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Dream About Middle Man meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I had a dream a rabbit man was chasing me in the woods what dose this mean? a.s.a.p?

okay when i saw rabbit i say half man have rabbit, it had a face of a rabbit and the rest was all human it even talked. Anyway it started chasing me in the woods it the thing had a knife or some killing tool don't really remember but it was not a gun. i remember resting on a bench in middle of clearing when the rabbit but the knife to my neck then thankfully i woke up.

i don't think i was thinking about rabbits and humans wen i went to bed or killings.

dose this mean anything had it a few nights ago.

Chase dreams are always about trying to escape something I've heard. I was molested as a little girl and constantly had dreams I was being chased by some sort of bad guy or evil thing, I never get them now. That's just an example of one situation. You might be wanting to "get away" from some sort of feelings you're experiencing or from some situation in your waking life. I looked up rabits and they have to do with success and luck, and the being chased with a knife has to do with agression, the woods has to do with the unconcious and unknown.

So my take? It sounds like you feel threatened by success, kind of odd but if you match it all up. It seems to me it means your scared of success or the pressure surrounding you about it, depends on what you're going through right now, but you get the idea.

Example: Meaning of Dreaming about Henna?

I had a dream last night that I had beautiful ornate henna covering my fingers, hands, arms, and feet. Is there any meaning to this?

Example: What does getting shot in the middle of your head mean when you dream?

this morning i had a dream that some young man was walking around the school with a gun.
i passed by every class room to warn the teachers and finally stopped at one to hide myself.
he mentioned he wanted to shoot/kill a flower and walked past my classroom, shot someone else, then came back to the door of the classroom i was in. i closed my eyes hoping he wouldn't shoot me and then i get a bullet right through the middle of my head. at first i was in shock(in the dream) like did i really get shot, then when i realized he chose me of course i cursed at him with all i had. then thought realistically that wow im still alive so i saved my breath and called 911 with the address to my house, but i was at a school? what may this all mean?

Example: Meaning of a dream...HELP?!?!?

I dreamt that a middle aged man was sleeping on my porch and when my older brother went to tell him to leave, he forced his way into my house, pretended to give me a knife but then took it back and then stabbed me in the inner thigh and cut all the way down to my knee with it. But it didn't even hurt, my leg just felt warm in that area. No one helped me, my brother was just trying to call 911. And then I woke up terrifed!

Example: Dream meaning?

Ok so in the dream I was in this school maybe, of talent? So I was in this class room sitting in a class room chairs in rows. Then the teacher said something like who wants to try out for vocalist, 3 or 4 girls got up , in the dream I wanted to get up but I knew my voice wasn't good. Then my friends called me over, I went with her and we got out of that room, we went to a room with a big bed in the middle and there was a hamster or gerbil on the bed. It was hers. She told me to take care of it, then she left. Her pet was sleeping, and I was just checking under covers, then the pet woke up then jumped then went to sleep again. My friend came back then we went outside to a playground, there was a boy and a little girl caged in the playground, my friend told me tht thier mother did tht cuz they are bad. Then this Italian man with a long black leather coat walks past us and says "grazie". I said it back. But I kept looking at him, then I saw him digging and looking around, like he was hiding something. Then i heard name was called, it sounded like a man but not at the same time.

(So what do you think?)

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night I had a horrific dream of a young man walking down the street when it was pitch black in the middle of the night. He was wearing all black and had a hoodie on. He was also craddling a new born baby. What does this mean? Please help.

Example: I had a dream of a man in a black cloak and woke up crying What could this mean?!?

In the dream (i saw this guy thing before), I saw him in the corner of my eye..He was in a black dark cloak,cant really see his face..but hes not good..and then I cant tell if it was my brother or not that said "emily watchout,that thing that follows you is behind you.." Then all I felt was something trying to attack me?Also,in tbe dream I said to myself was 'this is the reason why bad things are happening in my life' But something was blocking it..i was keeping my eyes closed...then fast foward in tbe dream,i was alone in my house..then my mom shows up,she was leaving me..then I go outside and she takes off with this man in the car..and I flip her the middle finger in the dream.Then I go back in my house,mext thing I know im holding a condom because I was about to have sex with this guy (and noo I do NOT know thjs guy,or ever seen him before!)

anyways,i woke up crying from this dream :/ I dont know why.I didnt watch anything scary,i dont even have tv. Please help

Example: What does my dream mean? The grim reaper was with me in the middle of a cornfield.?

2 nights ago I had a dream that a group of people all came to this house in the middle of a dead cornfield and a man came out and told everyone that they could stay there if we worked for him. I left and stayed in the town instead... I came back to the house and then a man on a horse started killing everyone with a sword. I got on a horse with the owner of the house and rode off. In the end I saw the man look at his sword after everyone was dead, except me and the owner, and smile.
The next night I dreamed I was in the middle of a dead cornfield with a group of people and we were all asleep. Then we all woke up to see the sword of the grim reaper above all the corn and then he started killing the animals the first day. The second day he continued to kill the animals but the third he started killing other people and then most of the people who were still alive got grim reaper swords and were trying to kill the rest of us who hadn't turned to the grim reaper. Then I started breaking a coconut. And then got in line and gave it to the grim reaper ( who had a horse). He then gave me a drink, but I didn't drink it like the rest of the people in line did. Then I started seeing everyone who decided to follow the grim reaper walking around with white eyes. And then I woke up. Do you know what this means?

Example: What does it mean and why was I a man in my dream?

Last night I had a dream that I was a jewish man in the middle of the Holocaust. I was sent to the gas chambers with millions of other people, but I noticed that the air was more dense and I could hardly breathe(it seemed so real). I escaped the chambers somehow and ran. I found an empty hotel with 7 flights of stairs. I scaled all of the stairs until I got to a forgotten 8th floor. From there I climbed into an air vent and found myself in a janitors closet. I hid myself behind a rack of clothes and made myself a place to sleep. 3 hours later, a woman opened the closet. She was a teacher and fortunately helped me rather than turned me in. She gave me food and prevented me from exposure. The room outside the closet was a classroom. Kids regularly opened the closet, but being as unobservant as kids are, they never noticed I was there until a year later. A pudgy girl noticed me walking the hallways at night. She saw me climb into the vent and told the rest of the class I was a Jew.

And then I woke up.

What does it mean?

Example: What does my dream mean, I am 12 yo young man!?

It started where I was in this old house I used to live in, called the twin magnolias in Chipley Florida. I looked on TV and it said that there was a huge hurricane coming and I heard in my mind 10 times "6 tornadoes" and then I walked outside with Red White and Blue Balloons. I had the balloons and I saw other children walking with balloons too. But, I saw a kid on this cheap yellow bike that you see on playgrounds that I cheap and made out of plastic. It had a white glider on top. and the boy raised up his hand like he wanted me t follow him. All of the sudden I saw a red light and I saw a bunch of these bike gliders that I was on driving by really fast and I saw my momma and my step dad. My momma and Step-dad were just sitting in the middle of this intersection and all of the sudden, I looked up and I saw 6 huge black tornadoes and some of them were forming. I heard my mom say, go on, if it gets us it gets us. So, I ran off my glider thingy. I walked into a huge building that looked like a library and then I saw people that were in lines and they were waiting to vote or something to go into this booth. Then I saw Obama and McCain Come in through these doors, then Obama was wearing this white shirt undershirt that you wear for basketball, he was strong and he walked in with a smile, he was walking cool and then I saw McCain, he was cross eyed, and then I saw he was wearing a black suit with a blue tie that was ripped up. Then I saw the bottom of his pants near his shoes and they were ripped up also. Then I saw some of his hair was messed up and then all of he sudden I saw McCain try to cut in line to vote for himself. Then I saw Obama walk up these stairs amd he went to this desk and he sat down with a pen, his desk had an american flag and a big ole chair. He was writing down stuff and I was talking to him and he started saying bible verses, like Matthew, and numbers. All of the sudden I said AMEN and then I felt like I teleported into this ugly room with McCAIN in it, he was sitting at this desk and it had papers and beer cans and he was watching a little TV about the news. He was in the chair like an older person would be like a baby. I walked in and started whistling and MCCain said don't do that your going to make me in sane and grabbed me by the neck and shoved me through the windows and I looked down and it was about 4 storys high and I saw children walking still and then I grabbed the metal thing that holds windows up and flicked myself like a ninja back in the room. I ran outside and went on my glider I was just sitting there. I saw my mom and stepdad on gliders with my brother Joshua and they were going really fast. and i was flying and soaring though the air and i saw big black clouds and I soared by one of them and it looked like a tornadoe was about to form and as I past this tornadoe and I saw the beach and it looked like Miami and I saw these buildings and it was dark and I saw beach sand and this one place was really calm and it had a red and blue play ground. I landed there and my parents and Joshua were there. and all of the sudden I saw a centipede and it had a red body with yellow legs and it was long and had big snappers. I used my bike glider and ran over that punk. then we went into the playground and it started raining REALLY hard and I saw my momma and shw was wearing glasses and the rain was hitting her really hard in the face. I had this clear box on me and I took it off me and I was offering it to my momma cause she looked like she was in pain and the wind was so strong it blew the box from me and the box hit my momma. She flew out of the playground and she was on the slide. I went and jumped out of the playground and went to go get my momma on the slide. I picked her up and tried to put her back and when I did . After a while the rain stopped and playground was flooded. I swam back to the land and I saw my momma stuck in the playground with my brother trying to get them out and I was ontop of my step dads shoulders and all of the sudden I saw in the water while my brother was trying to get my momma out these big fish getting eaten by this thing (I heard clung and splashing) and all of the sudden I saw my step dad take a stick and spear something in the water and it was this tiny fish that had tiny little fins and I saw on the front that it had jagged teeth and it looked terrible and frightening. All of the sudden I saw my momma get flicked out of NOWHERE into a little hole near the road, where the road and rails meet. I saw the hummer parked and I saw my step-dad run after it. Momma said Its okay, I am okay Zack. Then all of the sudden I ran to the beach and got an oyster and pried open the little hole and momma through up a rope and as I was going to tie the rope to the hummer to get her out, I saw these black cars come up and I saw the lic. plate come up in my face, saying police and stuff and this mexican guy with a mustache said, he

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