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Dream About Mental Hospital meanings

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Example: I had a dream about being in a mental hospital, what does this means?

In my dream, it was like me and my sister went to a part of a building where there is a secret way to get to the mental hospital. When me and sister discovered it, we told it to our mom and there was a guy who I don't know too (probably, not my dad because he isn't bald). When we entered the secret pathway, we went to a part of building and we keep going and going. We went to a lounge where there are some people who doesn't act so normal and I saw a weird girl watching weird tv show. As we go on, there is a people in bed which looks like really retarded and the doctors look so weird too. I remember there were some patients who is going to attack us and that time my head was really aching. We went to a lot of places in there but I cannot remember it somehow. After that, I cannot remember what happened.
What does this dream mean?

To dream of discovering hidden passageways conveys something new and/or electrifying. It may be in reference to new opportunities, associations, or a outlooks.

To see a stranger in your dream represents an aspect or quality that you refuse to show to others. It may also be suggesting a solution or resolution to an issue that is causing you anxiety.

To dream about abnormal things means that you will find the solution to a longstanding problem

To dream that you are being attacked indicates that someone is criticizing your integrity, and you feel that you must stand up and preserve your good reputation. Some issue in your life is overwhelming you and you feel powerless to stop it. Perhaps you are being challenged with a very extreme and drastic alteration and you are being forced to make a hard decision.

To dream of a headache simply refers to lack of direction or irrationality. Understand what your mind is trying to tell you through your dream and do not be blinded by your emotions.

Example: What does it mean to dream of a psych hospital? help please HELP !?

i was in a psych hospital * note have been before * i signed myself in & i was getting ready to shower & they told me shower time was done in 2 min so i said i would sign myself out & then they told me i could not leave for a year & i took off running & got away can anyone tell me what this means?

Example: What does this dream mean?

i dreamed i was watching a movie or a soap opera and it was about some person in the hospital and they found out somebody they believed to be dead was alive but i dont watch soap operas

Example: I dreamt of falling in Love with a guy in a hospital and supporting him ? what's that means?

I dreamt I was in the hospital even though I wasn't ill or something and there was that guy I was secretly in lve with. This one was " played" by actor " Rory Culkin" and was wearing the kinda of pajama that I saw in american movies when there were hospital scenes, but I didn't know why he was there. I remember there was a party in the hospital, there were lots of adult people, , I was wearing a little black dress , I was with him, then he went to sit in a yellowish armchair and I sat next to him, he put an arm around my neck and with the other hand he opened up a book where there were numbers like 2.896754645 2.9899790 like that.. and he was explaining me mathematical calculations. In the second part of the dream , I remember I was coming back to the hospital and then I saw him with two male nurses that were holding his arms taking him to the room where he was going to have a surgery operation. I run to him before he was gone and said " don't worry, everything's gonna be fine" making a fast caress in his hair .
In the last scene of my dream, we were outside in front of a black clothes shop, I remember there was some black mannequins too ( they were females) and he was sit in one of the black chairs in front of the shop holding his head with one of his hand and crying, he said he could'nt take it anymore with his surgery operations and I was comforting him. when As soon as I woke up, my thoughts went straight to Rory culkin and to the first boy "I fell in love with " in the elemetary school! ( !'m twenty now) that never had any kind of surgery operations then I think that the actor rory doesn't have nothing to do with my dream because I think he's just a "symbol" my unconscious uses to represent this guy in the hosiptal even if this reminded me a little bit the caracther he played in the night listener " who was ill that I saw years ago. what'd you think?

Example: WEIRDEST READ: What did my dream mean ?

OK right into it.
My dream:
I was In a mental hospital and Dressed in a medical 'Onesie' of sorts but it was REALLY tight and I had to walk hunched over as it was so tight it hurt to stand up straight.

Two doctors came to a window of my classroom looking cell I was in and told me I needed 'This' Injection, I refused and asked "If it will help me grow, IF IT WILL ENHANCE ME". Then I started to become enraged with anger at the doctors (As I knew I had this amazing power the doctors were afraid of) and started to crack the wall by pushing against the window border.
The doctors got very scared and THEN weirdly I fell back and collapsed into helplessness. (I couldn't stand/walk/ talk properly or even hold myself up).
His arm stretched (Like a cartoon character) through the physical windows and injected me with this needle.

I was then calm/depressed. They both walked me to the canteen of the building where there were allot of other patients. I felt outcasted and didn't want to even look at any of them so I went to the toilet in the corner room of the canteen.

Now this is the weirdest part.

I started to urinate in this toilet But then my penis turned a REALLY deep purple and I was urinating deep purple colored urine that was an extreme struggle to get out. The toilet started to overflow with this purple urine of mine and I tried to clean it up but didn't care much I was just scared.
Another patient then barged into the toilet and I was then suddenly Very short'... he stood in the corner and I watched him in fear of what he was going to do.

That's it.
What did all that mean :S...

Example: Dreaming about mental hospital?

what does it mean when i dream bout being in a mental hospital? i went there in my dream cuz of my mom and i couldnt take it so i called her and she came to take me home. as we were going to my room the secruity gaurd wouldn't let me go so i grabbed her taser and tased her so the lady behind the desk went to see if she was ok and we snuck by and that was the end of my dream. i asked my mom if she would ever send me there and she said only if i do something that would get me sent there yea shes a lot of help

Example: Repeated Dream of mental hospitals?

I've been having this dream about being in a mental hospital again. the first time it was against my will and no one would tell me why I was admitted. the second time I went in voluntary and they said I could leave anytime I wanted. then I got my palms read. later on one of the patients called a code on me for no reason.
I'm confused I've been in mental hospitals before but I've been doing pretty good since the last visit what do these dreams mean?

Example: Dream bout being in a mental hospital?

i had a dream bout being in a mental hospital, does it mean anything?

Example: What does a mental hospital dream mean?

I was admitted into a mental hospital for children adolesents adults and seniors three weeks ago. I have to say it scared the shiznit out of me when I got there, I cried 5 hours straight the second day. They put me on depression medication which doesnt do jack sh** but makes people think of me happier. Anyway I was discharged two weeks ago and just last night I had a dream I was brought back for a situation my brother caused but this time it was twice as scary. It had more rooms bigger hallways no windows no tv's no books no pencils. And I yelled at the girl who worked there when she told me to go to group and go here and there & I juss went insane after that :( quite scary... I dont ever want to go back :,( please no... Btw its UBH in el paso... And since I havent been to juvy... That place beat some thanks for the things I have into me :S. Please help im scared

Example: Finding mum in a 'run down mental hospital' Dream?

I had a dream last night that myself and my friend were getting chased by a black man who was trying to get us into his car. We finaly managed to loose him and ended up in what was like a 'run down dirty mental hospital'. It had loads of ill people laying on dirty beds. I was then searching for my mum, pulling back all of the curtains trying to see which bed she was on.
I finaly pulled back a curtain and spotted her feet, she was rolled in a ball poking her head out of a duvet? As soon as i saw her face i woke up?

What does this mean?

Thank you

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