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Dream About Military Service meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do these dreams mean?

Very rarely do I have dreams, or remember my experiences but during my sleep I had two consecutive dreams.

1) Me and the girl I love went on a holiday to the jungle. There was no hotel and no where for us to sleep so we vacated amongst the monkeys in the jungle. The monkeys gave us food but we had to follow their regime to be officially accepted. We had to survive the harsh desert conditions by swimming through a sea of sand and survive the desert worm. When we were swimming through the sand we were being sucked under by the worm but I sacrificed myself to let my girlfriend live.

2) It was a normal Monday morning, getting ready for school. When I left the house the roads were deserted with riot and protesters sign's saying take us out of the war. Apparently the government had enforced a new rule overnight were by the age of 16 you must enlist into the Army for 5 years. I continued walking up the road and an Army vehicle picked me up and put me to sleep. I woke up in Afghanistan in army uniform with a L85A2 rifle and saw all my friends, relatives and thousands more people waving goodbye to us behind barbed wire. We were conducting an operation to find Al Qaeda

What do these dreams mean?

type C dream. RIDDLES.are messages from heaven authority to impress directly to your soul in a puzzle form.(unforgettable impression through years).
You are a blind martyr, from a religious family, you were willing to sacrifice in the name of the lord, even if you haven t test the dogma in a logical academical explanations, you cannot swim in the sea of sand(= its a ridiculous theory). economically the ch**ch assisted your family once, that s one of the reason why you willing to sacrifice to die in the dessert for the loves
type F.dream.FLASHBACKS&FUTURES.inhumane to take a glance of future nor flashbacks. But it the favor of heaven authority granted to you to understand some issue.
monday, school, riot,proteswster, out fo war, 16, 5 year, afgahn, l85a2 goodbye,
its the coming event in the future to come, US govt in the coming issue, shall activate a military service to the youths from 16 ups, the decision was a shock wave through out the nation, protesters rally on the streets, but not much progress, you were patriotically ready to serve your country for 5 years, to free the world from the enemy-AL QAEDA they said, you re so proud of what you had decided, but that was the last goodbye, your guardian angel, abandon your body in the sand eaten by maggots. The dream was a message from the heaven authority, because you re special, but you never realized, that s why im telling you this message, need more info? you re welcome to email me. peace

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was in boot camp. Then I was at AIT.. It was freaky. I was wearing a uniform!?... It seemed so real. My big brother is a soldier and it is my dream to one day serve our country. Please and thanks..

Example: What does this recurring dream mean?

A little background: My parents divorced when I was 10. Dad had a vasectomy and mom got pregnant again and I guess I blamed my half-sister on the divorce and we used to fight all the time. When I was 18 and joined the Navy I grew up quickly and on my first leave back I promised sis I wouldn't yell at her again. She is a super sweet kid and I feel crappy for the way I treated her and I know that if I had an older brother who treated me the way I treated her, I wouldn't have a thing to do with her, but she still looks at me like a rock star.

So here's the dream: I'm aboard ship about to finish duty and all I want to do is get back to quarters and get some sleep. But as soon as I think I'm finished and I start to quarters I remember something else I'm supposed to do and I do that. Then I head back to quarters and remember something else I have to do. This keeps going on again and again until I'm finally walking into quarters and I see sis on my bunk and I start screaming "GET OUT OF HERE!" She starts crying and I says I promised not to yell at her again. I keep screaming and tell her I don't care what I promised and tell her that I'm not getting in trouble because of her and for her to get out. That's when I wake up. I wake up furious and then I feel guilty and like a first class jerk. I've had this dream six or seven times in the past month or so and I feel like scum every time.

I made a lot of mistakes growing up and I treated those who cared about me the most pretty bad, and there's a lot I'm not proud of, and the way I treated sis is at the top of the list. Why do I have this dream and what does it mean?

Example: Military dream what could it mean?

In my dream me and this other person were talking to marine recruiters or something.

And they had us do a series of test mental and physical.
Me and the other person were in marine uniforms. I had the name "Roberts" on my uniform (which is not my name) and the other person had the name "Isaac" on his.

After the test were over i heard the supervisors talking they were saying they were making isaac an officer because he had scored 99% on an iq test.

I was jealous so i asked one of the superiors what i could do to become one also and he replied by saying "well you scored a 53% on the iq test.

The dream ended abruptly itht he other individual getting an officers jacket or something. THE END

what could this mean?

In real life i am 17 have no interest in join the services although the marines have contacted me by mail/phone.

Example: Last nights dream effect my military plans?

im at my grandparents old house, and everyone is happy and eating meatloaf. Towards the end of dinner, my grandfather gets word that he has to join the military again, to help fight in the Iraq war.

When he receives this news he breaks down and starts bawling. saying asking why it had to be the Iraq War, why couldn't it be World War II again.

I start crying and run out of the house. I get on the first bus i can find to try and calm down, I heard this one woman behind me say what a baby. i get up close to her and talk back. i cant rember what she said after that but then I look out the window and see Dean Justin and Destiny. They are all in uniforms they go into this one building, the woman says that this is her stop.

I feel like I need to go there so I get off the bus and enter the building. I see Top, ROTC instuctor, there and he says that I am going to help with the ceramony. He shows me what to do and I feel better like how i ususally feel about the military.

Example: Help Me Pick a Branch of Military Service?

I have been trying to enlist with the service for a little while and things have not been going too well. This might be a good thing? I will tell you a little bit about myself. I am thinking that I might be able to opt for Air National Guard, Air Force, or Army. I have even been told the Marines would probably gladly take me. This has been a huge dream of mine for years. Give me your opinion.

Physical Fitness: I'm in average condition. Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, lyrical, martial arts, calisthenics & toning, running every day.

Civilian Job: Youth Development (Counseling, mentoring, tutoring, office work)

Education: Working on Associates in Business Administration so that I can get my Bachelors & Masters in BA specializing in Human Resource Management

Languages: None fluent, bits & pieces of Spanish, Japanese, and Finnish

Hobbies: Art, music, dance, self-discipline (lol)

Personality: Big dreamer, ambitious, independent, determined, gets over 'fears' by charging at them, bounces back from pitfalls easy, level-headed, doesn't get bothered too easily

I've got a Marine, an Airman, and two wonderful Soldiers helping me push along when I think I'm about to bottom out. I get up every morning and literally hit the ground running.

I am in my twenties now, but I decided I wanted to be on my own when I was fourteen and started runnin' for it. I won just before my seventeenth birthday and made it on my own. I learned to never back down as well as to have a sense of pride and hard working ethic. By the I time hit twenty, I had my first house and car fully paid for, had two jobs, was going through school, and was kickin' some butt at the gym regularly to boot.

This is my mentality: Sometimes, you just have to get your behind whooped real good, then you've got to get back up and ask for more. Keep fighting. Life is worth it. At the very core of myself, I believe I am a born fighter. Even if I am 5 feet and 2 inches, 100 lbs. and female. HAHA!

One of my favorite cadences might sum it up for me.

"I can run to Bosnia like this
all the way to Bosnia like this
when I get to Bosnia the Serbs are gonna say
how'd you get to Bosnia in just one day
and I'll reply with a whole lot of anger
Blood and guts and a little bit of danger
thats me"

So good! So right! It's making me want to go for another run today. It's going to be the military life for me. I am hellbent and my guts are churning because I am so darn rarin' to go.

My reasons? It's a way of life I believe is right for me. The cryin' and the boohooin' you do when you think you're not going to make it, the gruntin' when you're haulin' your behind past it, and the pride you feel when you get there? I am all for it. Seeing the world and experiencing things no other civilians get to experience? I am all for it. Eating, breathing, sleeping, and living disciplined all the time? I like it.

If I die in a combat zone?
Box me up and ship me home!
Dress me up in a pair of dress blues!
Comb my hair and shine my shoes!
Pin my medals up on my chest!

I'd be dead with pride and I'd like to have my sweet darlin' Army man to have my flag. That's the other thing. The love of my life that I plan on marrying is in the Army and he told me that he wanted me in with him, but not to make any decisions on anyone else's advice. He wants me to follow my guts and heart.

Any advice on what branch to get into? I will take it with a grain of salt ;)

Example: Why am i having dreams in the military?

Back ground story: over the summer, i tried to join the marines. I filled out all the paperwork needed for MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) and it looked like i was going to be going in with no problem. I go to MEPS and I get PDQed due to my eyesight. Luckily for me, there was a waiver for it. 2 months ago, the waiver came back, it was denied, ending any hope for me going into the military.

here is a brief summary with the dreams:
i talk to a recruiter (National gaurd or air force) they ask me the usual questions about my history: do i do drugs, am i in any gangs, do i have any tattoos, ect. we go through the paper work and get ready to go to MEPS. we arive there, and this part gets a little weird. in the waiting room, i talk to the guy at the front desk, give him my paperwork, and he asks me if im sure i want to join the military. i say "yes" and he shows me a glass container of ammo, liquid, ect. and lights it on fire. (sometimes its already on fire or it just bursts into flames, or "explode, but returns back to normal)
it goes out, but after a few minutes, its lit back up (sometimes its the other way around or i put it out and it lights back up by itself) when i ask the guy about it, he says, its a "new top secret resin we are using" i go through a short physical, but this time i amazing get in and go straight to basic where i am actually fit to stay with the group (when i was in PT, i struggled staying with the group due to me not used to the exercises) and i surprisingly excel more than what i expected i would have done

what could this dream mean? i know due to my eyesight, that i can't Qualify for any military service. so what could this be telling me?

Example: I am 18 and have no future. I just got disqualified from service in the military and its been my dream forever?

I just got disqualified from service in the military and its been my dream forever since I was a kid. I don't know what to do. I cant join another branch cause I will be denied from them as well. Just because of depression. I was bullied from time to time in school my family is a bunch of alcoholics and they all treat me like **** and my mom even told me to kill my self multiple times in the past. So I have had valid reasons to be depressed. And the military is the only career I have ever considered and now its gone forever... Why should I move on? Because dying sounds kinda great...

Example: Compulsory military service?

Those who have served in the military may or may not agree, I believe that it should be compulsory for everybody to complete a minimum of 2 yrs service in the defence force. It teaches everyone what it is to be Australian. Mateship, trust, loyalty, honor and courage to name a few. This would solve the crisis the australian defence force is experiencing in having in low recruitment and allow everyone to try something they would never dream of. 2 yrs service, you dont like it then leave, you do like it then stay on and do a bit more. what do you think? and why?

Example: Jehovah''s Witnesses:When did Substitute military service become a "Matter of Conscience"?

The position of the Watchtower Society against any type of substitute military service remained in effect until 1996, when the Watchtower made it a matter of conscience for the individual Jehovah's Witnesses.

"Could a dedicated Christian undertake such service? Here again, a dedicated, baptized Christian would have to make his own decision."—The Watchtower, May 1, 1996, p. 19

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