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Dream About Moving Around In A Circle meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

This girl was dating a guy but instead of feeling stable and secure in their relationship and taking their relationship for granted, she choose to constantly worry about whether or not he liked her and to remain uncertain about where she stood with him.

She had the option of a stable and committed relationship, but she choose to be in one that was unstable and uncommitted and was full of jealousy, very stingy and had an evil eye (meaning wishing worse for others)

She was also walking clockwise in a circle the way a hand moves around a clock and had bone about 300 degrees, to the point where her feet were at hour 10:00 and her head was at hour four... She was upside down at 45 degree angle, then I woke up.

Well I also discovered the revelation after having this dream that the reason she wore so much make up was because she was trying to attract a guy named Steve.

Definition: The thoughts or mental images of a person during sleep. The Bible refers to natural dreams, dreams from God, and dreams that involve divination.—Job 20:8; Num. 12:6; Zech. 10:2.
Do dreams in our time have special meaning?
What have researchers learned about dreams?
“Everyone dreams,” says The World Book Encyclopedia (1984, Vol. 5, p. 279). “Most adults dream for about 100 minutes during eight hours of sleep.” So dreams are a normal human experience.
Said Dr. Allan Hobson, of Harvard Medical School: “They are ambiguous stimuli which can be interpreted in any way a therapist is predisposed to. But their meaning is in the eye of the beholder—not in the dream itself.” When reporting this, the “Science Times” section of The New York Times added: “Within the school that places great value on dreams, there are many approaches to finding the psychological message of a dream, each reflecting different theoretical outlooks. A Freudian will find one kind of meaning in a dream, while a Jungian will find another, and a Gestalt therapist will find still another meaning. . . . But the view that dreams have psychological meaning at all has come under strong attack from neuroscientists.”—July 10, 1984, p. C12.

Example: What do my dreams mean?

Last night I had a series of strange dreams. The first was that I was with 2-4 friends and we were going to explore wonderland. Wonderland was supposed to be like Alice in Wonderland but it really wasn't. (although in the dream we couldn't tell the difference). We went from room to room and building to building and it was just kinda creepy and some of the places we went inside of were packed with stuff. One of the little buildings was a small persons house and inside it was filled with old vintage baby clothes. I was on drugs in the dream and then freaking out that I was on drugs in the dream because I am pregnant.

The second dream I was like at a water park where the slides went into the ocean. The water was clear and sand and fish were at the bottom it was really pretty. I remember marveling at the ocean and remembering as a child being happy and content to swim there for hours. I ran into the ocean from the beach and swam out into the water diving through the waves. When I looked at the beach from the water there were zombies running all around but they wouldn't go in the water. I quickly noticed that I was safe, and so were all the children in the water.

I had my next dream awhile ago but couldn't find a meaning for it. In the dream I had extra teeth. I opened my mouth and notices under my tongue that there were like four extra little molars, and two smaller teeth. There was also one tooth right smack dab in the middle of my mouth under my tongue that was long and pointy and slightly curved like a saber tooth but it was tiny. I could move that one around in a circle.

If anyone could help that would be great! I'm pregnant and dealing with a lot of emotions, I know that interpreting these dreams is helping me see what things I need to work on.

Example: What does my dream mean?

In the dream I start out by renting a hotel room to live in for a while with my mom and a few of my friends. After having the room for a few days we realize that there is a secret room in the room and I have found the key to get to the secret room. You can only get to it at a certain time of day and it is supposed to have something secret and mysterious in it. I slip the key into my pocket because we have to leave the hotel for the moment and can not look into the secret room yet. My mom two of my guy friends and I get into the elevator and another person slips in sticking me with a needle they whisper into my ear that if I don't give him the key by the end of the day people will start dying. The shot leaves me paralyzed from doing or saying anything. I'm like a card board cut out. Two of my guy friends pick me up to help me out because they realize I can't move and start walking around. At this point people around me just start dropping dead. Nothing graphic or anything they just die. All of the people are also dressed up in Halloween costumes of all kinds. People start accusing me of killing people and I manage to utter I knew a group of them and they tell everyone I'm not the killer. As we are sitting in a circle, they are discussing what to do and a guy in a clown costume comes over pulling out a gun I try to scream but can not because I still cannot talk and shoots me. The gun gives me the ability to move somewhat and by this time I realize it is the Joker from Batman who is running the show.

Now I manage to motion to my mom that I have the key in my pocket because I'm again getting the ability to move and we head toward the elevator with our newly added group. The elevator door opens and a normal looking man is standing inside. One of the girls walks in first and he smiles like a crazy person and starts ripping away her skin from her body. I reach inside to stop him and he rips a huge piece of skin from my arm and licks it. I draw back screaming and the elevator door closes with him holding onto the girl still ripping away at her.

My mom and me get in the next elevator going up and pull out of phones calling everyone we care about to tell them we love them because we don't know if we will make it back alive. As the elevator door opens Harley Quinn is standing there with a pair of scissors as big as she is smirking at us. She runs forward trying to get past me to my mom to kill her and I find a table leg and fight her off to the best of my paralyzed ability. Just before I think she is going to kill me she jumps past grabbing the door handle I would have had to grab to get back into my hotel room. She blows up and all that is left is her head which rolls toward me laughing, she says just as a head that I was stupid and the Joker's little joke would have killed me because I was and she rolls on laughing.

The door creeks open and the room is covered in blood it is oozing from the ceiling. I look straight at the bed were a man's decapitated head is sitting. I see arms reaching down for it and look up as the arms pull the head up. All it is, is a pair of arms and a head attached to the wall but it's alive and it is an old woman. She bites into the head and is still staring at me, I start screaming and back up and then I wake up.

Example: What does this dream mean?

In this dream, my PE teacher was my social studies teacher. Anyway, the entire class sat in a circle in my bed while i had to sit in a chair. i was nervous but when he began to ask questions, i raised my hand for participation when I knew the answer.

The teacher raised his eyebrows at me like in a sarcastic voice, "I'm sorry are YOU emma?" (he called on some other girl instead of me)

Then he began asking vocab terms such as 'trilingual' . Then finally I raised my hand for the last question. I thought he asked what 'bilingual' meant so I said the definition. And the teacher nodded, "Impressive. I had no idea you knew what multilingual was."

I frowned because I misunderstood the question. But anyway class ends and the teacher tells me that since I don't participate, he's sending me off to the flock (apparently in the dream, there was one outside the school) and wanted me to walk around it in front of everyone which was really embarrassing.

I started to protest (which is unusual for that to happen because I'm shy so I never talk back to my teacher even if I wanted to), saying that I did participate. He says that he was only asking me a question for fun and that it really wasn't a question.

In the next scene, there's a basketball game and I'm standing there along with the teacher, watching my classmates play. Then I sort of frowned because I noticed that the team's name was something like "mastinot" and I realized that my teacher asked what that meant earlier instead of multilingual and when he said that he was impressed by my answer, he was only being sarcastic.

And then the dream ended. For some reason, I woke up crying really bad.

Example: What does my dream mean?!?

I listen to my iPod when I go to sleep so you have to factor that in also.
I was listening to The Bird and the Worm by The Used(and it was playing in the background of my dream also)

I was looking around in this dark forest looking thing and I had nowhere to go. I was calling out this unknown name into the middle of nowhere.
"Michael!" I yelled over and over again, yet I know no Michael's.
Then, out of nowhere I hear this teenage boy yelling my name and I followed it, running for my life, or his.
I finally got to him and I saw this circle of people around him with their hands turning into claws as the looked at him onto the ground, quivering in his blood. I was scared for him, yet I didnt know him.
I shoved my way through the circle of people and then, everything exploded into a new demension, yet everything was the same.
I turned toward the circle of people and I got into this unknown crouching position like I was going to fight them off. Then, I think I growled and as a person stepped toward us, there eyes were blood red. Then, i attacked that person.

People have been informing me that it was a scene from Twilight or Breaking Dawn but I haven't watched/ seen that book/ movie. Please help me. I don't think that it was a scene from Twilight if it has happened to me for the last week and a half. Please help me.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was outside of this huge building that I think was an arena, but it was my school on the inside. And there were three helicopters in the sky. Two were silver and one was red and green. They crashed into buildings all around us and caused massive explosions. My school was panicking and this giant with blond hair came down out of the sky and released a gold mechanical snake that started eating cars on a highway. Then a spaceship came down and a little robot came out and asked me where my father was. Then I was inside the building with thousands of people and we were all standing on a mountain of sand trying to cut perfect circles of it . It was the last day of school and by the time I got outside everyone was gone except for Kenji (one of my closest friends that moved to Japan last year), Kurtus (my 4 year old nephew, Amanda (his mom and my sister in law). Kenji was rolling around a suitcase and I picked Kurtus up and hugged Amanda and went over to see Kenji. I am now outside of my elementary school. I ask Kenji if he will ever move back here or visit me but he doesn't answer and he just looks at me. Then Karsten (my brother, who's married to Amanda and Kurtus is their son) rolls up in his red jeep and he's wearing his army uniform, but I'm not happy to see him even though I haven't seen him for a year. Then I went to tell Kenji bye and hug him and I'm about to kiss him on the cheek, and that's when I wake up..

Example: What does this dream mean?

I am on a roller coaster and I feel as though the belt is quite loose and I am going to fall out of the car a t any second. Finally, I reach the end. As I get off, I find myself in a cold, dark, cement room. Across the room from me are three wild animals. They are snarling with such ferocity that it petrified me. They are coming closer and closer, visions of my mangled body already start to fill my head. I know it is a dream, I know it... But I cannot seem to open my eyes. Please! Wake up! I screamed and started to cry as one of the abnormally large beasts lunges at my throat and I felt as though I could not move from fear. Suddenly, I wake up right before I am killed.

Example: What does my dream mean? please help.?

it was me and my friend sitting down and lots of people we know and/or know of sitting in a circle around us.they were all wearing white clothes even me and my friend. everyone except for me and my friend had their lip pierced. there wasn't grass or the sky or anything, the background was solid white. no body was talking. i only said his snake bite(lips pierced twice) look cool. what does my dream mean.

Example: What does this dream (almost a nightmare) mean?

In this dream I get out of my car. It's around 7am, and I pass a field of kids practicing various sports.
I find a woman, Linda, who in my dream I had a class with a year before, and also helped out with football events.
. She is 50, and has a 25 year old midget daughter who looks like a toddler and can't talk because her tongue is too short.
I am very kind and affectionate to her, and she takes a shining to me. At one points she falls over like a bowling pin, and I set her back up.
Linda seems distracted with her daughter, and has a general gloominess about life in general. She makes reference to moving to London.
I say goodbye to them, but before I do we see an illuminated magic carpet flying above in the sky.

I continue on my walk back to the car- the walk I am taking from beginning of dream is a big circle. I come up to the field where I used to play baseball and football as a kid. I see a group of about 20-30 people from my grade, they are the popular kids who I tried hard to make like me, and sometimes I succeeded sometimes not. Some of them are taking pictures, for winning something, or being part of a team- I'm not sure. As I walk past them I see a girl, she recognizes me, almost says hello, changes her mind then turns like I'm not there.
I continue on past the group, and see Dan. ( I always dream of Dan- I don't know why but It's a recurring dream) He was, in my opinion, the coolest kid in school. Me and him were friends, though sometimes out of nowhere he could be mean to me, but I always thought he was cool and funny. It was a crush I guess.

So Dan gives me a hug and it's nice. We talk, and his friend North is there, and they are selling weed, which is orange and very expensive. Dan puts a little baggie in my pocket, and North Tells me it's 90$. I give him the bag back. There's a man dealing with them who owns a gun. As i step away he shoots twice- I can feel the shake of the gun, its loud, and my body is terrified.. I run away as fast as I can, wondering If I will be shot.Before I turn the corner I see Dan has been shot and am hit by sadness... Then I wake up... It's 830 which I have woken up at everyday the past 5 days- and I don't know why.. i usually wake up at 11ish...

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok this is my dream, i wrote this right after i woke up a few days ago, and has made no edits except changing the name of my friend to just "my friend" It's kind of long, but i wanted to make it as detailed as i could so i wouldn't forget.

It was a castle, for gifted students to study and live, but they were not allowed under any circumstance to leave no idea why, cant remember... And this boy ((resembling A friend of mine in looks and attitude to an exact point. Weird?)) Would pull up to the building with his 2 friends, and coerce me into getting in the car. I never could see where we were going.. The windows were black.. I wasn't even sure why i trusted him, but i did. There was this circle platform with markings on it, and he would clap his hands, and all of the sudden we were in front of this disgusting looking building.. But when we opened the door, it was a concrete room, very plain, with a hallway of doors and one set of beautiful neon blue translucent stairs, that seemed kind of like they were floating in the air.. There was also a window to a small place outside. Up the stairs were rows of thousands of people in a big circle, like a stadium almost, and they were all just standing, looking straight forward, and i had asked for a cigarette. I was pointed my way, and i ran down the paths as fast as i could as the others sped by me in a flash. The ones that did move seemed to be next to me, then across the room before i could blink.. So i had to run a lot to get anywhere.There were tons of little blue shelves, that matched the stairs, all around the stadium, like they were the walls... The ones i was directed to were full of opened an unopened packs, and then the guy (My friend) showed up immediately next to me, and shuffled through them, taking a pack out for me. He smiled at me, which seemed unusual for him, and motioned for me to follow as he disappeared back down. I ran again, and got laughed at cause of how slow i was. Rude.
We sat outside the door to the back and smoked, as we talked about how this place was a hiding place for the gifted to get away from institutions like the one i was in. ((Still confusing to me...))
Most of the dream however was spent at different times on different nights in his room.. He was terribly moody, and snapped at me for things i didn't realize i was doing ((I.E I touched his leg, and he yelled at me saying "What the hell are you doing" Then he apologized immediately)) He apologized after every time, and explained why he gets like that... Like he felt like he had to explain himself.. ((Also confusing)) And then other times i was there he was really... Affectionate... Even through his moody times it still seemed like he cared deeply for me and i didn't know why. And for some odd reason, anything he said or told me to do, i listened without question. I couldn't deny him anything...
I can't remember much about inside the school castle. I remember a small circle of about 6 people, each with a different ability, all my friends.. And one man, tall thin, white hair, quite old. But a strong authoritative voice.Very strict about what we were and weren't allowed to do, especially when it came to going outside.
I get the feeling that he ((My friend)) was previously in the school, and had learned things he shouldn't have and got kicked out, or ran away.. or something like that.. not sure... I wish i could have this dream again...

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