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Dream About Mother Of Pearl meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean - white horse, dragon, pink sky?

I've wondered about this vivid dream for awhile. I've only had one other of the same type and I was able to tell in hindsight how it was predicting a major change in my life. Since this dream had the same feel, I'd like to get some insight before the change.

Starts out with me at house I use to babysit at. It was only two blocks from my house. In the dream it's evening but not dark, just very cloudy. I'm getting ready to head home when I am overwhelmed by fear. I look towards the northeast and see terrible storm clouds coming fast. Somehow, even though I can't see it, I know there is a dragon in it, coming to destroy me. The person who's house I just left begs me to come back in but I scream no that I must get home. The wind is getting so strong it is hard for me to walk. I get to the corner of the house and out come's a beautiful white horse with a blue bridle. I know it wants me to hop on and I do. It gallops me back to my house, which seems to take a long time. I am at the back porch and I hop off the horse. I struggle to remove the bridle as I'm afraid it will get hurt if I leave it on. Finally I get the bridle off and I turn towards the door. I grab the handle but fear once more claims me. I turn slowly and there before me is the dragon. He is magnificent and terrible in his red, black, and gold. He smiles a terrible smile before he opens his mouth and swallows me whole. It goes dark. When I can see again, I am sitting beneath a tree next to a calming stream. I am wearing a simple white dress and holding a book. Near me is the white horse grazing peacefully. The sky is sunny but pink, sort of like mother of pearl. I also hear beautiful music and singing. I look towards the horizon, then wake up.
I tend to dream vivid dreams anyways but like I said, this one had a different feel and even years later, I remember it in clear detail.

This is a beautiful, lovely dream! Like the other that you mention, this one expresses your feelings about a major change in your life.

Without knowing your age, you were old enough for the responsibility of babysitting, but perhaps not old enough to drive. So your old Zia Lucia is going to risk guessing that you were approaching or beginning adolescence when this dream occurred. The dream is a metaphor expressing your fear of and wonder of your own nascent sexuality.

One symbol is the house. In dreams, your own house represents your life. This dream begins at someone else's house but ends at your own house, suggesting that something is coming into your life that has not been there before.

Another symbol is the child whom you are babysitting. This is a minor detail, but significant, because that child is your own childhood. As the babysitter, you take responsibility for the child while the parents are away. As you mature, you gain more independence and more responsibility for yourself, and your own parents are less and less involved. I think it is also significant that you leave the child (your childhood) as you confront the approaching change. You cannot remain in childhood, as the person urges you to do. You must return to your own house, that is, you must live your own life.

The approaching storm clouds symbolize your adolescence, with all the emotional and hormonal upheaval it brings. The dragon is sexuality, which is, indeed, quite overwhelming in puberty. The beautiful white horse represents purity and virginity. The blue bridle is discipline and self control. All of these images come right out of religious traditions. They are quite common in Medieval art, with the horse often pictured as the unicorn, and the dragon as the snake or serpent. [C. S. Lewis used similar images in a chapter of his book "The Great Divorce." Link attached below.]

As your old Zia Lucia struggles to explain your dream in words, she is struck once again at how economical dream images can be. It takes far too many words to explain the same message that your dream presents quite quickly!

The detail mentioned about it taking a long time for the horse to carry you back to your own house is significant. Puberty and adolescence, and the time of waiting for sexual maturity and independence does, indeed, seem to take a very long time! Your dream is exquisitely accurate.

You hop off the horse at your BACK porch - a much more familiar, protected and private space than the front porch, which is the formal, public entrance. At this point you know it is time to remove the blue bridle; the time has come to remove restrictions and control, and allow the horse the freedom to be natural and do what it chooses to do.

Now you confront the dragon. The door is open and the handle is in your hand, suggesting you COULD withdraw to safety (retreat to ignorance) if you chose to do so. The awe, wonder and terror you feel are appropriate when first experiencing passion, and you are consumed.

But of course, that is not the end, as can be implied by moralistic or religious teachings. Life continues, just as good and beautiful as its former condition. You are dressed in white and the white horse is there, suggesting nothing evil or dreadful has occurred, only that which is beautiful, right and true. All is well.

This is just a beautiful, wonderful dream, that may continue to grow in significance to you as years go by. Here also is a link to other examples of very significant dreams.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamt that my boyfriend of 2 years whom i live with now...proposed to me in front of my old house (we moved in September). he had the front yard decorated with flowers and alice in wonderland theme.. and he walked me to his car and right before opening the door he said that he needed to ask me a question and he got down on one knee and proposed. i remember as we were walking to the car my feet felt really heavy and i almost tripped on a flamingo decoration. and when he got down on the knee i felt embarrassed because i felt like someone was staring at me, like my mother through her room window. and he showed me the ring it was a pearl yellow gold ring and i said yes and my bf quickly got up and closed the ring box, and i said arent you going to put the ring on my finger? he didnt say anything and i was trying to get the box and when i got it and opened it the ring wasnt there anymore. Then i awoke. What does my dream mean?

Example: Was your mother superstitious, was she anything like mine ?

My Mother said don't put new shoes on the table, and don't put the umbrella up in the house, or all sorts of misfortune will come your way.
If you tell a lie you’ll go to the bad fire break mirrors 7years bad luck don’t walk under a ladder if your jumper was on inside out or outside in to change it back you had to turn around three times whilst doing it.
She also used to tell me never give anyone salt over the doorstep as it was bad luck,
she also thought elephants were bad luck to have in the house as well as peacock feathers.
My Mother was very superstitious she would never buy any clothes in green as she considers it an unlucky colour to wear. Crossed knives, a fight, two teaspoons in a cup a christening.
Another one of my mother’s was never sleep in your bed with your feet pointing to the door
as that's the way they carry you out when you passed away.
Knife on the floor means man at the door (meaning the polis) if you drop a knife on the floor stand on it first before you pick it up, it means an important visitor for good or bad.
If you give someone a purse or, you put a silver coin in it

Find a pin, pick it up all that day long you'll have good luck,
never buy pearls for yourself, it's bad luck, and never accept an opal ring seems that is bad luck as well.
First footing should be tall and dark haired man, with a piece of coal and cake.
If a blond man knocks your door at new year don’t let him in as you will have bad luck all year.
My mother also could read the tea leaves and she was very good at it, during the last war
people would come to see her if their son was missing, and she never charged for her gift
as she said it was to be used to help people.

Example: Before I started having re-occurring dreams, I had this dream ?

This is my dream :

I'm in (history ?) class, in the back row. My friend is sitting in front of me. It's a very cold day, but he has rolled/pushed his sleeves up to his elbows. He turns around to me and makes a snide comment about one of the students.
Everything blurs.
We're sitting on a leather couch in his library (at his house). He is telling me about a dinner party his parents hosted the previous night.
Everything blurs.
We're walking together. My friend is talking to me animatedly about his '100 best goals'. I am pretending to be interested.

[[Those things were all flashbacks of things that had happened in the past.]]

Everything blurs. We are on a balcony. It is night time. I am wearing a red dress with pearls. He is wearing a suit. His hair is still white-blonde and mine medium brown. We are dancing. He dips me very low, then pulls me back up very fast. All of a sudden, the balcony turns into a huge room filled with people.

[Continued in details.]

Example: What does my dreams mean ? ?

ever since I been dealing with this online scamming situation ,I been paranoid that someone will come after me & my dreams have been kinda scary/weird.

dream 1: two women from my grandmas church try to barge in my house , they didn't hurt anyone they just tried to barge in & then they walked away laughing

Dream 2: someone knocked on my door opened the storm door & then they closed it & left . Odd I know

Dream 3: I was n the bathroom @ my gmas house, my brother was washing his hands & this lady who is the mother of my childhood friend from church walks around my gmas car & tries barging in my gmas house & she is hidden between both doors & I remember her saying "nice try" & then I shut the door & I Wakeup paranoid feeling

Dream 4: I'm at chick fila with my mom /dad (who aren't together), I ended being seperated from them some how, Nextly everything pauses & the man in the store country off & starts firing shots everywhere. I didnt get no bullet or wounds nor was I really scared my main focus was just to get the hell out, then I somehow end up in my moms car , its raining a bit btw and storming , we pretty much took action & started driving away. Nextly I end up being @ this all girls private school I saw no boys in site, my room looked really prissy totally the opposite of me & my mom was there. I don't quite remember what I was wearing but the main focus was this picture I saw of myself wearing a formal black gown/dress I had on pearls as well. I was making a serious face raising my eyebrow. I remember laughing to myself I looked @ the picture again & I was making a silly looking face. I looked over and I saw girls walking in black prissy dresses for some reason I feel I was about to be pledging because I almost made that sorority call but I caught myself.

What does this all mean? I'm kinda paranoid about it all still. HELP HELP and HELP again !

Example: What would this dream mean?

I'm somewhere else, than here, and my studio has 3 of its sides 3 windows to each side, large windows, from which light shafts in, making the atmosphere there, quite splendid!
I am painting, after a while, I realize I've been totally consumed by working on whatever it is; the subject on the canvas.
But my right eye catches something very unusual coming rapidly my way. Out from an intuition that I should take measures to protect myself, I rush to the door in the room next to my studio, and make certain the 3 bolts on it, are closed completely. I am really shut in!
Then the thing which is coming my way is no other than a naked young woman about 25 years of age, has long black hair alike a raven's feathers.
I instantly feel a deep fear toward the young woman, because I had never seen that kind of Beauty, before. She is totally naked, except she has a red string of beads around her hips.
Her skin is opalescent, as if it were like the mother-of-pearl quality we see the moon made of.
This young woman rushes to my door and begins to pound it, and pound it, with such strength, that the house shakes with each desperate knock she gives the door in order to be let in.
I am only interested in staying safe from such a shocking, in a strange way, seductive apparition - so that I go back to my studio and make certain all windows are tightly shut. Having made certain that they are shut, I stand in front of one of the windows and just watch this strange young woman.
But she ceases to pound on the door, when she notices me, and immediately rushes to the glass of the window.
I look at her and she's signing something. I understand the words, but they further frighten me, for she is saying; "Open the door! I must come into your house to speak to you. The urgency she displays is more terror-inciting than anything else...so I shake my head NO, to her.
Then she tries to speak to me, but something is wrong with her mouth...she is having difficulty using it.
Finally, after every effort she makes to get into my house and "talk with me" as she's put it, she manages to finally open her mouth, and instead of words - all this bright-red fresh blood spews outwards.

At that moment I sit up in bed to sever the nightmare.

Anyone care to decipher this dream for me.
I'd appreciate IT!

Example: What does this dream mean?

I have had a similar dream throughout my life and i had it again last night...it starts out , Im in a motel room with my family , when all of a sudden a young boy runs up to our room knocks on our door and says " Come and see something keeps blocking out the sun" I run to a large window in a lobby and look out. I see what seems to be a full eclipes of the sun..the boy says that this is the second time in 3 hours this has happened. as it gets dark i see a red planet 4 times larger than the moon and several moons around it..I run back to the room and tell my family to get ready to leave cause something bad is happening..i run to get my van park in front of the motel and run back to the room..As we are getting our stuff together i hear a newscast man say that everything is stable right now but the government doesent know what is going on right now and noone saw this coming..well i quickly realize that the date is 12-12-2012.. Not 12-21-2012..this is a large end time profecy but my date is different..I scream at my family to leave and we left most of our stuff there went outside to find our van gone..at 3:05 am it got bright as it would at noon and a realize that every three hours we are going through a new cycle of night and day..The ground begins to shake and people are running every where and i have this feeling of terror for my family..I find out that my van was towed and go to the place it was taken and pay the amount i need to get it out..the man i speak with is very starange and says you under stand this is the end sean and god cant save you! I then realize we are in california i look up and this large red planet is getting closer and i look at my family and tell them dont worry this will be quick and we wont feel anything at least we are all together..Then i wake up...just to let you know as of 3 weeks ago i began to have 2 seizures a day..ive never had seizures in my life and so far its unexplainable as to why im having them ,is it possible im having these vivid dreams because of that?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream recently that really stood out and I know you are supposed to pay attention to those kind of dreams... Anyway, here's the gist of it: I somehow came to adopt three Polish children - each a boy no older than nine - after their families were killed in WWII. One was about two or three. He was a sad looking toddler with huge blue eyes and blonde, curly hair. The second was maybe a year older than the previous and had brown eyes and coffee colored hair. The third was about five. He looked like the first, but had hazel eyes and his hair was a bit less curly. Later, in the dream, I was at some sort of dance, performing music on a stand-up bass. (I do play bass guitar.) People at this event heard that I had three children and began to talk... (In the dream I was only about twenty.) After my performance, I smoke a cigarette with some random girl I meet. (I don't smoke.) Then, I learn how each of the boys families were destroyed by switching to their point of view. That was it.

Example: Anyone have insight on what my dream could mean?

I just woke up from having this dream and it's probably on the more normal side of my dreams but I'm not sure what it meant...

I was at the church I used to be a member of until February of this year, looking for my mother so I could get started on getting ready for my wedding. I couldn't find her anywhere until I found her in her sunday school room teaching and then as I was having her leave the room, we ended up in some car or bus and she gave me my wedding present. I opened the gift up and it was my favorite blanket as a kid growing up that she had embroidered with pearls. I broke down crying and just kept hugging this blanket. The next thing I remember is me standing in a bathroom with the once was blanket but now a dress crying about the dress because it was my wedding night and I didn't have my wedding dress. My mother said the dress I had on was fine and that Joseph ( my boyfriend) was waiting for me. I kept crying and crying and didn't want to go through with the wedding until I had gotten my wedding dress. I don't know how my dream transitioned and now I'm a bit fuzzy of the order the things that happened next but I think I have the order correct.

I was walking down the street I live on and Joseph's brother came running up my drive way with a random dog and my family dog ( he's been dead since January) and he's not one for talking but he greeted me and then ran off. I didn't dream about me walking down the driveway so I don't know how I got to my back yard ( I live on 2 acres and there are a lot of trees but in my dreams my house seems to be stuck in a forrest) watching my neighbors' sons kill a raccoon ( I've never actually met my neighbors and I know for a fact there aren't any teenagers/ college age boys living there). They came over to where I was and then I looked down at the pond/lake that we have in my back yard but in my dream it was almost marsh like and there was an albino crocodile charging at me but one of the neighbor guys shot it in the head and saved me. I ran over to him ( the one who had actually killed the crock) and hugged him and while trying to say thank you the guy kissed me. I was incomplete shock but also confused because I had felt a spark in the kiss like they do in the movies ( it's something I've never experienced in real life) and we stared at one another and then I went to hug and thank the other guy and before I could hug him, he was trying to make out with me. I backed up and just looked at him confused. The next thing I can remember is holding my dog in my arms and having my actual boyfriend carrying the random dog from before and walking back my house. The neighbor guys, my boyfriend and I and then some girls showed up all went in my house and they went into the dinning room, but my boyfriend and I went to my bedroom. I found my mother and few other ladies sitting in the floor of my room talking and having a sunday school lesson and my boyfriend and I sat down and joined them. My boyfriend took control of the little gathering because they were going crazy with laughing and then I remember listening to the Songs of Solomon in a song form while reading in Genesis in my dream and then I laid on my back and my boyfriend was gently kissing me on the neck and then the pastor's wife pulled out some whiskey and poured everyone a glass expect for me but I took my mother's because she didn't like it and I wanted to taste it. And then I woke up.

I usually don't try to seek meanings in my dreams unless I remember the whole thing and wondering if there was any meaning in the dream.

Example: What means broken pearl ring in dreams?

that was in my mother dreams and shes wondering what it is

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