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Dream About Mouse Hole meanings

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Example: What Does This Dream Mean?

ok so i got in this fight with my mom about school and how i dont like it. i got so mad i went to bed. in my dream it was 2012 and i woke up and went outside and my neibor was going crazy and hitting his house with a hammer and my 3 year old cousin was in his front yard with my neibors pistol. and i said give me the gun and he said no and pointed it at me. when he did this my friend mario came. my 3 year old cousin pressed the trigger and it was empty and pointed it at my friend mario and pointed it and it was empty. Then he pointed it at me and pulled the triggered and it shot and made a hole in my shirt but it didnt hit my skin. i got the gun and and put him inside. me and my friend mario went to go get my friend dylan down the street.we got him and we started smoking weed. in my dream it was legal to smoke. as we were walking tv were everywhere and it kept showing obama saying the world is not going to end and people cheering. and after the tenth time showing it the tv frezzed and that scary *** siren came on in the distance the one they put on when were under attack. and these space ship came from the sky changing colors and they turned into buses and park in the street and evertbody was watching and all of a sudden black shadows came out and started killing everyone. and everybody ran like crazy. my friend mario and me ran at the same speed and i looked back and my other friend dylan got shot and turn to dust. me and my friend mario were running and he said we need to split up and i said ok and i saw him hop a fence with barbed wired and he got shot and turned to dust an i called his name and the i got shot and for a few moments it was black then it sounded like when your on a roller coaster and i was going up to space. when i stopped i saw god and he was in a robe and he kinda had a mouse face. i talked to him and had a conversation about life and who was attacking earth. after that he said do what ever you desire and left. my halo on my head could do anything and i mean every thing so i tried to call my friend mario and it denied it in spanish so i said his number in spanish and it called him and he answered and we found each other in heaven. we were trying to find my friend dylan when i woke up.

in the morning i woke up and my mom said my aunt had a dream that i fell off my skateboard and i was in the hospital and they stitched my head and a mouse crawled up my leg. in my other dream god looked like a mouse

can someone tell me what this means

thats pretty crazy
i never had a dream like that before..you must be a creative person in real life
people who have really dfferenet carzy dreams and remember it all are normally creative.
i always look up my dreams and see what they mean.
maybe the gun shoting at you and you not feeling it might mean that u feel protected and watever god said to you in your dream must be important.
if u ever dream about someone dead or relegious, listen to what they say cause its very important in your waking life. the world ending might mean alot of things...your stessed or something stressful is coming your way.

To see heaven in your dream, signifies your desires to find perfect happiness. You may be trying to escape from the difficulties you are experiencing in your life. The dream serves as a medium in which you can restore your faith, optimism, and hopes.

To see a mouse in your dream, indicates fear, meekness, insignificance and a lack of assertiveness. You are experiencing feelings of inadequacy and fears that you are not measuring up. The dream may also be telling you that you are spending too much time hiding in the shadows. Alternatively, it may symbolize minor irritations and annoyances. The dream may also be a pun on a computer mouse and your connection to work or to the virtual world.

you and your friends in ur dream are prob really close in your waking life as well

go on dream-of.com and theres a dictionary about dreams that might help you..

be well and safe :D
sorry i couldnt help more..

Example: What does my recurring dream mean?

I have had it on and off throughout my life and it is always the same.
To begin with, i am a mouse down my little hole with my mouse family, all happy and content. The next minute i am a big hairy mouse killing man, pouring water down the mousehole and wanting to kill the mice. Then i switch back to being a mouse and watching the water coming closer, then the man again, laughing about how terrified i imagine the mice being, then it swaps back and forth, from the man to the mouse, and everytime i am the mouse, the water is a bit closer, but it has never actually drowned me ..yet!

Sounds strange i know, but i am not a male, nor a mouse, not afraid of water, and am very confused!

Example: What does this dream mean?

The other night I had a really strange dream about my ferret dying in our office room in the house, which is right next to my bedroom. I leave my room and go in there, and find him laying on the floor in the office room dying. Then all of a sudden he has a hole in his neck and water just starts shooting out of his neck and he sorta spazzes out a little like a robot would if water got on it. The water floods my whole upstairs but it stops after it reaches about a foot high. What does this mean?

Example: What do my dreams mean?

I never have dreams. Although, apparently you have lots of dreams every night just sometimes you don't remember them. Not sure if that's true but if it is i never remember them. But lately, over the past week or two i've had lots of dreams every night. My dreams are so jumbled they're hard to explain. They're totally random.
For example, this was my dream last night:
I don't remember dreams well but i think it started off with one of my friends Jordan. She's a friend but not a good friend. I hardly ever hang out with her except if i bump into her at a party or another friends house. Anyways, I think there was a river, and we wanted to jump in. At the end of the river there was a sort of beach with sand and water. She wanted to walk to the beachy part and then cross the 'river' to go up and jump in. I don't think we ended up jumping in because that thought dissapeared. I remember a few times there was this hole in the ground to jump in. And there was someone there who made us jump in. It was as if i knew i had to jump in it and i was sort of hesitant but did it anyways. So i dived in and i thought the water under the hole would be really deep. But it wasn't and my arms and legs were trapped and i thought i might die and drown. But i got out in the end. I jumped in a few times throughout the dream and it was really small and hard to breathe and stuff. Kind of like chlostrophbic. Also, i remember a blow up boat thing and me and Jordan had one in a sort of big bag and she got her out and like surfed into the siver on her boat, playing around. When i tried to get my boat i couldnt for some reason. It's as if in my dreams things are supposed to happen but something always holds me back. I think i remember boys being there aswell, and a hotel room maybe. And i think i remember packing at the end of our 'trip' to go home. And i think that was the end.
My dreams are real random lately and have no real flow to them, random things happen which have nothing to do with the setting or anything. Does this mean anything?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of one big cockroach ?

So i saw a big roach in a refrigerater the roach was really big like a mouse. So i tryvtaking a picture of it and it gets mad because of the flash and it started chasing after me and i go into this room and some how I change into 3rd person or Luke I'm invisable and i see this lady and she's fighting to close the door because the roach was so strong. Then a arguement pops up with a man that's on the other side of the Door,she looked really mad and so she finally opens the door and somehow already has a stick in her hand and she squishes the cockroach. I don't know why I had this dream if i dont have cockroaches in my house nor I was thinking of them the day before I went to sleep.

Example: What does it mean to dream of rats/mice falling from ceiling?


A few nights ago I had a dream where I was sleeping in my bed. In the dream I open my eyes and see a hole in the ceiling and either rats or mice crawling out of it. And then suddenly the whole ceiling just collapsed and hundreds of them fell into my room.
I'm not really afraid of rats or mice. But in my dream I was terrified and screaming, trying to run away. I woke up from that dream and was still terrified because I thought it was real.

What does it mean?

Also, my boyfriend's apartment has this leaking ceiling in the living room. I keep telling him to force the landlord to fix it before it actually collapses the next time it rains hard. Can that also be why I dreamed of the ceiling falling through?

Example: My dream, what does it mean?

I had a dream a few weeks ago about a girl about 12 years old in a asylum. Her parents both died, and the only living relatives she had left were a aunt and uncle. The girl was in a asylum because her aunt and uncle said she was crazy. The only sentence the girl could say was "I know where mother is" which her mother died when she was a baby. She would draw pictures of old keys and a mouse. So anyway, one day the aunt and uncle decided to let her leave the asylum and let her "take them to her mother" just to prove to the girl that her mother was really dead. The girl lead them to a hotel that the aunt and uncle owned and took them outside. There was tons of dead roses laying everywhere. There was an old window, and an old door. The girl started digging underneath the door. She found a small tunnel only big enough for her to fit her hand in. She reached down, and felt a mouse. The mouse was stuck in the hole so she let it out. Once the mouse was gone, she found an old key. She went to the old window and started pulling out the dead roses. She cut her hands on the sharp stems to the flowers. She then started digging, and then found her mothers corpse. The aunt and uncle were furious, and started screaming at the girl. The girl saw her mothers face and new the aunt and uncle killed her mother. The girl could then speak, and escaped from her aunt and uncle.. what does all this mean?

Example: What does this weird dream mean?

i had a dream that my crush my five bffs and i were mice and had to drill a hole through the gym floor to go to the underworld and defeat lord voldemort

this is a real dream...i swear

Example: What does my baby dream mean?

i am pregnant and i had a dream last night that i had a miscarriage in the bath but it wasn't really gory or anything, my bf was with me and he said whats that? then i looked and it was a sack type thing, like a placenta i suppose, but it looked more like a water balloon. it had a hole in where you could see in and i looked and there was a tiny tiny baby size of a mouse and it was still alive and smiling, it was gorgeous and perfect and i was thinking 'awww should i ring hospital and see if i can still save it' it was bizarre it wasn't really a sad feeling it was like happiness. but then it started falling asleep, it looked peace full though, but it drifted off and then i could tell it was never going to wake back up. i was feeling empty because i knew my beautiful baby had gone and i had loved it before it even had existed properly, then i woke up. for a moment i thought it was real then i realised it was just a dream and was relieved i am still pregnant. but now i am wondering what dream meant and hoping it not a premonition or my baby saying goodbye or something. i am due for a 4 month scan tomorrow

Example: What did my dream mean?

In my dream, I was with my friends (who live 700 miles away). It was my friend Tom's birthday (yesterday really was his birthday) and I wanted to hang out with him, but I couldn't. So I was up in the second story of an apartment building watching them all wait at the bus stop for my friend's evil mom to come pick them up. So I see the mom come in her jeep, and I open my window and jump out to tag along. A bus (which was on a roller coaster track) came and I snuck on without paying fare by turning invisible. We kept going through walls like we were ghosts or something, and it was kind of scary because we couldn't see the track, and somehow we ended up on the top floor of the apartment we started out at.
When we got off the bus, the bus driver/evil mom knew that I had snuck on because I forgot to give back the bus keys (which look like my sister's apartment keys). So me and my friends start running from her, knowing she's onto us, and we're running through this alley little ghetto alley and trying to pick some cigarettes off the ground on the way. In the middle of the alley, there was a really tall wall with a little mouse hole at the bottom, and somehow, being normal sized people, we all managed to squeeze through it. When we got through the mousehole, we were in some building and we knew that the evil/mom bus driver was not far behind, so we each found some hiding spots and I tried to turn invisible (which I did) because I knew that if I got caught I would be in the most trouble. So I climbed this shelf and laid down and turned invisible, and as soon as I did, the evil mom/bus driver walks right by my hiding place. I can see her finding some of my friends from my spot, and I think I'm about to get caught when all of a sudden this little video game-like screen pops up saying Level Complete! I earned $90,000 dollars and then it said I completed the next level immediately after that and defeated all the enemies which earned me another $100,000 (and all I was thinking was 'Yes! I beat the game and now I can buy cigarettes').
So after my friends were caught we all went outside with the evil mom/bus driver, and we were all chill and she actually gave me a couple of cigars.

What's it mean?
Feelings I would associate with my dream:

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