling them that my sister in law would pay it the check was an outrages 4500 i don't know if it was dollars or not

also during dinner my cousin went up to a woman and complemented how cute her baby was and i turned and seen a toddler with a middle aged woman's face and it appeared to be pregnant but in the dream i felt that it was "cute"

after dinner this countries native looking man handed me a macadamia nut but it kept falling on the floor and i couldn't pick it

if anyone has any idea about this dream or if not it's fine too i can use to it keep a account of this dream to remember

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