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Dream About Menu meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I keep having a dream that a turtle is eating me, what does this mean?

Hahahahaha thats a funny dream :D
Lol, if you have turtle, maybe you are not treating it well I think its warning you that you will pay for this ---->This is sarcasm :D
Hunny don't bother thinking about it, Turtles eat Veggies some eat Insects so your safe, your not on the Turtle Menu book
Means nothing

Example: Dream meaning: a snake's head?

I had a really strange dream.. well it was very normal at first but got weird when -in the dream- I opened the fridge to get some ice, and instead I found a frozen snake head inside.
it was just the head, with it's open mouth and scary sharp teeth.. but the thing is I just held it in my hands, looked at it, then placed it aside. I wasn't scared or shocked

what could this dream mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

We were in Miss Long's class, Language Arts class. I saw my best friend Cory. Who i also have this crush on, but i think i'm also falling for him. This other girl named, Jill. Who i think he likes maybe, i'm not sure. my teacher, Miss Long and some of my other classmates. For some odd reason, i was back by my teacher's desk and my desk was over there too. I asked Miss Long if she had nail polish remover and which she did. I removed my other nail polish and I applied blue nail polish to my toes. Another girl, Mariah, needed the nail polish remover so she could paint her nails a pink/peach color. Suddenly, i saw red nailpolish on a couple of my toes and asked the teacher if she had the remover. But she said, "no" When i was done painting my other foot (blue), I looked up around the room and saw Cory glance at me a few times. Mariah was done with the nail polish remover so I could finish what i started. Cory went to Miss Long's desk holding a poster (i think). He was telling her that he has alot of frog stuff at his home. (since that's his fav. animal) Then someone, i think Jill, gave him the idea to use the frog items for something.

Suddenly, I think I was at his house with my aunt, grandma, grandpa and him. They were in the living room. He wanted me to follow him into a dimmly lit rrom with a table two chairs, a chadaler, and a flower arrangemant in the center of the table. (so it was a date) I told him it was beautiful and also saw a black velvet box, where i was suppose to sit. We kindof talked and i remember looking at the menu (he did the same too) and i asked him if he liked what he seed, he said, "no." (i don't know if i meant, if he liked what he sae by me or the menu, haha) My aunt peeked around the corner and smiled so did my grandfather. Then she was on the other side of the room. (the other side of the room, cory and i were in.) she told us to come and hurry to see something. so we hurried.

For some odd reason, we were outside with a dog who was barking happy. It was weird because we thought the dog was going to have babies. One was a live frog and the other was an almost dead pup. I was sad/happy since i'm an animal lover. i have no idea why but cory had a little gun and killed the pup. He told me he wanted to put it out of it's misery. But before he pulled the trigger, i hurried and ran away. As i was running away, he pulled it. I then turned around and looked at him, with tears in my eyes as i ran into the bathroom.

Could you please help me understand my dream and I'm sorry if it's really long. What does it mean? thanks

Example: Creepy mansion dream, what does it mean?

I remember have a dream a few days ago...but it isn't ordinairy like the other dreams.I feel there is something special about this dream...I don't know what kind of special but it' just too strange to let go as JUST a dream.

Anyways I'll give you a short or medium sized summary of the dream, it may be short or medium I really have no idea.But here it is
I'm in a mansion, there's a tall stairway looming near me, I walked around the room for a minute untill I spotted to figures, a female and a male.I can't really remember what they looked like, but they were friendly, suddenly the lights flciekd off I can sorta see but not that much.

We explore the mansion, untill flickering white dots in the form of a human body approach us, I swing my fist out causing it dissipate into thin air.Minutes later we find ourselves in a laundry room tupe area but bigger with food supplies like canned food, and stuff like that but bigger than normal.The lights switch off, and we look around the

Example: What does it mean to dream about a forest?

I had the most awckward dream. It was funny but very vivid. I had a dream that a friend of mine had a party in a forest. The menu consisted of chicken and orange juice. The type of orange juice that comes in gallons that look like milk. I was just wondering if anyone knows what this means?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Ok, so my dream was that I was at a restaurant for a girl's birthday party , there were about 7 of us, and the waiter kept coming over and asking if we were ready to order. We sent him away 2 times saying we were still looking at the menu. The third time he came over (apparently this was AFTER dinner) we ordered cheesecake. Then suddenly I'm sitting on the ground talking about how I'm an Aries and petting my pet dog, and we're all a little bit drunk and Whitney (the birthday girl) is sitting on a chair and going on about how sweet her boyfriend is and making kissy faces. Then I woke up.

What does my dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Well it starts off i'm with family (mom, dad, sister) and my grandma and were in a restaurant for breakfast. so were all looking at a menu and this women came over and she was a waiter from like a real fancy hotel, then she like gave something that was on her tray to my mom, and my grandma said 'ooh you have a big tray' so I looked at the tray and I noticed a symbol I knew but not 1 I could name so I asked my dad what those symbols are called and he wouldn’t answer me, and I brush it off. then the waiter was still talking to my parents and then an inoucement came on saying that the hotel restaurant this like find right okerds milk label thing on the bottom you get to stay there 1 night free but you must be 18+ (i’m not) so me and family get home (no grandma) and there’s already been a first snow and there is a little icy path that sounds the whole house. so my dad is in his car ready to take off he asked both my sister and mom if they wanted to get them anything when he’s there, then my sister goes up to him and I sit down on some steps waiting for him to ask me what he asked them, so I keep waiting and my mom sister kisses him bye then he drove off. I was sooo upset like he had just forgotten me like I wasn’t his kid or the kid who won this for him (because I did). so I get up I start walking like upset and my mom says something I don’t remember then I storm off and she’s says 'awww' like a sorry for you kinda way. so I turn one corner of the house and it seams like I’m 4 again because everything got bigger, the lath of the house looked bigger, so I’m running and I turn another corner and the setting changes i’m turning into my room and I (now i’m back to normal) get on my bed and get into fetal position and cry then I wake up

Example: What does it mean when you have a dream about having a baby?

I'm 14, not on birth control nor have I ever had sex and I do not currently have a boyfriend. In the dream I remember telling my mom it was 'time', then the doctor saying im about to have a contraction. After that I blacked out, then woke up with her at home in bed but she was like 2 years old. I'm mixed, and the father was obviously Caucasian because she was pretty light but had wavy dark brown hair and green eyes. I do remember her name was Amelia and that she already knew her alphabet because we were at a restaurant and she was reading off the letters on the kids menu to me. But thats all.
What do you think this could mean?
Thanks a ton! xoxo

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had the weirdest dream the other night. I picked up my brothers and sisters, and we all went to my favorite Mexican restaurant. They all knew what they wanted on point, ordered and waited. I just stared at the menu. My boyfriend at the time had been texting me, but I wasn't responding. I stared at the menu for a really long time, and the food started coming for my brothers and sisters and I still kept staring at the menu. By the time they finished eating, I still couldn't figure it out, so I settled for a steak burrito with extra sour cream and salsa on the side. I made the sour cream and salsa a big deal in the dream. What in the hell does it mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay so in my dream it started out as my dad and mom pulling out these wonderful cars out of the garage. The first car was a Benz and the second one was a big escalade truck with big 20-30 chrome wheels. So I took the white truck and drove to the mall where I saw this cardboard cut out. I go toward it and it turns into this monster and knocks me down. I see my mom and grandmother smoking at a table. I sit down with them and I see the monster. Everything around me turns all white and slow motion like in the movies. So I'm calling out people's name that I know and see and I go to this store and it said clue in the card on the desk. I look at it and it says to bring up the menu and turn off events. And I remember saying I think my mind is telling me to do this. I bring up the menu and turn off events. And I woke up. What does this mean? By the way, I even tried to throw things at the monster but all it would do would cause things to disappear in my dream and random manholes would be somewhere.

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