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Dream About Mustard Seeds meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

ive been sleeping for 13 hours straight and just woke up (its like 5 in the morning right now) and i couldnt help but ask about a crazy dream i had while i was asleep. i woke up in a hallway, there was a machine gun in my right hand and a grenade in my left. the hall ways were lit quite poorly, everything had a shade of black on it due to the lack of light. a man was in front of me, he looked like doctor, he had a gun too. he was talking to me about something and then ran off. suddenly, these monsters came out of no where...they were covered in exstatic vines that were red, they looked like veigns almost. the monsters themselves had the bodies of beetles (these monsters were bug-like but coated in these stringy maroon vines) and they were attacking me. i had a weapon so i walked down two all ways, fighting these things but suddenly my dream took a turn. i kept walking, down, down, down the hallway, the flourescent lights dimly revealing my path. there was these painting to my left, coated in the maroon vines. the vines, or paintings were speaking to me. near the end of my dream, i was confronted at the end of a hallway by one of the beetle-like-creatures, it was standing up right, its belly revealed (layers of exo-skeleton sapped over one another and a mustard seed yellow but dauler) i threw an explosive at it and it then disenegraded while the vines around it clung to a painting next to it. i looked directly at the painting the vines clung to. the vines were throbbing and beating like a heart while a voice echoed in my head "the vines spoke to me as i curled my fingers around the 100 year old stairway". i woke up in pure awe. the dream was so authentic and odd. im 14 and ive never had a dream like this (or one i couldnt remember)...can you help me analyze it?

Very cool dream - great detail. It does have meaning, and I could take a crack at it, but I would need to ask and have you answer questions, and it is difficult to do that in this form.
But the best advice I have is for you to have a really good dream analyst I know interpret it for you. She does it for free if you let her make a podcast out of it. You can check her out at dream.au, but to get in on a free podcast, email her (her name is Jane Teresa Anderson) at thedreamshow@lifestylepodnetwork. You can listen to one of her more than 100 podcasts to get a feel for what happens on the podcast.
If you don't want to go the expert route above, cut and paste your dream into lastniteidreamt, and we can go back and forth with questions and answers there.

Example: I just became a vegetarian and need more protein?

I only recently became a vegetarian and I don't think I'm getting enough protein. I had a dream that I accidentally ate a ham sandwich, and my mom said it's my body telling me I need the protein from meat. What can I eat that will give me a sufficient amount? Thanks! :)

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was at my biblecollege reunion and a friend came up to me with a tarot card ask me what it meant, i didnt look at the card but started praying for the friend. After I prayed I tore the card up and put it in the trash can. My exwife didnt think the prayer was good, but i said if you have faith as a mustard seed, then you will say to the mountain move from here to there, it will move from here to there. I was holding my fingers like there was a seed there and it was glowing. But then i started hanging around the trash can. and carrying it around, like the card had some kind of power over me. i was carrying the trash can around with me.

Example: What does my dream mean?

i have 2 dreams over & over can someone tell me what they mean?

1st dream i find myself dreaming that i can do weird stuff with my hands like pick up objects w/o even touching them!

2. i dream of a. the end of the world b. dying! well in each of these 2 dreams i remember saying Jesus Save Me over & over

is god tryin to tell me that if i get on my knees and ask jesus to to save me he will give me power to do things i might not be able to do very easily?

Example: Had this dream. What could it mean?

I firmly believe in dreams. Im a muslim girl. Had a dream with kalma tayyabba written on the sky. It appeared three times. And its translation appears three times. As if it was blinking. It was written in glowing silver color jn black sky. Something from the earth went up to the sky that popped up as kalma in sky.

Then i saw my sister in the kitchen. She had a big plate of mustard green. She also had butter on it and fennel seeds. She had fennel seeds to have their smell in food. And she threw away the part of mustard green after it had absorbed fennel and butters smell. She threw some of the mustard green in the garbage. And i woke up with a fast heartbeat. Tears in eyes. Because before going to bed i had asked Allah about my future.

Example: What does "love" mean?

Example: What does this dream including the hem of a garment mean?

And it ties into this: I had a weird dream that I was at the helm of somebody's garment but instead of touching it, I turned away because of fear and overwhelming feelings. In the dream I was thinking about Biblical people when all of a sudden I saw the hem of a garment. I wonder if I need stronger faith to believe that God will heal me because I have been very sick and especially at night. Maybe I may have gotten healed or maybe in real life I can get healed but I am too scared to have faith. Any thoughts?

Example: What is the symbolism of a Mustard Seed?

I just wanna know what the mustard seed symbolizes. I know there is a parable about Jesus comparing the mustard seed to the kingdom of God :) If someone could just tell me what the symbolism of a Mustard Seed is , it would be much help. I had a dream this morning of and image of a bird with its eye being a mustard seed and I would like to see what this means :)

thanks :)

Love Light and Peace :)

Example: I had a dream can you tell me what it might mean?

Can anyone tell me what this dream might mean?-me and my step father who I don't know if he is dead or alive was talking about if we would go to heaven, that's what he asked me. I told he if he had faith like a mustard seed he we would, that Gods finger prints where every where and if we believed in him, that in its self is the seed.

Example: Help explaining my Dream?

So i had a dream, that i was at a mountain, looking over a city and the view was nice. So i also remember giving a set of instructions on how to get to the mountain(I still remember them). So what do you think this means? Should i be interested in going to the mountain cus its close by. Also i use to go to church alot cus im christian, but now i dont. can that mean anything?...PS...i dont know why, but i also remember just knowing that the current pope was dead. although i dont think that means anything, cus i dont follow catholicism, might that mean anything?...thanxs

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