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Dream About Naked meanings

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Example: What does it mean when u dream ur naked?

i dream this alot! what does it mean

Nakedness in dream can symbolize few things depending your situation.

1. Lack of self confidence - projecting being naked may mean that you feel low in self esteem and self confidence.

2. Looking for attention - This may apply to females most of the time. When you projected being naked, that may mean you need others to notice you more.

3. Sexual desire - if reality you are not getting enough desire, perhaps, you release it in dream.

Examine your life, and you will know which one you belong to.

Example: What does it mean when you dreams your naked?

Example: What does it mean to dream, a naked guy in my room?

Example: What do naked dreams mean?

When you are naked in your dreams but no one notices.

Example: What does my Naked dream mean?

I dreamed that i was taking a shower in public.pletely naked...ppl were looking at me..
I wasn't embarrassed at all..it felt good showering...what could this dream mean?..It felt truly real.

Example: What does it mean when you dream a naked individual?

I am getting married on July 26, and I have been calling my brother who is a groomsman to try on his suit for the past week. Last night I dreamt that he finally came, but he was completely naked. I asked him whats going on he said nothing. As he passed me he said he wanted to use the toilet. He couldn't wait though, he started right there and proceeded to the toilet. when he finished, he went to take a bath outside in view of everyone. What does this mean.

Example: The meaning of me dreaming im naked?

ok..so i like ALWAYS have the STRANGEST most RANDOM dreams EVER. but last night was SO awkward...there were like a bunch of guys i knew sitting down on these chairs and i jump on stage and im like randomly naked? and i start pole dancing naked? WTF? im no slut in person an d i dnt watch pporn or anything.. wat does it mean..it seemed like i was happy and proud dancing naked on stage infront of these guy i knew but i kinda hated some of them? wat does it mean? but then it all changed i was in clothes right after tht

Example: What does my dream mean?Me naked?

I had a dream that i was naked in school and that i went into math class and the teacher said "you are late:.. than i found my underwear on the table? it's pretty weird hah?

Example: What does it mean to dream of someone else naked?

I drempt my mom naked with 2 short guys in bed. And my mom also had a dream that same night that I was complety naked. What does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?Dream about being naked?

I recently had a dream about being naked, which I found really weird b/c ive heard of dreams like this but Ive never ever had one before. Aniways, the dream went sumtin like this:

I was sittin in a comfortable art classroom, pretty bright and upbeat looking, and I was sitting at an art table with some other people, I remember my ex was there and some of my friends and then some random people.

We were all naked, but covering the 'key areas' lol but i remember at one point I accidently shifted my hand but soon covered back up. No one was awkward about it, we were all pretty calm, I dont think anyone even talked in the dream.

We were all pretty chill, it was like there was an idea of modeling for art but that wasnt really what we were doing.

What does this dream mean?

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