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Dream About Menstruation meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream meaning? blue blood in shape of flowers?

K this is gross but I had my period in my dream but the blood was blue and it was making flower shapes in the toilet. Kinda like the flowers on sponge bob... weird dream... what could it mean?

Your dream is interesting, and should not seem particularly gross to women. We all go through the reality of our periods.

"Blue blood" is a common term for royalty. Members of the British royal family are called "blue bloods," and by extension, anyone with a proud family heritage might be regarded as "blue blooded."

As to the flowers, that is not too much of an exaggeration of the patterns made by blood as it drops into water and disperses. Moreover, in other societies, girls "flower" or "bloom" as they begin menstruation.

It seems to me that your dream is taking a mundane, rather dreary experience and presenting it from a very lovely point of view.

Example: Meaning if dream...?

i have HAD dreams of 'aunt flo' (that's all i'm gonna say)


Example: What does blood mean in your dream?

i had this dream an i was standing naked in the bathroom an my arm was cut in half, i was bleeding an blood was pouring all over the floor. my body started getting muscle cramps an i was feeling weak. i tried laying down in the bath tub but i felt so sick.i thought i was gonna die from bleeding to death. what could this dream mean?

Example: What does my dream mean to anyone in this section?

In the middle of a desert , layered by animal skeletons , there was a lion bleeding from his stomach. He breathed heavily as his blood poured over the desert and became floodwaters. It submerged all of the skeletons. Suddenly, many skeletons became complete, living animals again, carried away by the deep blue flood. Then I saw a face. It looked like a man who was crying about the barren desert, but he turned around and saw the flood bringing the desert back to life.

What does the dream mean to you? I think I know what it means. :-)

Example: A weird dream, that could mean a lot.?

Alright...So I had this dream a couple of months ago and it's significant enough for me to remember it this long. Normally I wake up, remember it, and forget it five minutes later.

So I first remember me being in a "Paint Store". The beginning was from a person looking in on the situation, but not me. It was almost from a camera from the ceiling. I saw myself look at hair dye. It was all weird colors, but I remember there being purple and my hair color I usually get, a red color. I got the red and then saw my boyfriend, Justin, come into the store. He didn't talk to me, he just walked to the back of the store through the tall, white shelves and then he disapeared. I saw a door, so I went through it. The room reminded me of a triangle. You came in through a door, and you're flush with flat wall and a cut in sink. So the wall was flat, but there was a hole with a sink inside. And on the wall next to that was the bathrooms, which were also flat, even the handles. Two

Example: What does it mean when i have recurring dreams of a flood?

I've been having really intense dreams about a flood. Actually had them a few times before but this last one really stood out. I was in my room watching tv when I see a big rush of water out my window. I could see vividly thw water rising outside through my windows and I thought to myself "this is it, this is where it all ends". Some time went by in the dream and when I re-checked outside my window, I saw that the water had dried. I then check for my family members and only found my brother. I had this horrible sick feeling of urgency because I knew somehow that a bigger wave would hit. Tried to convince my bro to leave with me but he said "no, just want to eat and sit down". Told myself there was nothing I could n ran outside. Strange thing was that my bro appeared outside also but all of a sudden down the street people dressed all in white were rushing at us..thought they were thieves so my brother got in attack mode. When they got really close I held my hands out to calm their approach and that's when I woke up.

Example: To Dream Of Menstruation.?

I recently had a misscarriage 2 weeks ago. I still havent gotten my period, i was supposed to get it aug 1. I am having dreams of getting my period without knowing, or expecting, what does this mean?

Example: What does dream mean? Please help?

I had this dream where i somehow became Bella and had this daycare in which they all got this disease but one little girl became a vampire and Edward had to kill her. And then this little boy was next to be a vampire. They all had this little timer on their shirts to tell when they were going to become vampires. please no mean answers.

Example: My dreams! what are they meaning?

i keep having dreams that i have dates with different guys and when i start to like them i scream this is so wrong and runaway and go to my boyfriend and im always running from the dates i dont know what dis means please help i would never cheat on him i love him soo much and we just had a baby pls answer !

Example: What did these dream mean? Lots of water?

Well lately I've been having weird dreams, but today I took a nap and I had a dream that contained a lot of water. I was in a room with a bunch of sinks, and I kept turning on the water until all the sinks were almost overflowing. Then all of a sudden my location changed and I was in my house and my brother was yelling for me to look out the window, there was a lunar eclipse. When I looked up the moon was changing like it would for a lunar eclipse, but it was also floating in a pool of blue illuminated water. like the water was levitated with the moon, it was kind of weird. Anyway, I don't know much about dreams and potential meanings of dreams but what does lots of water in dreams mean if anyone knows?
Thanks =]

P.S. I did NOT have to pee really bad! ;)

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