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Dream About Men Of Knowledge meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Happy water dreams meaning?

it was a happy dream. In the first section, although i was partly aware of acting in a film, I was playing a mermaid (i had a tail) which i could really swim with, I felt comfortable and confident in the water and my role was to get the attention of a rich sailor who then took me to shore. On the shore there were many other mermaids (my friends in real life) and we were laughing an joking.
In the next section relating to water I was coaching a young actress how to swim in a pool with 2 other experienced coaches. There was a sense we'd been trying for a long time and when she finally achieved it we all rejoiced and i burst into celebratory tears, then a man i am in love with in reality came and commended our efforts.
The last part involving water, my family and I were sitting at a poolside table with many other families at respective tables, at what felt like a presentation or award ceremony. It was a beautiful sunny day and it hadn't begun, I was watching said man I love look at a display of pictures of marilyn monroe and there was conversation to the effect she 'wasn't naturally pretty'. My grandad said I should get his attention so he and my mum lifted my legs up into a handstand, but my skirt was falling down and i kept tugging it back up. I was laughing, this was all fun not stressful...and I almost fell head over heels into the pool but I recovered.

Meaning of Dreams about Water
To see water in your dream, symbolizes your unconscious and your emotional state of mind. Water is the living essence of the psyche and the flow of life energy. It is also symbolic of spirituality, knowledge, healing and refreshment. To see calm, clear water in your dream, signifies that you are in tune with your spirituality. It denotes serenity, peace of mind, and rejuvenation. To see muddy or dirty water in your dream, indicates that you are wallowing in your negative emotions. You may need to devote some time to clarify your mind and find internal peace. Alternatively, it suggests that your thinking/judgment is unclear and clouded. If you are immersed in muddy water, then it indicates that you are in over your head in a situation and are overwhelmed by your emotions. To dream that water is rising up in your house, signifies your struggles and overwhelming emotions. To hear running water in your dream, denotes meditation, reflection and pondering of your thoughts and emotions. To dream that you are walking on water, suggests that you have supreme and ultimate control over your emotions. It may also suggest that you need to ’stay on top’ of your emotions and not let them explode out of hand. Alternatively, it is symbolic of faith in you.

Example: Spiritual Dream Meaning, HELP!?

Spiritual Dream Interpretation. HELP!?
I had a dream that has been bothering me and it is difficult for me to ignore it. I cannot recall some of the details. In my dream a man wearing a mask was running because he was being chased by someone or a small group of people. The man ran into a public women's restroom in the building in which he was in. There was a woman present. When she saw him she screamed and attempted several times to offer the man her purse. He kept insisting he did not want the purse. He stated he was only looking for a way out! In the restroom there was a window up high. The man managed to escape out of the window (I cannot recall how he did it). When he escaped out of the window he was in a parking lot. He then exited my dream then somehow I appeared. In the distance I could see another man trying to sell a woman a tree that was on the back of a pick up truck. He was telling the woman that the tree changes color or form depending on the light (I cannot recall). As I walked closer to approach them suddenly they were no longer there and the atmosphere around me changed. The sky was a pinkish peach color and the atmosphere appeared to be mystical in nature. It seemed as though I was on another planet but not earth. I proceeded to walk toward the tree that was still sitting on the back of a pick up truck. I believe the tree was glowing. As I got close to the tree I wanted to touch it but I felt as though I was not supposed to as if I was forbidden to touch it. It was so beautiful and unlike any tree I've ever seen on Earth. I remember it had these large white flowers on it that looked like angel trumpets/trumpet lilies (not certain what the flower is actually called). Still looking at the tree in amazement, a man dressed in white was approaching me. He had an accent but clearly stated, "GOD and JESUS" does exist! He told me that he would show me anything I wanted to see, I told him that I wanted to see the past of my parents (uncertain as to why). He took me back in time and I could see the lives of people I did not know. As we reached our destination, the man said it all started with ... and I saw "APPLE PIE" written on a wall or in the sky (i cannot remember). I am not certain as to what this dream means. I feel as if GOD is trying to tell me something but I am not certain as to what it is!

Example: What does this dream mean?

Hi there

I had this dream the other night and i found it very strange so i will tell you what happened in it.

I was walking down a road and this little boy ran over to me and said that his brother died and i have to look after him.

I looked at him puzzled i knelt down and explained to the little boy i didnt know who his brother was and with that the little boy burst into tears and pleaded with me to look after him.

his brother than came to me and said can you look after him please he needs you.

So i take the kid under my wing and everytime i put the child to bed or leave him even for a minute he bursts into tears and begs me not to leave him.

So i have to comfort him and with that the little boy holds my hand every where we go

Its a bit strange coz when i woke up i burst into tears

What does it mean

The only little boy i can think of who i am fond of is from a soap opera

Its so werid and it keeps coming back to me


Example: Dream meaning?

I am going to share a dream I had the other night. It all started when I was walking past this house. I heard a cat meow and I decided to go see that cat. I got to the porch which had a board covering up the bottom of stairs(it like had a hole in it or something) when I got closer I can see the cats heard stuck inside the porch where it was boarded up. So I knew for a fact that it was animal abuse. So I start to freak out. I called 911 and the animal control unit. This whole time the poor cat was crying in pain. The animal control came and rounded up saving the cat. But the cat wanted nothing to do with anyone. I tried to go pet it but it was hissing and getting its claws out. So I was heated up with rage that I grabbed a cops gun and was trying to find a way In the cat abusers house everyone was trying to calm me down and saying I know ur po but it's not worth hurting the man or possibly killing him. I was like I DONT CARE HE WANTS TO ABUSE THIS CAT. I WILL DO MORE THAN ABUSE HIM. I woke up with tears coming down my eyes:( horrible dream. why did i have this dream :(

Example: What does this dream mean about a fish, lion, and bear?

There was a like dead fish floating in the deep water just off shore. A lion try to grab it and fell in and went under. Then a black bear swam over and got the fish.

What do you think this dream means?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night I had a dream about my friend (I will label them as M). We've been friends for a year, he's a freshman in college, I'm in HS. The dream: I went into a restaurant type thing and sat on a bench. I was looking at my phone wondering when I'll have to go home. I get this weird feeling that someone's watching, I thought about the possibility of M being there. I look up& see M with his friends. He was already staring, smiled at me when we made eye contact. All of his friends made a triumphant yay, all excited, as if they had been waiting for the moment of me realizing he was there. He got up and I came over. We hugged, he kissed me on the left cheek, and he said something about being happy to see me. I think he wanted to hug me again but we just put an arm around each other. I exclaimed about how tall he was. He looked really handsome, I think maybe he was dressed up sort of. He led me over to their booth/round table with a bench type thing. He and his friend separated, and M patted the seat beside him for me to sit there. We were all talking & laughing. That was where it pretty much ended. Thoughts?

Example: Snakes in a dream, what can it mean?

Two nights in a row I have dreamt about snakes. I actually have a real bad phobia for them too... your help is appreciated, have a wonderful day! oops if i did not post this question in the right place!

Example: What does it mean to dream of chopping up men with an ax an snakes all around?

dreamed i was using a ax an stabbbing a man with it i could see the how deep the ax went into his body. he was just standing there , there were snakes all around us an trees. i saw different colored snakes but as long as i wasnt close to them i wasnt scared. i do remember this man was tall an wore a plain plad shirt i would swing the ax over an over onto him, then i woke up what could this mean?

Example: My dreams what do they mean?

okay so last night i had a dream i was standing in the back door to my garage and it was raining, i held up a pink bowl and a clear rain drop lizard fell in the bowel, i set it free then i held it up again 2 fish fell in?!? The night before i had a dream about like everyone i know being in a kroger parking lot, my friend laura was acing monkyish, Priscilla was a hobo, and a man was in heels and a skirt,but anyway i had a bunch of growing white stuff choking me and i woke up and i was ike choking then too? what do they mean?

Example: What does this mean in my dream?

I had a dream where I saw amber jewelry on a table. What does this mean?

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