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Dream About Murder meanings

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Example: Dream meaning- murder?

I believe in dream symbolism and enjoy picking apart my own dreams. Anyway, I had a dream I was murdered, I won't go into details, but the only info I can find regarding dreaming about murder is murdering someone else, not being murdered yourself. Anyone have info on that?

The meaning of your dream comes largely from your experience and associations with what is happening in the dream. I wonder what it felt like to realize you couldn't outrun the murderer? It is possible that the dream is trying to get you to look at feelings around some trauma in your life. Do you have any association with being "back stabbed"? It is also possible there is some part of you that needs to die. Maybe stopping running is related to a willingness to let this part of you go. I wonder if it is new for you to surrender in the way you do in the dream or if that is a familiar feeling?

Bill St.Cyr

Example: What does it mean to dream about murder?

What does it mean if you dream about murdering people you love? Like parents, boyfriend, friends, and family.
No rude comments please, I'm trying to get in to see a therapist.
Thank you.

Example: What does it mean to dream of murder?

my mom had this dream & she was just wondering the meaning of this.
well our family use to rent a room at a house & the owner lived there too which was a family with a mom and a dad & 3 kids. she dream that the dad and mom were argueing & at the end the dad kills his family and him self, she remembers that he had a lot of blood on his head. she said she felt like the dream was very long. when we rented there the family was loud & all over the place , their to unorganize & messy , they were annoying sometime but they were still nice people. my mom was just wondering why did she dream this? and what does it mean.
thanks you for all the replies in advance (:

Example: What does a dream about murder mean?

What does it mean when you have a dream about having everyone murdered around you?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about murder?

I have been having these dreams lately where I mass murder people I know and don't know. it takes place in a pitch black area, I believe it is night, and there is fire everywhere. I am holding a sword or something like it, and I am covered in blood. I don't seem to look or sound human at all, I am wearing something black, it's ripped up and it kind of looks like a cape or something. I hardly use the sword it seems, I usually tear and rip people apart with my own hand/ claw things. and near the end of the dream I am usually standing over one of my best friends. I view it in first and third person mode also. And when I wake up it seems so real I sometimes wonder why I am in my room. Any idea what it means? I assume it's a bad thing to have such dreams, right?

Example: What does it mean to dream of murdering someone ?

i dremed a bunch of guys conspired to beat me with bats ,

they walked past me and scared me , so i was ready to fight back ,

they left me alone but later one was hiding in the hedge and jumped me from behind with a bat , cracked me straight around the back of the head ,

i took the bat from him , snapped it and it broke into 2 sharp peices , and i stabbed him to death with a peice of bat , and left him there ,

then i was on the run , and i asked for my parents to hide me and take me away but they refused.

( now the real part , the guy in the dream is someone who i know in real life , and it happened in a place where i go regularly . me and his guy are enemys , he is a snake and a criminal , he isnt usually on my mind , and i can live without having to see him , or talk to him , hes usually outta sight outa mind , he is scared of me in reality , but i am a known fist fighter (i never used weapons or intend to use weapons ) but if this man ever tries to harm me or my family i will beat him up with my fist to a degree where he realises that he come at the wrong man , and he will never come at the wrong man again . )

but ths dream has freaked me , like i say , he is never on my mind and never n my life , could this dream be trying to warn me he is conspiring to have a pop at me ?

Example: What does it mean to dream of mass murder?

Last night I had a horrific dream about killing over ten people in some kind of bar/restaurant. It was either with a knife or a gun. Then I moved on to the other side of this "bar/restaurant" and it was a convenience store and I once of the female workers and the boss. Then the authorities where trying to find out who did it because I was covering my tracks so well, but they found me. As soon as they took me to the jailhouse I died and woke up. Also in this dream I was a male.
I'm 14 and a female.

Example: What does it mean to dream of murder?

I have been having these nightmares lately, once or twice a week and there is either a murder in my dream or someone is coming after me and I am so scared! When I wake up I am in a panic and it takes me at least five minutes to realize that it's not real! Why do I have these dreams? I don't watch anything scary, I just don't understand it. HELP

Example: What does this murder dream mean?

This was a while back, but i still remember it quite vividly. So i picked up a violin and for some reason started to beat the person there with it. Seeing that it did not break, i continued to beat that person. They were dead, and the violin was covered with blood. Sorry if it sounds scary folks, but i would like to know what it means; please and thank you :D

Example: What does this dream about murder mean?

In the dream it's midnight and I'm walking down a street. I see a man shoot another man to death. The murderer sees me and gives chase, trying to shoot me. I try to call the police on my cell phone but can't get any reception. I reach a strip mall and run into all the stores begging to use their phone but no one will let me. The dream ends with me running across a pitch black street looking for a phone. Nothing like this has ever happened to me but for some reason this dream is really disturbing.

BTW, In reality I have a serious foot injury and can barely walk. But in the dream I can run with no trouble and no pain.

What does all this mean?

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