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Dream About Napoleon Bonaparte meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: How many hours do you sleep? Is sleeping a necessary evil?

I'm 19 and I sleep 8 hours a day on average, however it depends from season to season, in winter times I'm most likely to sleep more hours than I do in summer times. Additionally I heard that scientists still haven't figured out what sleeping is for. Of course, obviously, we can't be living without sleeping. Great personages such as Napoleon Bonaparte used to sleep merely 4 hours a day. How about you?

Sleeping has symbolic meaning as well, but far as the body is concerned it needs time to rest, to heal and to recuperate. But sleep is the most vulnerable time in which the human soul comes under attack by demons. Dreams, thoughts etc are implanted in our minds and we awake sometimes and they seem to nag us, this is when you must get the word of GOD out.

Sleep is what the bible calls non believers, sleep is what the bible calls those who are unaware of what kind of world they live in. When you are sleep you dont know what is taking place around you. We sleep for rest, but to say its evil cannot be proven.

And do you think that napoleon as a great man?

Example: Please listen to what i have to say, and dont report it.?

I don't really know what it is, but you know how they say Adolf Hitler and Napolean Bounparte were the anti christs? And that one day one would come and rule the world? Well I think it might be me. I'll tell you why. I've always had ambition to take over the world and have been fascinated with the Military tactics of Hitler and Napolean. But recently ive been having dreams about Hitler, not like how you see him on T.V. I mean like as in I am him. I woke up all sweaty last night to watching an army of brownshirts march before me. 2 weeks ago I had a dream of April 30th 1945 wich incase you people didn't know, was the day Hitler shot himself. I drempt about exactly what happend that day in his shoes. Marrying Eva Braun and shooting himself in his bunker. If I could type more I'd tell the whole dream but theres no room. Feel free to comment on this but please do not aim any hate to me. I mean nothing bad. I'm trying to figure out why the dreams are happening.

Example: Why god makes me like this?

hey friends..
here whatever i talk i will open my full heart here which i don't know why i cant share with others..
frnds the big problem i am facing from ten years is that i m short guy comparing to my peers i m just 5'3 ...and now i m at 21...
i did exercises and a lot ...but cant help me any more...
as i always desire to be like others..i cant forget this thing from my mind...
i always think y god make me like this?
As i m hardworkin person i all get job and all that but i always think my short looks affect my career...
i think due to this i may not do progress... i have lost confidant totally now...i m blaming my father 4 that and i always angry upon him...i know its wrong but i ask y my father gives me this shorter looks..
when i try to forget this thing and try to concentrate on my work...someone comes and reminds me about my shorter looks..
so i ask why this only hpn to me?
As i want to reach at big stage i may suffer frm this...
i hv not yet shared this to my family
ans m

Example: RHH Tournament Round 1 Day 2: Eason vs. Jerry?


Let me take you on a day of my life.
Where I know a lot of baby dads but never no wives.
Where kids are born in the same situations alike.
Men running out so its up to moms to help her offspring survive.
I walk the streets in the day but there’s no sunshine.
Teens throwing up gang signs high decreasing sunlight.
A crazy, topsy turvy life when the lights are out.
It’s from the fire spread from shootouts, n*ggas get popped.
But yet I succeed, Young E when I speak spew heat.
I shoot those verbs which makes those n*ggas killers like me.
I school to learn I realized to be all I can be.
Is to finish Morgan State and get my Bachelors Degree.
Majors just been decided, got to Business Administrate.
Changing Maryland’s lukewarm, unethical state.
Superstars tend to stay with the city they came.
Reframe from being lame, Baltimore I praise.

I got yall out on the surface. Time to break yall into what I go through now.

Example: How one becomes a leader?!?

Example: Did Talleyrand support "stick" (strong absolutist) rule?

His political allegiances shifted so much its difficult to tell. Did Talleyrand ever support the idea that it better to govern the people by means of one absolutely powerful ruler, who is seen as a punisher of the wrong, rather than a nurturer of the "good"?

Example: Empirical evidence of God!? Part 2!?

Wikipedia definition - Empirical research is research that derives its data by means of direct observation or experiment, such research is used to answer a question or test a hypothesis (eg - Dreams exist).

Now about evidence of dreams - We can hook someone up to an EEG and watch the different brain wave bands change in such a way that is only related to dreaming during human sleep yada yada yada...

But what about historical figures like Napoleon Bonaparte and Federick Barbarossa? We know the existed but what about EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE (research that derives its data by means of direct observation or experiment, such research is used to answer a question or test a hypothesis) OF THEIR EXISTENCE! None! Historical data u say?

What about historical data about this guy called Jesus in the bibl, Torah and the Koran?

Is historical data enough to prove that Napoleon and Barbarossa existed? If yes then why not Jesus or God (the king of Gods and the supreme being and not the lesser gods or dieties)

Example: What do the french think of marie antoinette and louis today? also why were other european royalty ruined also?

In retrospect, what does the average french person think of marie antoinette and louis? It seems historical retrospect gives sympathy to them. Is this accurate sympathy or just romantic looking at the past. What is true and how do we know? They are both made out to be very innocent now. Is it possible they were both bad and innocent? In other words, is there balance in their charcater?

From what I read that was the last of royalty in france. Do the french feel remorse for getting rid of their symbols? Why did the english not react in a similar way, instead keeping theirs? And promoting them with tax money? Not that it is bad, I mean why the different reactions?

Also, when they royalty fought to have power, did they somehow know in their guidelines of education received that there could be a revolt or an end to their families? How did they come to accept these fates for the future?

It seems to me a royal person, back in the day, would be isolated from the common man, therefore not able to understand thoroughly the needs and therefore out of touch. To me, no matter how much you read (big reader here) one can not know the reality of the world without experience and travel. So it seems they were just figureheads in a sense reliant on advisors, yet crucically relying on instinct to see if the talents of advisors were correct and true.

What do you make of this? Also any good non fiction books recomendations on the matter is truly appreciated.

Example: What do you people think of my essay?

Freedom. What an inspirational word. Freedom, to me, means to be able to walk, talk, dance, prance, swirl, and twirl without anything or anybody stopping me. I want the freedom to challenge what the media say about religion. I want to be able to praise and worship my God without any atheist or agnostic telling me that I’m some simpleton who worships some guy in the sky. Freedom is being able to make choices in my life without the government telling me what to believe or not. I should be able to pursue the goal of happiness without anybody trying to abridge my pursuits.

Everybody has a distinctive perception of what freedom is. To African Americans, freedom means having the right to vote, not having to be persecuted for communicating with someone of a different background, or to be able to go to school with Whites, Latinos, Asians, etc. For multifarious Americans, freedom means having the right to own a gun and to speak one’s mind without the trepidation of being jailed, losing one’s job, or even harmed for it. For the impoverished, unemployed, or the sick, freedom for them is being able to find a job, get a shelter, or get better without engendering fear in others. Freedom differs from person to person.

“Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools” Ever heard of that quote? Napoleon Bonaparte was precise when he said that the world wouldn’t be the same if people didn’t dream the impossible. Without the freedom of imagination, our planet would be uninspiring. Just envisage how our lives would be different if we didn’t have the telephone, internet, airplanes, microwaves, television, Facebook, penicillin, Youtube, and other conveniences we now take for granted. These imaginative inventions have incredibly made life easier and vastly improved the quality of our lives. The human mind is like a fertile piece of land that blossoms under the appropriate conditions. With freedom of imagination, a lot of things are possible.

Notice how all these inventions have taken place in democracies.

Note: I didn't finish the 4th paragraph because i didn't know what to write. Offering me some tips on the 4th paragraph would be great!

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