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Dream About Mongoose meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: TEENS: How do you feel about same-sex marriage?

I was talking to this woman yesterday, and she was totally against gay marriage. She said, "It should not be legal, because homosexuality is religiously and morally wrong." And I was like, "Well, not everyone feels that way. Why should you be the one to decide?" And then she was like, "It's in the Bible!" That was the main point of her argument. Ugh, it was so annoying.

I am totally for the legalization of gay marriage everywhere. Marriage is a LEGAL institution. Wasn't America founded on the principle of separation of Church and state? Religion should not play ANY part in the decision process on whether or not gay marriage should be legal.

Another thing: the Bible says a LOT of things that are not practiced by Christians any more. It was written thousands of years ago. For example, in the book of Esther, it speaks about a king who holds a sex contest between woman, then picks the winner to be his wife. It seems like Christians pick and choose the parts of the Bible they want to publicize.

I just don't understand why some are so against two people loving each other. So what if they happen to be of the same gender? Why does it matter?

What do you think?

Why shouldn't I be able to marry the man of my dreams, and have the same benefits heterosexual couples have in marriage, simply because I am a male, and I was born with an attraction to men? People don't deny African-Americans the right to marry, or Asians the right to marry, or Native Americans, or Native Hawaiians, right? Why should we deny homosexuals the right to marry?

Not everyone lives by the people. In this country, there are Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, and non-religious people. We are one of the most culturally, religiously and ethnically diverse countries in the world, and yet we're treated everybody like we're all the same, when we're not. This country -- the United States, that is -- was never founded on the Bible and its beliefs -- note the word beliefs. We need to stop treating this country as though it was.

Homosexuality has been found in nature. Rabbits and dogs and wolves and giraffes and bonobos and goats and mongooses can be homosexual, and it's been SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN that homosexuality is found in nature. If it's unnatural, how has it been found in nature? There is SO much proof that homosexuality is something you're born with, and last I checked, "God" didn't impregnate my mother -- my father did. I was born with a sexual attraction to men, because "God" didn't create me. Biology did.

If people use the argument that marriage is based on procreation, then elderly couples cannot marry, and every single couple that wants to get married has to test and prove that they can have children. Unfortunately, that would send our country into a DEEPER financial bind, because hundreds and thousands of couples get married every day, and that would be way too expensive to test every single one to see if they can biologically have children.

We allow elderly couples to get married. We allow couples who can't biologically have kids to get married. And yet we don't allow homosexuals to marry. How very odd, is it not? I mean, if we, as a society, were SO invested in the belief that marriage is based around procreation, then elderly people shouldn't be able to marry, right, because it's impossibly rare, biologically, for a woman over the age of fifty to be able to have children? My mother can have no more children. My grandfather remarried after I was born. He couldn't have children, so why was he married? I mean, because this country REALLY wants to maintain this WARPED belief that marriage is based on procreation -- which, for the record, it's NOT; it's a union of love -- then why did we allow my grandfather to remarry when he couldn't produce sperm any more?

I am for same-sex marriage, and I still don't see any logical reason why anybody would be against it. Honestly, there isn't a logical reason why anybody would be against it, when homosexuality has been proven as being something that happens when you're in the womb. All I ever hear people who are against same-sex marriage say is that it goes against the Bible, and that's it unnatural, and that marriage is based on procreation, and two men can't procreate, and it's just gross. Every "reason" they give as to why same-sex marriage should be illegalized is about religion. Can't people come up with something better than just "It's against the Bible"? Not everyone believes the Bible, and not everyone believes in everything the Bible says. Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Washington D.C. don't.

July 4th is right around the corner, so I think this is appropriate: "All men are created equal." This is one of the most famous quotes from the Declaration of Independence, which was signed when we declared ourselves independent of England. Think about that, and think about what this says about the country you live in -- YOUR country, your procrastiNation.

☮ and ♥

Example: Do you think gay Marriage should be legalized? Why or why not?

Im just curious. I think yes, were all human, we all should have equal rights. Love is love.

Example: I dream very dark things. Is this normal?

I don't usualy remember dreams but only when they have been very dark.
I can remember my most disturbing dreams in great detail years after they've happened.
My most ****** up was one years ago. I was in a forest it was very eery. Suddenly a massive thin sickly wolf spoke to me said that he would kill me if he caught me out at night alone. It's deep black eyes still freak me out.
Then I had another dream which was like a continuation but I was with my boyfriend in an abondoned apartment building with us under one light and we were running from this beast that was going to try and catch us. It did but I could speak its language which happend to be Irish so I was able to save my boyfriend.

Ok I know that these dreams may not mean anything but I find them very odd. They don't bother me it's just I want to know why my brain gets so dark sometimes.

Example: Dream about snake strangling and killing mongoose?

I had a dream the other night of a snake wrestling a mongoose. The two were wrestling and the snake eventually strangled the mongoose. What does this dream mean? Is it a bad omen?

Example: Flying in dream - meaning?

This is the dream I had last night.
I was flying in the dream without any wings. High, low, forward - No backward. Not scared when flying. Had a fantasy that when i woke up i could fly.

But I did not like the way the dream ended.
I was on a tree. All of a sudden one mongoose-like-animal chased me. I was not scared of it at all yet I was flying to escape.

Then I landed in a locked room. I was enjoying the view of beautiful girls walking on the road through one open window. Suddenly some staff came in and warned us(or me). I could have flown away like a bird but i didnt. Instead I dropped some tear.

This is the second time I am flying in the dreams in last 2 months.

Example: What would you call a fear of a white-tailed mongoose?

Last night, I had a dream that I was running and a large, thin, white-furred creature that I assumed was a mongoose was chasing me, and then it wrapped itself around my ankle and I tripped and died. I was terrified when I woke up. I searched for 'mongoose' in Wikipedia (this isn't a dream anymore) and it came up with a bunch of results. I found 'white-tailed mongoose' and looked at a picture of the white-tailed mongoose and then my head felt hot, and I was really scared. This mongoose looked EXACTLY like it looked like in my dream. I was paralyzed with fear but when I could, I immediately closed the window. Could I have a phobia of it? What would the phobia be called?

Example: What does my dream mean?

in my dream i was in my back yard when i saw two big snakes. one of them started chasing me, i ran to the front of the house. I told everyone inside the house about the snake and when they looked outside they only saw a rope. I went back to the backyard and cut the second snake in half, then it started chasing me. what does this dream mean?

Example: After the loss of a loved one, I have been having a recurring dream about a venomous snake. What could it mean?

My cousin was my absolute world, and i loved him to pieces... I can't stop loving him, even now, and I've literally been dying of a broken heart ever since. I would rather it had been me instead of him.

I do appreciate the words of comfort that various people have given me, because it was very kind and helped. I really mean it... but I can't help what I've been dreaming.

Ever since I learned about what happened to my cousin, I have been having recurring dreams about a venomous snake. I'm sure there's a connection, I'm just not sure how to interpret and wondered if someone could help me.

I keep dreaming that a venomous snake keeps growing stronger, and is striking at me. I've dreamed this several times in the past few weeks. Sometimes, a person or animal comes and kills the snake. In one dream, another snake swallowed it. Last night, I dreamed that my cat entered into the room and bit the snake in two (which would be impossible in real life, I believe that only a mongoose can kill a venomous snake).

What could this dream mean? Is there anyone who could help me interpret?

Thank you if you can help me.

Example: Can someone help me out with this dream i've had? its quite interesting!?

i was a servant in a victorian home, for the royal family, and they were having some sort of party. i went to clean the fire, there was a handle that cleaned it somehow, and all of a sudden it just started moving up and down very fast, all by itself. then i was talking to a man, who said he knew the previous owner of the house, and how he'd died, he had hung himself, on a tree over by the village green, and when we looked over, there was a large house, a bit like a pagoda, with a ledge around it, and there were lots of people dressed in witches costumes, and then we looked and there were loads of arrows being shot at them,and they all scarpered. then i was actually in the pagoda like thing, and i saw something, but itt was dark and i couldnt quite make it out. i tasted t and it was blood. then there was a tornado that swept me up into the roof of this house, and i had to collect these blue tiles, but i didnt know why. then i woke up.

i remember it all so vividly, which i dont normally do. does it have a meaning? and if so what is it?

Example: Do animals (non-humans) dream? Do they have REM sleep?

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