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Dream About Mug meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do these dreams mean?

Yesterday night i remember i had a dream that my dad died, idk how? In my dream i was in school and then my dad died and my grandma grandpa and someone else were in the principle's office and i was in tears? which is weird because me and my dad dont get along at all. we had a rough pass like he was hitting me and stuff. and i woke up with tears in my eyes.
Last night i had a dream that i shot someone and the bullet went through his body and shot someone behind him in the head. so it wass like a 2 in 1 shot. then people were shooting at me and i ran away and woke up. What do these dreams mean? and why am i dreaming this. Thanks for your answers in advance. x

A lot of people have the mistaken idea that dreaming of death foretells of a loved one dying.

First of all, dreams are a many things, but psychic they are not. Our dreams reflect what is going on inside our minds and hearts. They deal with (and sort out) things that we are currently experiencing or things that we have currently experienced.

Now having said that, we can take the information and symbolism found in our dreams to help us in the future. So, in that regard, they can provide warnings and admonitions. However, please don’t ever think they foretell bad omens or that dreaming of darkness is a prediction for upcoming darkness.

If you have had a dream which involved death, rest assured that you are far from alone. We’ve all had death dreams and, while troubling, we all know that they slink out of our lives just as fast as they slunk in.

Death dreams generally mean that you are anxious or worried. You may not fully realise how much anxiety you’re actually feeling. Many times, troubling dreams like this wave a flag for the individual and cause them to realise just how much stress they’ve been under. The dreamer can then realise that they need to pull back a little bit – enjoy life more rather than just anxiously trying to get from point A to point B!

Almost all dreams of dying can be traced back to an overworked, overly anxious individual very much in need of some time off!

whether you dream once of a shooting, or dozens of times across your life, each dream will be unforgettable. Aside from doing what you can to learn about their symbolic purpose, you can also use shooting dreams to develop a mental resistance to horrifying scenes

General Dream Meaning: Being shot

interestingly enough, a dream of being shot depends heavily on the equipment being used to do the shooting. If you dream of your picture, or mug shot being taken, it may indicate that you have to take responsibility for something that you have been trying to hide. If the camera is also broken, then you may be refusing to see something important.

Individuals that dream of being forcibly injected, or shot with needles may be an indicator that you are concerned about peer pressure. If you dream of being shot with a gun, or of shooting a stranger, it can easily mean that you are trying to get rid of some aspect of yourself, or that you do not like or accept some elements of your persona.

How Dream Symbol Getting Shot May Fit in Your Life

While dreaming of a shooting is often based in aggression and anger, you should not automatically think that these feelings are negative. Among other things, sometimes you really and truly need to get angry in order to change things that cause you, or others harm. In a sense, the presence of this kind of anger in a dream can indicate that you have unchanneled energy that can be redirected into some type of useful goal. That said, you should never let the presence of anger, or its release create a situation where you simply fritter your energies away on useless actions. Fortunately, if you dream of shooting something, you can interpret that as aligning with your goal.

A Sample Dream, Getting Shot Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where you are in a medical clinic, and awaiting to receive some kind of vaccination. You awaken from the dream feeling frightened and as if you lost something special.

Since this dream focuses on a medical injection, you can begin your dream interpretation by concluding the dream is about an opportunity to develop a new emotional or spiritual understanding.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream the other night and the dream was about me lying in my bed sleeping in my room, and i felt something to the side of me and picked it up and it was a to-go coffee mug, and i heard someone in my room and i got so scared that i couldnt talk and barely could breath, and i couldnt scream either, and so i ran upstairs and got my dad and told him that theres someone in my room, and he got a shotgun(he doesnt have one in real life) and went down stair and when he shinned his flashlight towards my closet this old woman walks out and just stares at us... I told my mom about this dream and she told me to describe the women and when i did my mom said i just described my dead great grandmother...

I had another dream the night after that and it was about how my sister had her baby(shes prego and due in a couple days) and my family and friends were outside playing around and my sister asked me to bring my nephew inside to change his diaper and when i walked out he was a toddler and my mom told me to bring him inside to give him his shot, so we walked up the stairs into our bathroom and he showed me where the needle and medicine was, and he told me to ingect it into his arm, but ew, no i hate needles and i couldnt do it, and then all of a sudden this nurse walks in and gives him the shot and i wake up...

i want to know what these dreams mean. and what im suppost to do about them.


Example: What do these dreams mean?

i had a week of abnormal dreams

1. my girlfriend and i were mugged and i took a bullet for her.

2. i died playing fullback in football.

3. i was in a room with all my dead relatives but they were alive.

4. i took a bullet for my girlfriend AGAIN

5. my current girlfriend and i broke up and my ex was going back out with me but i still loved my current gf

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamt that my things were breaking. From little things like my favourite mug to the dig chewing my sons comforter.

Example: Dream of cowboys/guns/being mugged?

hope you all well

can you please help interpret my dream please

it seemed like i was in a land that i hadnt been in before..or maybe it was a different age/era..it looked like a cowboys scene like u see in the movies

there was alot of people on brown horses, and a few cowboys/ranger type people on horses. the situation in the area i was looked uneasy/stressful..

i was with another person who seemed to be a freind. but ive never ever seen that person in life, and cant even recall his face..

two cowboys came close to us, so we tried to walk away. i had a brown horse that ran away, but the cowboy called us and pointed a magnum type gun/cowboy type gun at me..i was looking directly at the gun.. and told me to come close. he then asked for my belongings.. in my dream i saw me giving my exact mobile phone and my same wallet. i saw them as how they really look. and i was giving them to him. i opened my wallet and asked if i coud keep my debit card. and he said NO.. and took that too.. they went after robbing us.. and my and my "friend" were sadly walking.

and no i didnt watch any cowboy movies. nor do i have any interest in them lol.

what could this mean?

Example: Fireworks, mugging.. What do these dreams mean?

I've had two 'nightmares' the past two nights. I say nightmares in inverted comma's because they seem fairly tame now and weren't traditional zombie dreams and whatnot. If you could help me figure them out, I'd really appreciate it :)

1) The first night, I dreamt I was in a taxi with a friend. But the taximan drove past her area (where we were going) so we took a shortcut back to her house. The area was unfamiliar. It was dark and I was scared. Then she screamed "FIREWORK" and I swore I seen a lighted firework, so I ran in the opposite direction and fell, but landed right beside the lighted firework with then exploded right into me. Then I woke up.

2) Last night, I dreamt I was waiting on a bus home from school with two acquaintances. The bus never came, so we walked to another bus route. A few minutes later, police on motorcycles completely raided the street. One came up to me as I was texting my dad to let him know I would be late home, and he mugged me and tried to steal my phone but I tried to hold onto it. Then I woke up.

It is normal to have two, sorta tame, nightmares in a row? Are they linked in any way? I looked it up on a dream interpretation site and they all seemed to be linked to some sort of an identity crisis. Can anyone give me an interpretation of these? I am actually expecting some sort of plane disaster in my dreams tonight, seeing as those both seemed to be linked to transport, haha. Please and thank you :)

Example: What does this dream mean?

My dream started with me going over my grandmother's house , my father was getting ready to leave to go to . As I left my dad told me to put my dog up by the time I looked he was gone. While was putting my dog up I looked downed the road and saw these two bright white lights. I didn't pay much attention to the lights but as I was putting my dog in the car man came up beside me with this skeleton hoddie on he unzipped it and I could see his face but I saw a gun which he pulled out on me. I offered him the car but he didn't want that. Next thing I know is I black out and I am in this waiting room I see all this unknown people and there is food all around.
21 hours ago - 3 days left to answer.

Example: What does it mean to dream of being out and about and suddenly relizing you are naked?


Example: Bad dream, what does it mean?

What does my dream mean?
I was taking care of some chic eggs.
When They hatched and the chics were so cute and just churped away.
Well I needed to leave the room real quick for some reason.
When I came back I found them in a coffee mug full of steaming hot milk dead.
I scooped them all out with a spoon and tried to revive them.
Well I think i was in the precess of reviving them before I woke up. I think I did.

I have been stressed a lot.
Questioning my boyfriend and mines relationship. We have a lot of problems and hes a cheater and liar.

Also Im 7 months pregnant.

Hope that helps


Example: What does a big empty mug mean in my dream?

The kitchen cupboard was open and I picked it up and i looked inside it was empty.

The mug was big.

It was lilac and a small amount of cream

what does this mean?

appropriate answers please

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