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Dream About Medium meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does mean dream...?

I'm dreaming some dream like in some old year...there are servants and everybody and I'm some girl x_x dressed up as royal...anyways I keep dreaming that dream but its like...I do things I dont want to do and the next night I dream continue of that so it like episodes x_x what does that mean?

You want to live a somewhat royal life, but you don't want to live with the unpleasant things that entail a rich lifestyle. If your want/fear is not completely expressed in one dream, it will likely continue with the next dream. Dreams are a medium for your subconscious to express your fear and relieve stress.

Basically, it means nothing besides the fact that you desperately want to be rich but don't want to live like a caged princess.

Example: What's the meaning of the 3 lemon colored snakes in different sizes (small, medium, large) in my dream?

November 5, 2009, Saturday
I took a siesta/nap.
I dreamt about these 3 lemon colored snakes in different sizes (small, medium, large).
None of these bit me or something.
Small snake fell on the ground from a tree and moved away from me.
Medium snake was just sleeping (from the looks of it).
The remarkable snake was the large one. A old tire was on the ground and on the middle is the large snake with its ferocious look.

What's the meaning of each snake?
Help. Anyone?
I'm having a hard time to decipher the message. I usually forget about my dreams, but this one is really remarkable.
Thanks in advance.

Example: What does dreams really mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I recently had a dream. here it goes;

I went on myspace and checked my email finding a message from a boy I have a crush on. It had a picture of a flower. It had a medium length white tube-like petal part with a yellow stamen longer then the pedals, there was a bunch of them with a message that said, "will you be my girlfriend?"

what does this dream mean?

Example: What could this dream mean?

Recently I had some very strange dreams, most of them are very tragic as there are people dying in them.
Could this mean anything?

Example: What do my dreams mean?

I just don't like the fact that one of the girls I liked this year (out of seven) is with someone who doesn't even look like boyfriend material. He makes wise cracks, mocks me, and makes idiot remarks. Did I mention he mocks me?

Well, I've been having these dreams. Erin, the girl I want to be with (but the chance slipped away), always does one thing at the end of the dream: She kisses me.

The plot is the same.

There's a break-up, she finds me, then kisses me (it lasts for like fifteen seconds).

It's like my dreams are telling me something. I don't know what, but there's a statement in there.

I'm only 13, if that matters.

So do my dreams mean anything? Are they trying to tell me something?

Example: What does it meaning of i dream about a medium size orange and black with a little snake?

The snake stop moving like it was dead and slowly started moving again but I was on the bed and it was on the floor. So this lady was impressed by it so she picked it up while smiling and went into the other room.

Example: What does it mean to have a dream that you are a medium?

In my dream, I was with a friend and helping her communicate to her friend who had passed. His name was Ryan. I don't even know if this person even has a friend that has passed or anything. But I was able to close my eyes and be shown visions and writing that were clues on what Ryan wanted to communicate. Ex: coffee mug, times 12:24-12:25, and I can't remember the rest. I didn't write it down. But everything I asked her in my dream about what ryan was saying was true and she understood everything. Did I just have a psychic dream? Is it trying to tell me that I am psychic?

Example: I had the strangest dream. Does this mean anything? (medium long, interesting twist)?

GET 2 KNOW ME 1ST: im 17 (Junior in high school) so im still learning about life,single, im naturally kind to others and i treat others with respect despite their personality. i am also a christian so i believe in God and prey everyday.

WHAT HAPPENED IN MY DREAM: It started with me playing arcade games in the Mall then this girl i notice playing a game by my starts talking to me asking if I wanted to play a 2 player shooting game. So I say yes, then we play a couple of games together having fun, then we exchange numbers.
the next day we meet up at the arcade again to play games then she ask me if I want to be her boyfriend... and I said sure.
a few days later she seems depressed over something. me being curious I asked what was wrong?
she said "I have a deep dark secret that u may not like"
so I said "you can tell me anything I won't think less of you"
then she says, "promise you won't hate me for this?"
i say "yes"
then she said "im the daughter of lucifer (aka the devil, satin, etc)" O.O

Example: What could this dream i keep having mean?

i have a reaccuring dream that i am pregnant and have a medium to large baby bump what could this mean?

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