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Dream About Mosque meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean if you Dream a mosque horse and a man at entrance?

Maybe it means you are going on a pilgrimage.

Example: Prophet muhammad in dream meaning?

I usually cant remember my dreams since they are not very vivid. but I saw this person in black dress and he was praying. I saw him from a distance so i couldn't tell much about his features though i could tell he was bearded. the image is still in my memory. a little while later I woke up with the though like 'wasnt that the prophet?' since, i have been having vivid dreams about hearing azan, going to mosque and praying. can you tell me the meaning?

Example: What does this dream mean?

i had this dream today..it was like i was in a different country and i was living in a flat,i went out side and it was so beautiful the grass is really green and on the other side i saw a mosque and it was made of crystals and crystal trees close to it ..and on the other side i saw buildings they where very close to each other with different color like a rainbow and on the other side i saw the sea their was something really large and flat on to of the sea which carries table and chair like a restaurant in a round shape and it was spinning round and slow ..and the few moment later i saw my friends and we where hugging like i haven't seen them for a long while

Example: What is my dream meant?

I saw a beautiful mosque in my dream surrounding with lush green grass all around. What's that mean?

Example: What means if you dream going in mosque?

I had a dream where me and my father were going in mosque. The purpose was to bring a Quran (in my dream was silvery decorated book with a stone in the center) and the Quran was wrapped in white linen. The focus of my dream was that this holy book I should give in the mosque to help me and my family. Meaning?

Example: Do dreams mean anything?

I'm very confused about the dreams I've been having recently and I'd like some people's opinion on them. Ok so almost every night for the past 2-3 weeks I've been getting these dreams where I go and visit a mosque nearby my house.( I'm catholic btw). And I've been using the bathroom there( I've only been to the mosque once in my life when I was about 5yrs old and I'm 14 now). Then last night in my dream I was in the car with my mom and we passed this little dead Muslim boy on the side of the road- he'd been hit by a lorry. I'm just a bit confused about my dreams, so could you tell me if you think they mean anything?

Thank you so much :)

Example: What does this dream mean? (involves the bible, quran, a mosque, and another christian)?

I've shed a lot of tears today. A lot. And I thought last week was a lot. Please read and answer with knowledge (non-religious people need not answer).

Around 3AM today, I had a dream in which one of my closest Christian friend leads me to a Mosque (its location in the dream is about equivalent to it's real location, but the block in the dream looked much brighter but shorter). But everything is muted out, there are no sounds of cars, or anything.

My friend leads me to the mosque, and gustures me to enter. I don't know why he does this, but I enter and he doesn't follow me. I enter a door on the left and someone hands me the Quran and I sit down to read it and just as I finish reading the first line, my Christian friend runs (literally runs, almost stumbles) in and pulls out a holy Bible to hand to me, gesturing me to take it, with tears forming in his eyes.

I raise my hand to take it, but instantly, I look down to the Quran as I stretch out my arm to grab the holy Bible.

I look back at my friend who now has tears going down his face, and it stabs me in the heart to see him like that. But for some reason I don't want to put down the Quran but I also don't want to move my hand away from the holy Bible.

The whole thing turns to a bright flash of fight, I hear or feel heartbeats, and I wake up to see moonlight shining in my room, with the clock ticking 3:07AM. I didn't sleep after that, because after recovering from the paralysis and the tears of such a dream(I've never had a dream with religious objects or aspects), I just sat down in the dark the whole morning until I had to leave for college.

Please answer with knowledge and sincerity, and atheists please stay out for you do not believe in religion anyways so your answers will be pointless. During the whole day I have been unable to concentrate on anything but this.

Example: Would anyone please mention the meaning of this contrasting dream (a mosque/musholla and alcoholic drink)?

Okay, so I had this strange dream on Ramadhan (fasting month for those with Islam religion). I dreamed that I went to a place where people usually shalat (pray) tarawih (night).

What surprised me, I found my loved one there when I wanted to return home. He held something. I asked him to show me. It was a bottle of VODKA! He offered me to taste that. I said "no" and told him he should not try it either, because it is haram (not allowed in our belief). He did not care and attempted to open the lid. I snatched it from him and suddenly there was a spiritual teacher (whom he respected the most) and he looked terribly sorry. His teacher just said " Son, this is not a club-house!" and instructed him to read a specific Al-Qur'an surah ( Al-Maida).

In reality, the boy in my dream is a pious (sholeh) student and strictly follow guidelines. Could my dream be a warning, maybe kind of ''Devil wishes to lead me into doing sin" ?

Example: What does my dream mean?We were out my mosque...?

Me and my crush were outside my mosque.First were in the carpark.He took my hand and took me all the way to the other side of the mosque.There was no one else there.Suddenly we just endded up hugging for what seemed lyk ages.We hugged so tight...
I dont realy no if he lyks me bak but i doubt it cuz we hardly see each other.i met him in primary school and im in secondary school now in year 8.Ilike him so badly and want to know what it means.plz help!

Example: A Mosque in my Dreams?

I have recentely had a dream where I am walking up a long path with my Father and my brother. My brother is walking on the left, my father in the middle and myself to the right of my father. The path leads to a huge magnificent Mosque. As I see this Mosque I stop and start crying and I feel my whole body shaking uncontrollably as if I am overwhelmed by it or something, my Father and brother contine walking then they stop and my father jestures me to carry on. At this point I wake up. I am a muslim but I am not a religion person, could this mean something? Is god trying to tell me something?

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